domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015

b&w shoes, once more

It can look as if I was wearing my new brogues all the time, but I promise you that I wear other shoes (and other clothes, obviously!), but don't have enough time or energy or good light to take pics of them. I've been lacking of them (time, energy, good lighting), and I blame spring for it!. But I'm not going to give up.

Puede parecer que llevo mis nuevos zapatos todo el tiempo, pero os aseguro que a veces llevo otros (y también otra ropa, claro!), pero nunca tengo tiempo, o energía, o buena luz, como para sacarles fotos. Me han estado faltando mucho esas tres cosas, tiempo, energía y luz, y la culpa de todo la tiene la primavera!. Pero no me voy a echar atrás.

- faux fur coat, consignment shop / abrigo de astracán falso, de tienda en consignación El tragaluz de San Juan
- suit's shirt, old and revamped / camisa de un traje antiguo, reformada
- black skirt, Cortefiel (very old) / falda antigüita
- tights, El Corte Inglés / medias
- maryjanes, Tuk / merceditas
- red turtleneck and scarf, Locaderremate / cuello vuelto rojo y pañuelo Locaderremate

6 comentarios:

  1. They really are fantastic shoes and look brilliant with everything you put them with. If they were mine I'd wear them all the time, too! x

  2. Classic red and black - you look fantastic, and why not wear those shoes a lot, they're awesome (and look very comfortable too!) xxx

  3. No apologies! You look fantastic - you are a master of such graphic outfits. Love your shoes. I'm sure I'd find the way to wear them often too. :) I hope the weather will be kinder to you soon! xxx

  4. Yo te veo muy guapa, no parece que te siente mal la primavera y no me extraña que repitas zapatos son estupendos!

  5. The best thing is to be so busy caught in springtime that we lack time, energy, and light for playing with a camera. I hope that's what you mean! Still, I love your photos and this outfit. The pattern closeup makes me googly-eyed.

  6. You're wearing my favourite colour combination of black, grey and red! If I had those shoes I'd wear them with everything.