lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2019

southern holidays

I've been out for a while, visiting some friends, celebrating and having fun, and then went to our usual southern spot for a (conventional) beach holiday with my parents. But I didn't carry around my camera, because I really didn't feel like taking pics, just wanted to enjoy my friends and family. Anyway, I ask Mr.A. to took these pics with his mobile camera.
Some of the pics I took in previous visits were recapped in a post of remembrances, as we've been visiting Algarve for many years. I think it's becoming a tradition to take pics with a bouganvillea as a background (see last year's one here).
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week. Also joining #SecondHandSeptember.
I will catch up with your blogs as soon as possible.

He estado fuera un ratito, visitando unos amigos, celebrando y charlando mucho, y luego nos fuimos a nuestro habitual lugar de vacaciones playeras, esta vez con mis padres. Pero no llevé cámara de fotos, porque no me apetecía distraerme con las fotos, sólo quería estar con la gente, los amigos y la familia. De todos modos, le pedí a Mr.A. que me sacase estas fotos con su móvil. Total: 3 fotos.
Algunas fotos que saqué en ocasiones anteriores aparecen en una recapitulación que hice de recuerdos, porque llevamos años visitando el Algarve. Creo que se está convirtiendo en una tradición el sacar fotos con una buganvilla de fondo (podéis ver las del año pasado aquí).
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible. También enlazo al #SecondHandSeptember.
Espero ponerme al día tan pronto como sea posible.

- dress, ebay, second hand (old) / vestido, de ebay, segunda mano (hace tiempo que lo tengo)
- black t-shirt, C&A (old)/ camiseta negra
- sandals, Chiruca (old) / sandalias
- shawl, retail (old) / chal, de tienda local
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar, antigüito

- cotton dress, charity shop (old) / vestido de algodón, de tienda solidaria
- leggings, La Redoute (old)

We had a picture taken in this same place previously Sept2015, I think this bouganvillea is impossible to ignore!
Nos sacamos una foto en el mismo lugar anteriormente en Sept2015, creo que esta buganvilla es imposible de ignorar.

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  1. Well you've fitted in beautifully among the pretty flowers - thanks for sharing your lovely dress. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  2. You look wonderful, gorgeous photos, am happy you had a fun time, sounds marvelous!! Happy new week to you xx

  3. The bougainvillea is so pretty and your dress matches it! I also loved your dress and tunic. Real holiday clothes...I hope you feel rested and relaxed after your time away.

  4. I'm glad to hear you've had a relaxing break. I could never be without my camera, as I'd be lost without taking photographs, which is one of my greatest pleasure. But I do see the appeal of just enjoying the company of friends and family. It's a good thing Mr. A. had his mobile camera, though, as the photo of you posing in front of that magnificent bougainvillea is just fabulous! Besos xxx

  5. That is a massive bougainvillea! Lovely to take a holiday and not have a camera. Like Ann, I can't imagine not taking a million pictures, but it would definitely feel like more of a vacation, then! Enjoy your time off!

  6. Welcome home! How lovely to see you both and your beloved bougainvillea. So glad you had a lovely break!xxx

  7. You coordinate beautifully with the gorgeous bougainvillea! I wish I could go on holiday and not take a camera, but I don't think I could do it. I think I feel that if I haven't got any photos that it didn't really happen. It certainly would make you be more in the moment and enjoying what is around you instead of trying to get that perfect shot. Glad you had a nice vacation.