miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

swooshing factor

It was raining and I picked a maxi skirt and a shearling coat, which proves I'm not a sensible person at all. It was a comfy outfit at least, and I managed to don't step on my own skirt, even when there were some stairs in my way. Stairs are evil!
Which I love the most about this skirt is that it swooshes when I walk. Swooshing factor is usually understimated, because it can't be shared through usual pics, but it's part of the enjoyable experience of dressing up!.

Estaba lloviendo y he elegido ponerme una falda larga y un abrigo de piel vuelta, decisión cuestionable y nada prudente. Al menos estaba cómoda, y me las he arreglado para no pisarme la falda, incluso cuando me he cruzado con unas cuantas escaleras en mi camino. Las escaleras son malignas!
Lo que más me gusta de esta falda es que hace ruido cuando camino. El factor susurrante está muy poco valorado, porque no puede trasladarse a través de las imágenes, pero es una parte de la experiencia, y es algo divertido!

- skirt, a present by Fabulous Vix / falda, un regalo de la encantadora Vix
- t-shirt, Punto Roma (old) / camiseta
- vest, La Redoute (old) / chaleco
- boots, Clarks (old) / botas
- shearling coat, thrifted ages ago / abrigo, de segunda mano, comprado hace siglos
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo

10 comentarios:

  1. You may or may not be sensible, but you certainly look inspirational. Love the change of proportions on you, and the coat is swoonworthy.

  2. Ah, sensible is overrated, I'd far rather be fabulous like you! What a wonderful outfit, that skirt looks wonderful as does every bit of jewellery, I want it all! xx

  3. Oh this is an awesome outfit! I LOVE IT! I agree with Vix, I want it all. Your shearling coat is gorgeous and looks nice and cosy. It rains a lot where I live and nom maxi skirts aren't the most practical for that but I love theme. I try to go with my ankle length ones for rainy days instead of the ones that hit the ground. Stairs are so evil! I have to go up three flights to get to my home and in a maxi skirt that is a challenge! Don't ever be sensible. We like you best the way you are! xoxo

  4. Yes, indeed. You can't deny the how wonderful it is to wear anything with swooth factor! I shy away from maxis in the rain too, but I'm so glad you were impractical. Heh. I love this outfit. I agree about the stairs but try to walk like a laydee and hoist my skirts. Tremendous jewels as well.

  5. Pinks, purple, turquoise, such a pretty colour palette, and that fab maxi skirt and coat too! I often wear maxis in the rain - why not?! xxx

  6. Beautiful maxi skirt! Love the crinkly purple and the fabric in your top with words on it is calling my name. Very unique!

  7. purple, purple and more purple. Love the hat

  8. Ahhh...I love long skirts, the swooshing sound is the best part for me too :)) And as well, I sometimes manage to trip myself on the stairs or step all over it, haha!! But, you look gorgeous, I love this outfit :))) The fabric is dreamy :)) Happy day to you....besos!! xx

  9. Never underestimate the appeal of a good "Swoosh Factor"! I love the cool accessories you're wearing with this outfit, especially the brooch. I have a couple of long skirts I like wearing, but they get caught in the wheels of my desk chair if I wear them to work.

  10. So rich in colors and textures, gorgeous, gorgeous! And swooshy! I'm so glad you weren't sensible, I'm in such a fabulous insensible company!! Love all the shades of purple, just fantastic! xxx



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