viernes, 30 de octubre de 2020

black & red

The weather is becoming more autumnal, chilly in the mornings. So I've been wearing some layers, so I can be toasty when I walk to work before dawn, but also comfy when I come back home in the sunshine (after removing my shawl and/or jacket and putting them in my bag!). This is a layering up and down time, a season between seasons.
As we've set our clocks back one hour on Saturday night, it's not so dark in the morning when I go to work now. I prefer it this way. The only inconvenience is that sunset is so early in the evenings that I have to go for a walk just after lunch. I'm trying to make the most of the sunshine!

El tiempo se está volviendo más otoñal y fresco por las mañanas. Así que he estado poniéndome varias capas de ropa, así que salgo abrigada y calentita cuando voy a trabajar, antes de que amanezca, pero también puedo estar cómoda cuando vuelvo a casa y hace sol, porque me quito los chales y chaquetas y los llevo en el bolso. Esta época del año es así, quitarse y ponerse ropa, varias estaciones en un día.
Desde que hemos cambiado al horario de invierno, el pasado sábado noche, ya no está tan oscuro cuando voy a trabajar por la mañana temprano, lo que me parece mucho mejor, claro. El único inconveniente de esto es que anochece tan pronto que tengo que hacer mi habitual paseo justo después de comer, para aprovechar la luz.
This is what I wore on Saturday morning, to run errands and meet my friend M. for a (distanced) chat. I'm still wearing this red blouse, even if it's not a good candidate for layering, as is so easily wrinkled. But Red!
Esto es lo que me puse el sábado por la mañana, para salir a hacer unos recados y encontrarme con mi amiga M. para charlar un rato (en la distancia). Todavía me sigo poniendo esta blusa roja, aunque sigue sin ser buena para las superposiciones, se arruga demasiado. Pero es que es Roja!

- striped coat, a hand-me-down from a friend's wardrobe clearance / abrigo de rayas, un regalo de una amiga que limpiaba su desván.
- trousers, Festa (old) / pantalón
- red blouse, second hand, Sunday street market / blusa roja, segunda mano, del mercadillo del domingo
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- pendant, a present (Ciclón) / colgante, un regalo, Ciclón
- massive papier maché brooch, made by me ages ago / broche enorme de papel maché, hecho por mí hace siglos

I've worn same colourful skirt (sewed by me years ago!) twice in a row. I don't bother repeating variations of a same outfit, actually I do it frequently. I like to try the multiple possibilities around an outfit. And I also like to explore and go shopping into my own wardrobe. Sometimes the urge of wearing something different everyday feels a little bit excesive.

Me he puesto esta misma falda tan colorida, que cosí yo misma hace unos años, varias veces seguidas. No me preocupa lo más mínimo repetir variaciones del mismo conjunto, de hecho lo hago frecuentemente. Me gusta probar múltiples posibilidades sobre un mismo tema. Y también me gusta explorar e ir de compras en mi propio armario, es divertido!

- skirt, sewed by me (years ago) with some fabric for decoration / falda, hecha por mí, hace años, con una tela para decoración.
- striped t-shirt, CandA (old) / camiseta rayas
- bolero cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaquetita punto
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- red coat, La Redoute / abrigo rojo
- shawl, retail (old) / chal, tienda local
- mask by Nonapapallona (link 'cause I like my local businesses) / mascarilla de Nonapapallona (enlace porque me gusta el comercio local)
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso

- jacket, second hand, ebay (old) / chaqueta, segunda mano en eBay
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- grey cardi, Marina Rinaldi (almost twenty years old) / chaqueta punto gris, de hace unos veinte años
- polka dot neckerchief, vintage, a present / pañuelito de lunares, vintage, un regalo

Hope you're keeeping yourselves (and others) safe and as fabulous as possible.
Espero que todos sigáis cuidando de vosotros mismos y de los demás y manteniendo la fabulosidad todo lo posible.

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  1. Putting the clocks back does have its advantages, but I'm still not a fan of the time change, as it feels completely unnatural to me. I have more problems the other way around, though :-) It's lovely that it's now once again still light leaving for work in the morning, but that will only last a week or two.
    Your red blouse is just perfect with those black floral trousers, even if layering it isn't easy. Your colourful cartoon skirt is a delight, and I love your mask, which is great fun. And perfect for Halloween, if you celebrate it :-) Looking at yours, I'm longing to wear my berets again, but it's not quite cold enough yet! And, finally, I am swooning over your houndstooth jacket. Do keep safe, my friend. It seems that we are in semi-lockdown again as from next week: all non-essential shops closed on top of cafés and restaurants which were closed already ... Besos xxx

    1. The time change feels really unnatural to most people, and also disturbing and annoying. I have problems with the spring change, but this one feels more wearable, whatever the reason.
      Mwhaha, glad you like my skirt and mask. Actually, we don't celebrate Halloween, but I love the film, so couldn't resist a 'Nightmare before Xmas' mask. I have a sweatshirt too which I'm planning to wear soon.
      I'm a huge fan of houndstooth!, glad you like it too!
      We are also in a semi-lockdown for a month, every bar and café is closed. But this doesn't stop people from being covidiots (lots of gatherings even if it's highly recommended not to do it!)

  2. We set our clocks back this weekend (I don't know why the US does it later)and it will be a relief to have some light in the mornings. I can't wake up properly in the dark. The afternoons are dark, but it gets so cold in Nebraska during the winter that I rarely venture out at night anyway.

    I love that comic print skirt, and you have such a nice collection of pendants. The brooch you made is wonderful. Stay safe, and warm!

    1. Totally agree that it's a relief to have some light in the mornings, I dislike working in the darkness before dawn, I feel that I'm sleepwalking.
      Lovely that you like this skirt and pendants (the massive ones are the better!)

  3. I get up so early that the clocks haven't made any difference!
    I'm loving all the red, it's such a wonderful colour on you, I'm glad you haven't packed that shirt away yet. Those floral trousers are perfection and the comic strip skirt is such fun.
    We're waiting for the official confirmation that we'll be in lockdown for a month next week. Stay safe! xxx

    1. Mwhaha, I'm not an early bird, so having more light in the mornings makes me feel better. Even if it's not going to last. I will be working in the darkness again in a few weeks.
      We're in a semi-lockdown for a month yet, no bars nor cafés are open, and we can't go outside our city. So I'll go for a walk in the city parks, hoping for the best.

  4. Our clocks go back this weekend in Canada, don't know why North America is a week behind Europe. I'm glad it will be lighter in the morning, but I hate when it's dark at 5 pm. The days seem so short.

    It's layering weather here too. I love your cartoon print dresses and skirts, and I have an Emily The Strange bag too! I've had it for ages, and thought I might have got rid of it but I found it in my closet recently and may have to get it out again.

    1. I try to keep myself away from gloominess in the shorter days of winter, so I switch lots of beautiful lamps at home and I've even have my own special lamp at work!. Totally understand that you hate those shorter days.
      Lovely that you also have an Emily The Strange bag. I have mine years ago too, and it has been worn (with interruptions) for ages.

  5. I love the red and the black outfits! I also love your layering. Today was the first really cold (and very windy) day in a long time.

    I especially liked your check jacket and of course you know how much I love your black and white striped coat. Your sun paper mache brooch is amazing. I also really love your beret with the red flowers.

    Enjoy your sunshine while you have it and stay safe

  6. Oh, I LOVE that mask! That's one of my favourite movies ever! I like that you change up your outfits every time - I do the same! I always want to be trying something new with a piece - it's like a game to see how many different looks I can make. So to me, that's not being excessive at all. :) Love all of these outfits - that striped coat is very Jack Skellington!