domingo, 25 de octubre de 2020

athleisure & colour

We lead a quiet life usually, so haven't felt affected by last restrictions on social activities and local lockdown. We were not going anywhere, and our social life has been limited to meet one friend each time (always in open spaces and keeping our distance). Even usual grocery shopping or walks in the park are becoming remarkable events in our lives!.
These days I'm wearing summery clothes and lightweight coats, making the most of the warm weather: 15-20ºC max, (59-68ºF max). We know this is not going to last!.
I've been wearing trousers frequently, so no tights. Don't get me wrong, I like opaques and own a collection of them in every colour of the rainbow. However I prefer to go barelegged as long as possible and these temperatures are collaborating in it. Opaques would have probably felt a little bit suffocating and itchy.
Normalmente llevamos una vida tranquila, así que tampoco nos han afectado mucho las nuevas restricciones a la vida social y el confinamiento local. No íbamos a ir a ningún lado, y nuestra vida social se ha estado limitando a quedar con algún amigo, de uno en uno, en espacios abiertos y a distancia. Incluso ir a la compra o pasear por el parque se han convertido en acontecimientos.
Estos días sigo llevando ropas veraniegas y abrigos de entretiempo, aprovechando este clima tan benigno, con máximas de 15 a 20ºC. Porque ya se sabe que ésto no va a durar!
Me he puesto pantalones muy a menudo, por no llevar medias. No quiero decir que no me gusten, en realidad tengo medias de cada color del arcoiris y me encantan. Pero prefiero la sensación de ir con las piernas al aire, todo el tiempo que se pueda, y la temperatura está ayudando. Llevar medias estos días hubiera sido un poco sofocante!.

- trousers, Festa (old) / pantalón
- striped t-shirt, CandA (old) / camiseta rayas
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- raincoat, Lighthouse (old) / impermeable
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, mercadillo solidario
- shawl, retail (old) / chal
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso
We had cous-cous for dinner, with some chicken sautéed with onions and dried tomatoes and figs, and also some pomegranate (which adds a crispy fresh texture!). This is a simple plate that we cook frequently, as it admits many variations, different ingredients and spices: you can cook chickpeas, add some cherry tomatoes instead of pomegranate, and fresh coriander if you have it on hand!.

El otro día hicimos un cuscús sencillo, con una pechuga de pollo salteada con cebollas, tomate seco e higos, y un toque de granada por encima, que le da un punto crujiente y fresco. Este plato es muy sencillo y admite muchas variaciones de ingredientes y especias, también se puede hacer con garbanzos, cambiar la granada por tomatitos, y añadirle cilantro fresco si se tiene a mano!.

This is my first butternut squash cake of the season, and I'm glad to say that it was quickly demolished. It's winter squash season here, so I'm ready to cook them in creams, casseroles and cakes. Even if they are available the whole year, I prefer to buy local seasonal vegetables.

Este es mi primer bizcocho de calabaza de la temporada, y me alegra decir que desapareció rápidamente. Es temporada de calabazas, así que muy pronto me pondré a hacer cremas, guisos y bizcochos con ellas. Aunque estén disponibles todo el año, prefiero comprar lo que sea de temporada y local.
This is what I wore on Thursday, a comfy outfit with some accessorizing. I like the futuristic vibe of these sunglasses, probably enhanced by the mask wearing (don't all we look strange in them?). This mask by Nonapapallona was retired as it was fading and the filters have done their job yet. Bought some new ones on Saturday!

Esto es lo que llevaba el jueves, algo cómodo con accesorios variaditos. Me gusta el aire futurista de estas gafas, más aún con la mascarilla (¿no parecemos todos raros con ellas?). Esta mascarilla es de Nonapapallona y tuve que retirarla, porque estaba ya descolorida y el filtro había cumplido con su labor ya. Pero compré unas nuevas el sábado!.

- necklace, a present by Veronica / collar, un regalo de Veronica
- brooch, charity shopped years ago / broche, de tienda solidaria hace años (Cáritas)
- scarf, retail / pañuelo, tienda local
- earrings, Ciclón / pendientes
I keep on wearing monochromes and red, and this is just a autumn-ized version of this outfit, Sept2019. It was chillier than expected and my summery blouse was barely wearable under a light coat. I would have been more comfortable in a proper coat (12ºC / 53ºF).

Sigo poniéndome blanco y negro con rojo, a menudo, y esta vez simplemente una versión otoñal de algo que ya me puse en Sept2019. Hacía más fresco de lo que esperaba y esta blusa de verano ya no era tan buena idea debajo de un abriguito ligero. Hubiera estado mejor llevar un abrigo de verdad, con 12ºC que hacía.
- embroidered blouse, second hand, Sunday street market (old) / camisa bordada
- red trousers/pants, clearance sale (old) / pantalón rojo, de una liquidación
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- striped coat, a hand me down from a friend's wardrobe clearance (probably a 90's piece) / abrigo de rayas, de una limpieza de armario de una amiga, probablemente de los 90
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso

Hope you are keeping yourselves (and others) safe!
Espero que todos se sigan cuidando mucho y también cuidando de los otros.

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  1. I love those white glasses on you, you're the Spanish Iris Apfel (my hero!)
    Both outfits looks fabulous, like you I try and hold off wearing opaques as long as I possibly can. I don't have any fabulous trousers like you do but I'm wildly in love with my thermal leggings under dresses instead.
    I love seeing your food, that squash cake is a work of art and I'd love to make that chicken dish with butter beans or vegan meatballs, it sounds heavenly.
    That photo of you in your blue glasses and turquoise necklace needs to be your profile photo, it's a masterpiece! xxx

    1. Iris Apfel is also my hero and inspiration!
      I'm always looking for any printed or patterned trousers as they're so damn scarce!. I have to dust off my sewing machine and make some pairs!
      Glad that you enjoy my food photos, I'm trying my best!
      Thanks for your suggestion about this photo, mwhaha. You're lovely!

  2. I totally understand your feelings about getting out - I feel like I'm slowly becoming a wild woman lately. :))) You look wonderful as always! Stylish glasses and masks are just the right accessories, in addition to your beads and scarves of course! I agree with Vix about that portrait of you, and about Iris Apfel.
    Like you, I put off wearing tights for as long as I can, better pants for some time. :)
    Yummy home cooking! Am I invited? ;))
    Lots of love, dear Monica!

    1. Great Minds!, lovely that Iris Apfel is such an inspiration for us!.
      Accessorizing is making me feel better, it makes a difference.
      And you're invited, it would be fab to receive you as a guest! (I miss receiving guests!)
      Lots of love too!

  3. You do manage to keep looking sharp, even with masks and glasses for protection. I adore winter squash. You have given me the motivation to look for a cake recipe with them.
    Stay safe and well.

    1. If we have to wear a mask, let's do it in style!;DD
      I'll share the récipe of this cake as soon as posible!

  4. We too usually live a quiet life and haven't been affected too much by the current restrictions. We are real homebodies so hardly go out anyway, just the odd trip to the garden centre or charity shop or a walk in the park. You are right to make the most of the warmer temperatures while they last and to go bare-legged as long as possible - even if I am an opaques girl at heart :-) I'm loving the floral and stripes pattern mixing in your first outfit and that gorgeous monochrome and red composition of the second. And I do agree that we all look quite strange wearing our masks, especially those of us who also wear glasses ;-) I'm loving the sound (and sight) of your butternut squash cake: yummy! Besos xxx

    1. I'm enjoying my walks more and more!, they're actually my fav activity these days.
      Glad that you love the floral and stripes pattern mixing, as it's a favourite of mine!.
      And the sunnies+mask make us look quite strange, I don't know if we look like graffiti artists or bank robbers!

  5. All the glasses are fabulous! I really love your black and white striped jacket and it goes so well with the red trousers. I think red, black and white together make a wonderful colour combination.

    The butternut squash cake looked gorgeous.

    Take care and stay safe,

  6. I really like the colors you have chosen for your outfits! Let's color the thoughts and mood! The pumpkin pie must be very good ... I have to try to make it!
    Hugs, Carmela

  7. You have an excellent mask collection. I love all of these outfits, but the black, white and red is so striking (that mask is creepy in a good way!).