jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2019

beads & Red

I think this is a quite ordinary outfit, something casual I wore to run errands on a Saturday morning. But I accessorized it with some red beads and a curious necklace bought at an artisan market years ago. And it's really comfortable to wear, cotton and viscose, which I appreciate particularly because tunic and trousers both don't require ironing!. I'm a huge fan of comfort and accessories!

My new shopping trolley is also really conventional and it comes with us when doing groceries, a helpful companion, but we're not completely happy with it as it takes up a lot of space, even folded. It's too big to be stowed in our broom closet, where we used to store our old trolley. For the first time I've bought something which I don't have room for!. I usually stick to this rule of never bringing home anything which doesn't fit in and recommend you to do it too. It makes life easier!

Linking Visible Monday and hoping you're having a visible week and a Slow Fashion Season (#Slowfashionseason)

Esto es lo que llevaba el sábado por la mañana, algo bastante normal para hacer la compra. Decidí añadirle unos collares, uno de ellos de bolitas rojas y el otro una pieza curiosa que compré en un mercadillo de artesanía. Y también tiene el factor comodidad, algodón y viscosa, que me gustan mucho porque ni la túnica ni el pantalón hay que plancharlos. Así que se reúnen dos cosas que me gustan mucho, la comodidad y los accesorios.

Mi nuevo carrito de la compra es también muy convencional y muy útil también, aunque no estamos contentos del todo con este nuevo modelo, porque ocupa mucho sitio, incluso plegado, y no cabe en el armario escobero donde solíamos guardar el viejo. Es la primera vez que compro algo para lo que no tengo sitio en casa, es una norma que siempre he seguido y de verdad la recomiendo. Hace la vida más fácil.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y espero que estéis teniendo una semana muy visible y un verano libre de ropa de usar y tirar Slow Fashion Season (#Slowfashionseason)

- tunic, second hand (Sunday Street market), previously worn Jul2019 / túnica de segunda mano, del mercadillo del domingo
- trousers, clearance sale (old) / pantalones, de liquidación
- sandals, elementérre (outlet) old / sandalias
- bag, etsy (last summer) / bolso, etsy (del verano pasado)
- beads, a present / collar de bolitas, un regalo
- bracelets, Sfera (ages ago) / pulseras, de hace siglos ya.

9 comentarios:

  1. I really like your colourful look and I understand that you are happy with your new shopping trolley! For sure convenient!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Black white and red are so dramatic!

    I agree that if I don't have room for something in my house I avoid purchasing. Honestly, I don't need anything.


  3. That outfit looks gorgeous on you, Monica. I'm loving the black and white combined with lots and lots of pops of red. I especially love that photo of you in front of that red door! What a shame about the shopping trolley! It does look lovely, though. We have a rule that if we see something we like, we need to know where we're going to put it before we buy. Doesn't always work though ;-) Besos xxx

  4. Ooh, I love a black and white look with a BAM of colour! Wonderful outfit, Monica. I know what you mean about "oh, this ordinary outfit," but it still looks very chic and I bet you are more dressed up than 90% of the people you see!

  5. Your idea of ordinary is never so my dear, as you add accessories with such flair! How clever to find the perfect backdrop for the photo shoot too x

  6. Nothing you wear could ever look ordinary, you've got far too much style!
    Love those trousers and your super cool trolley! xxx

  7. The necklaces just pop against your blouse. Accessories do make the outfit! I would like one of those shopping trolleys but I think they would be awkward to carry on and off buses, and I have no place to store it at home.