jueves, 15 de octubre de 2020

indoor & coats

Last week I still ventured out without a proper coat (in the evenings). But not anymore!. Actually, I was quite motivated and went for some walks in the nearby park, enjoyed the beautiful colours and collected some horse chestnut seeds for decoration. I keep on putting them in my wardrobe just like my grandma used to do (she told us they were a moth repellent, but no scientific evidence was found about this).
These photos were taken when going for a walk in my 'athleisure' gear which includes this cyclamen color fleece and my matchy scarf and pink sneakers. No reason to stop wearing bright colours when walking.
La semana pasada todavía me atreví a salir sin un abrigo, por las tardes. Pero ya no más. En realidad, estuve muy motivada y salí a caminar por los parques de aquí al lado, viendo los colores tan hermosos y recogiendo castañas de indias, para decoración. Sigo guardando algunas en los armarios como mi abuela solía hacer (nos decía que espantaban las polillas, pero no hay evidencia científica al respecto).
Estas fotos las saqué cuando iba a caminar en mi atuendo 'deportivo' que incluye un forro polar color ciclamen con un pañuelo a juego y unas zapatillas rosa. No hay razón para dejar los colores brillantes cuando se sale a caminar.

- fleece jacket, CandA (old) / chaqueta forro polar
- black t-shirt, La Redoute (old) / camiseta negra
- trousers, clearance sale (old) / pantalón, liquidación, antigüito
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- scarf, Sunday street market (old) / pañuelo, del mercadillo
- bag, Nonapapallona old (local designer!) / bolsito de Nonapapallona, diseño local!
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, mercadillo solidario
Apparently all the photos I took were blurry except the one that cut me in half!. Missing my usual photographer (aka Mr.A.).
This is what I wore to go to work on Tuesday, when some colour therapy was needed. It was also a comfy outfit and made me felt better, this orange and purple combo is really vitaminic!. Yes, it's orange!

Evidentemente, todas las fotos que saqué salieron borrosas, excepto la que me corta por la mitad. Se echa de menos al fotógrafo (también conocido como Mr.A.)
El martes decidí que me hacía falta un poco de color para ir a trabajar. Y resultó bien, me hizo sentir mejor y además, estaba muy cómoda. Parece que esta combinación de morado y naranja es vitamínica. Y sí, es naranja.
- skirt made of a second hand dress purchased at Sunday street market / falda hecha de un vestido de segunda mano, del mercadillo
- purple shirt, Evans (old), shortened / camisa morada, de Evans, acortada
- orange-red cardi, second hand, Sunday street market (old) / chaquetita de punto, segunda mano, del mercadillo
- orange neon sneakers, Reebok outlet / zapatillas naranja neón
- purple coat, second hand, eBay (old) / abrigo morado, segunda mano, eBay
- scarf, charity shop Cáritas / pañuelo, Cáritas

More purple colour on Thursday. Sometimes I can be the Mayor of Matchy-Matchy Town!, even the furniture and walls match my outfit!. It was a rainy day and wore a black raincoat over this. And a purple umbrella too! ;D

Más color morado el jueves. A veces puedo ser una maniática combinando colores, pero esta vez es que hasta la mesita y las paredes combinan!. Fue un día lluvioso y me puse un abrigo negro impermeable. Y también un paraguas morado. ;D

- trousers, 4x4 (old) / pantalón
- knit top, second hand, Sunday street market (old) / camiseta de punto, segunda mano del mercadillo
- necklace, a present by Sacramento / collar, un regalo de Sacramento
- scarf, a present / pañuelo, un regalo
- boots, Treksta (old) / botas
Hope you're keeping yourselves (and others) safe and as fabulous as possible!
Espero que todos sigáis todo lo estupendos que podáis. Cuidáos mucho.

12 comentarios:

  1. Nothing wrong with matchy matchy-especially when you look this good!
    I've heard bay/laurel leaves are a good moth repellant as well.

    Stay safe (and warm!).

    1. Thank you, Goody, nice that you like matchiness too!
      I've also read about laurel leaves concoction repelling insects, but not sure now.

  2. You certainly are the Mayor of Mitchy-Matchy town in that incredible green and purple outfit. What fab decor, too. Loving that babushka print maxi skirt teamed with the purple and orange and the super funky Ikat-style print trousers, too.
    It's suddenly gone into coat weather here, no easing in gently.
    I collect conkers (as we call the nuts from horse chestnuts) and put them around the rooms to keep out the spiders, it seems to work! xxx

    1. Glad that you like my maxi skirt and its cute print!, and all the other colorful stuff!
      I'm feeling really perplexed and confused (more than usual!) because of this sudden winter weather. Don't feel like wearing coats, nor knits.
      We don't have problems with spiders at home (fingers crossed!) but I take notes on this, as spiders are stubborn little creatures.

  3. Such wonderful colour combinations and you seem to have sneakers to match in every colour!

    I think I've heard the same tip about conkers being a good moth repellant - always important when you have lots of clothes.

    Stay fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Veronica!. I have to confess that I've been amassing a sneakers collection, as these are the one shoes I can actually walk in.
      I'm really squeamish about moths, so use lots of conkers!

  4. I love that you match your walls! Your colours are so spectacular - I would call that cyclamen colour PANK!

    In my part of the world, conkers (the chestnut seeds) are said to repel spiders from coming indoors - you put one in every corner. I have not tried this - I'm worried Vizzini will eat the conkers, or I will forget about them and they will grow mould or bugs.

    1. This is actually a PANK kind of colour! mwhaha, love it!
      Horse chestnut seeds are poisonous!, so it's better keep Vizzini far away from them!.
      I usually forget about them and found the dry old seeds in dusty corners when cleaning into my wardrobe! (not a huge fan of dusting!)

  5. Whenever we're out for a walk this time of year, Jos collect conkers and chestnuts, the former for decoration and the latter for eating, of course ;-) I hadn't heard of using conkers as a moth repellent, nor to ward off spiders, as mentioned by Vix and Sheila, but we do not see many spiders inside the house, so that might work indeed. Could be Phoebe catching and eating them too :-) Your colourful athleisure gear almost makes me consider the concept of athleisure clothing, which I'm normally not a fan of. The colour of that fleece is delicious! Blurry or not, I'm loving that second outfit, which is colour therapy indeed. Your matchy-matchy outfit is making my heart sing too, and the colour of those walls is magnificent! Besos xxx

    1. Glad that you have some chestnut trees in your neighbourhood, as they're beautiful, and chestnuts make me feel that Autumn is here (love the smell of roasted chestnuts).
      But rememeber that Horse Chestnuts are poisonous!, they're different!.
      And I still hate most of sport gear, but I've found some not-so-sporty clothes that work for me and I'm happy with them!
      Happy that you like my purple wall, it took three coats to get the colour!, mwahaha

  6. I love the intense pink (or fuschia?) of the fleece and your shoes in the first outfit. It has become quite chilly here too, with lows of 5 degrees celsius at night and highs of 12 during the day. I usually wear pants in these temperatures and save my winter skirts and tights for when it gets below zero.

    I like how your purple and green outfit coordinates so perfectly with your wall and art work! My home tends to be more colourful than my wardrobe.

    1. Similar temperatures here, dear Shelley!, it's becoming really chilly in the mornings so it's totally coats weather!. I'm also saving my tights for colder weather.
      I'm a huge fan of colourful homes, love a bold color Wall!