lunes, 5 de octubre de 2020

last summer walks

Usually I need some days to be back to 'business as usual' after my holidays. But this time it felt as if I've jumped from one season to another, from the south to the north, from bougainvilleas to conkers falling on my head. One day you're wearing sandals, sitting on a terrace or going to the beach and the next day you have to explore your wardrobe in the hunt for knits and coats. Anyway, I've tried to keep my mood high so went for a walk last Monday, making the most of warm evenings. Then it was a different story, as Autumn has arrived abruptly, rainy and cold!.

Normalmente necesito varios días para volver a estar en funcionamiento después de las vacaciones. Pero esta vez la sensación ha sido como de cambiar de golpe de estación, de clima, del sur al norte, de las buganvillas en flor a las castañas cayéndose de los árboles. Un día estás en sandalias, sentada en una terraza o yendo a la playa, y al día siguiente tienes que registrar el armario en busca de chaquetas de punto y abrigos. De todos modos, intento mantenerme animada así que me fuí a dar una vuelta el lunes, aprovechando que las tardes aún eran bastante cálidas y agradables. Luego ya ha sido otra historia, porque ha llegado el otoño de pronto, ¡lluvia y frío!
- jeans, bought second hand then shortened (see them before) / pantalón denim, de segunda mano, luego lo corté (podéis verlo como era antes)
- blouse, same story (made it from a dress) / blusa, misma historia, cortada de un vestido de segunda mano.
- cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- bag, Matties(old) / bolso Matties
- polka dot neckerchief, vintage (a present) / pañuelito de lunares vintage, un regalo

This is one of my favourite winter salads: lettuce, carrots, orange, cottage cheese, cappers and mustard, and some roasted chicken leftovers (it also works with tuna or salmon if you like them). Obviously, the ingredients can change according to whatever I have in the fridge (cappers can be changed by pickles, etc.). My 'recipes' are particularly flexible!. 

Esta es una de mis ensaladas de invierno favoritas: lechuga, zanahoria, naranja, queso fresco, alcaparras y mostaza, y unas sobras de pollo asado (también funciona con atún o salmón, si os gustan). Evidentemente, los ingredientes pueden cambiar según lo que tenga en el frigo (alcaparras por pepinillos, etc.), mis 'recetas' son bastante flexibles.
Thursday outfit. Sorry for the crap photo, it was impossible to take photos outside because of the rain and wind.
El jueves tuve que sacarme esta foto tan pobre, imposible salir fuera con la lluvia y el viento.

- raincoat, Lighthouse (old) / impermeable
- waterproof sneakers, Chiruca outlet / zapatillas impermeables de Chiruca
- striped pullover, PuntRoma (old) / jersey de rayas
- jungle print trousers, clearance sale (old) / pantalón de estampado tropical, de una liquidación
- new cork bag, bought in Portugal! / nuevo bolso de corcho, comprado en Portugal

I'm still wearing some summery items, but they're going to be stored in their boxes soon.
Todavía tengo en el armario bastantes prendas de verano, pero voy a tener que guardarlas muy pronto.

- purple coat, ebay (old) / abrigo morado, ebay
- brooch, a present by Sacramento / broche, un regalo de Sacramento
- fuschia cardi, CandA (old) / chaqueta fucsia
- scarf, flea market (old) / pañuelo, de mercadillo
- top, made by me from a second hand dress / top, hecho por mí de un vestido de segunda mano.
- trousers, PuntRoma (old) / pantalón
- sneakers, Adidas outlet / zapatillas
- yellow straw bag, retail (old) / bolso amarillo de paja.

I'm still uncomfortable with this new Blogger, so playing around with some HTML (what can go wrong? mwhahaha!). Sorry if things look 'different' ;DD.
Todavía sigo luchando con este nuevo blogger, y trasteando un poco con HTML (¿qué podría salir mal?, mwhahah). Puede que algunas cosas se vean raras, lo siento.

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  1. I'm struggling with this change in season as well! Sandals one minute, boots the next! You look fabulous in your wet weather gear though, lots of colour to keep the summer dream alive. I love that purple coat!
    I always love seeing what you've been eating, those winter salads look and sound delicious, I haven't had cottage cheese in too long! xxx

    1. Totally agree about unpredictable weather, it's so annoying!
      And glad you like some colour too!, keeping the summer vibes!
      Usually I have some (goat milk) cottage cheese in the fridge, it's a versatile ingredient!

  2. Yup, this week will be my closet swap-over - we are due for rain very soon, and I need some warmer clothes! I love your wonderful teal and purple coats!

    The most annoying thing about New Blogger is that when I upload my pictures, they load in reverse order. I have to then delete them and use the "clear formatting" button to get rid of the background formatting that causes that, and then re-upload them. It's a pain. I haven't had too many issues otherwise.

    1. Looking forward to read your post on the closet swap-over!
      Most of my problems with Blogger are totally my fault. I still use the old HTML option to write everything and I'm not really skilled!

  3. It is still warm where I'm at but I know the snow is just around the corner. The salad looks delicious-carrots and oranges are such a good combination and I just adore capers.

    Your outfits are always so cheering no matter the weather.

    1. The weather is really unpredictable here in Fall and Spring, lots of quick changes!
      Totally agree that oranges and carrots work together and I also love capers (and pickles and olives!).
      Thank you, dear Goody!

  4. food look so yummy!
    love your outfit colors :)

    Check my last post :)

  5. Autumn is definitely here! Loved all your outfits so colourful and very cheerful - you always make me smile. I'd love a better look at your new cork bag from Portugal... the salad looked yummy; what a good idea to include oranges!

    Take care and stay safe

    1. So glad to read that my blog makes you smile!, so lovely!
      I'll post some photos of this new bag asap!, I wanted to test it before showing in the blog.
      I've recently started to include oranges in salads and it's fab, as they are in season in winter when tomatoes come from faraway!(and are tasteless)

  6. You're so right to make the most of the last of the warm evenings. I usually love Autumn, but not the rainy and cold part, that's for sure. And Autumn rains did arrive quite abruptly here as well! And it's not much fun having to wear one's coats again, even if they are delightfully colourful ones like yours. Like Vronni, I am intrigued about your new cork bag and I'm loving the sound of that Winter salad! Besos xxx

    1. I'm also a huge fan of the beginning of Autumn, when it's still warm. And totally agree about coats, I really don't feel like wearing them, even if I'm glad that some of them are colourful (and I take this as a great compliment coming from you, you have Fab coats!)
      I recommend this winter salad, it's easy, colourful and tasty. Mustard and capers make a difference!

  7. You look lovely and colorful as always, dear Monica! And I love flexible recipes. ;) Your salad looks yummy! I still have all my summer dresses and sandals out, and mix them with light jackets while it's still in the 60s F, but it's getting cooler, especially in the evenings. I have to continue our walks which were interrupted by the smoky air for a while. Much love!