martes, 20 de octubre de 2020

chilly mornings

Autumn/Fall is my favourite season, even if sometimes it's so unpredictable. Despite its changing temperatures and rainy days, Autumn is quite warm here, so I can still wear some lightweight coats. I've been wearing a lot this purple coat which was bought second hand at eBay some time ago. Not a great quality coat, but I'm keeping it because of its color. I have a weakness for this shade of royal purple.
Both trousers and shirt were second hand purchases at Sunday street market, but in different occasions. They were a serendipious find, as they have exactly the same shade of purple!. Consider the probabilities of finding these two pieces my size, in the same color and so pristine!. I feel grateful to the (german, considering the labels) ladies who didn't throw these pieces to the bin, and recycled them instead. It stills amazes me how many clothes in mint condition (even with their labels on) you can find at second hand shops, markets, charities. Still having mixed feelings about this.
Obviously I've worn them together frequently (as I did in Nov2019), and will surely wear them in the future, repeat offender as I am.
El otoño es mi estación favorita, aunque a veces sea tan impredecible. A pesar de tanto clima cambiante y tantos días lluviosos, el otoño resulta bastante templado aquí, así que sigo llevando abrigos de entretiempo. Y uno de los que más me pongo es este abriguito morado, que compré de segunda mano en eBay hace tiempo ya. No es de una calidad buenísima, pero lo conservo por el color. Es que tengo una fijación con este tono de morado púrpura.
Tanto el pantalón como la camisa salieron ambos del mercadillo del domingo, pero en ocasiones distintas. Una verdadera suerte porque son exactamente del mismo color, idéntico. Considerad las probabilidades de encontrar estas dos prendas en mi talla, del mismo color y tan impecables. Me siento agradecida a esas señoras (alemanas, si nos fijamos en las etiquetas de la ropa) que en vez de tirar estas prendas, las reciclaron. Sigue asombrándome cuánta ropa en perfecto estado, a veces hasta con etiqueta puesta, se encuentra en cualquier mercadillo de segunda mano, o en tiendas solidarias. Y me sigue produciendo una mezcla de sentimientos (me viene bien, pero está mal!).
Claro está, me he puesto este mismo conjunto frecuentemente (tal como hice en Nov2019 y seguramente siga haciéndolo, soy repetitiva totalmente.
- coat, ebay (old) / abrigo, ebay
- trousers and shirt, second hand, Sunday street market / pantalón y camisa, mercadillo del domingo, segunda mano
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- crochet cardi, by myself / chaqueta de ganchillo, hecha por mí
- scarf, flea market (old) / pañuelo, del mercadillo
- bag, by Nonapapallona / bolso de Nonapapallona
This is a simple meal I made using aubergines (eggplant), some chickpeas and the last tomatoes of the season. Both aubergines and chickpeas were cooked previously (actually they were leftovers). I just put them in a baking dish, well seasoned with olive oil and some spices (harissa!), and added the sliced tomatoes on top. Then put it in the oven for fifteen minutes. Easy peasy!

Este plato lleva unas berenjenas y garbanzos previamente cocinados (en realidad, eran sobrantes) y los últimos tomates de la temporada. Simplemente los dispuse en capas en esta fuente para horno, bien sazonados con aceite y especias (y harisa) y luego le añadí los tomates en rodajas por encima. Estuvo en el horno unos quince minutos, no se puede ser más fácil!.

This is something I worn last week, and then totally forgot that I took some crap photos with my phone (sorry). It was a chilly day and wore my (boring) puff coat but tried to cheer it up with some red color. This red blouse is going to be stored with my summer clothes, as it doesn't layer nicely, too easily wrinkled. You can see it previously here and here

Me había olvidado de que me saqué estas fotos la semana pasada (fotos muy malas, lo siento). Era un día frío y me puse mi (aburrido) abrigo acolchado pero intenté animarlo con un toque de color rojo. Esta blusa roja se va a quedar guardada con mi ropa de verano, porque no funciona bien en superposiciones, se arruga muchísimo. Podéis verla en momentos más veraniegos aquí y también aquí
- coat, retail (old) / abrigo, tienda local
- trousers, PuntRoma (old) / pantalón
- red blouse, second hand, Sunday street market / blusa roja, segunda mano, del mercadillo
- sneakers, adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso, antigüito
- scarf, retail / pañuelo, tienda local
- pendant, a present (Ciclón) / colgante, un regalo

Have a nice week and keep yourselves (and others) safe and as fabulous as possible
Espero que tengáis una buena semana y que os mantengáis a salvo y todo lo estupendamente que sea posible.

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  1. Unpredictable is one word for it! We're currently being lashed by Storm Barbara!
    Two lovely colourful outfits, the purple coat is such a magnificent colour I can't see any issue with the quality, I'm distracted by that wonderful crochet cardi - aren't you clever?
    Love the red shirt, shame it's got to be packed away but wrinkly garments aren't great for layering.
    Your dinner looks and sounds absolutely wonderful, I could eat it right now! xxx

    1. Glad you like these colourful outfits, and the crochet cardi (it was quite easy!)
      The Red Shirt is also a favourite of mine, so thinking on keep it in my wardrobe!
      Lovely that you like my dinner photos, usually we eat some simple mediterranean food.

  2. Hello you repeat offender, you!

    Loved the Royal Purple; such a fab colour and the trousers and shirt are fabulous with it. I also loved the red, black and white outfit; what a shame you can't keep the red top out for winter layering. Now I need something like that only in orange - I've been looking for months....

    The food looked delicious!

    1. Mwahaha, hello Veronica!
      Lovely comment and so glad that you like these colours!. Totally agree that something like this shirt in Orange would be fabulous!, I'd like it too!

  3. Autumn is my favourite season too, but this year it has been letting us down, with lots of wet weather and clouds instead of glorious sunshine to contrast with the Autumn leaves! Your first outfit is an absolute triumph, and even if the coat is poor quality, it certainly doesn't show. Its colour is stunning, and the mix of prints and textures in your outfit is absolutely fabulous! I'm in love! Gorgeous pattern-mixing in the second outfit as well. I'm loving the monochromes with a touch of red, although I am hearing you on the wrinkly blouse.
    Your tomato topped oven dish looks quite mouth-watering, I must say! Besos xxx

    1. The weather is quite warm here, but we know it's not going to still!
      So happy to read that you like all these purple pieces, Purple makes my heart sing! (don't care how sappy it sounds!)
      And yes, the wrinkly blouse is a real problem. I hate ironing and avoid it actively when possible!

  4. I love your "repeat offender" outfit - how wonderful that you found two matching garments on separate dates! I'm reminded of when I found two pieces of a suit weeks apart! It's a great feeling! I am also bothered by so many obviously new/unworn clothes that get donated - I think many of them are purchased online, and the sizing/product isn't right. I refuse to feel guilty, though, as I'm still supporting a local business by buying them. That purple coat is such a great colour; too bad about the quality.

    I like your black and white + red outfit - red makes any outfit better, doesn't it? :)

    1. wow, it's particularly fabulous to find two pieces of a suit weeks apart!, Serendipity at its best!.
      Totally agree with you about donated clothes, particularly the poorly designed fast fashion that never should have been made. But I'm aslo happy that we can make the most of other people's mistakes with sizing etc. and support local business!
      And totally agree about Red too!

  5. Blue and magenta are so gorgeous together, great outfits, my dear!

  6. That is lucky, finding two pieces that match so well. You look so cheery and colourful!