martes, 3 de noviembre de 2020

matrioskas skirt & cake

We're back in a semi-lockdown for a month, so no bars nor cafés are open, and we're not allowed to travel outside our city (except in case of need). Some time ago I would feel annoyed by other people's behaviour (actually many people look really unable to stop gathering with family and friends, even if no more than six persons are allowed to gather). But I'm learning to stay away from these feelings and stay focused on my own business.
So I'm keeping my mood up, dressing up to go to work, going for some walks in the parks and I'm even planning to meet a friend at the park for a distanced chat (bringing my thermos flask and a blanket). I've always had a cynical attitude, but now I'm counting my blessings and not caring a f*ck if it sounds overly sentimental. I'm getting all maudlin these days ;DD

Estamos de vuelta a un semi-confinamiento, con los bares y cafeterías cerrados y nada de viajar fuera de la ciudad (excepto en caso justificado). En otros tiempos me hubiera enfadado al ver el comportamiento de alguna gente (la verdad es que hay muchos que parecen incapaces de dejar de reunirse con familia y amigos, por muy prohibidas que estén las reuniones de más de 6 personas). Pero ahora mismo estoy aprendiendo a ignorar estos sentimientos y centrarme en mis propios asuntos exclusivamente.
Así que procuro mantenerme animada, cada día me arreglo para ir a trabajar, doy paseos por los parques, e incluso estoy planeando reunirme con una amiga en el parque para charlar, a distancia y llevando mi propio termo (y una manta). Siempre he tenido una actitud más cínica, pero ahora me interesa más centrarme en las pequeñas alegrías y no preocuparme una m#?* si parezco sentimental. Toda buen rollito estos días ;DD
I've worn my matrioskas print skirt once more!. This time I've picked a red t-shirt (with a rock'n'roll motive) and a turquoise bolero cardi that I recently bought at Sunday street market. My sneakers are actually neon orange, but it's a hard to photograph colour. So lots of colours!
Me he puesto de nuevo esta falda con estampado de matrioskas, esta vez con una camiseta roja (con un dibujo muy rock'n'roll) y una chaquetita corta que compré en el mercadillo del domingo. Mis zapatillas son en realidad color naranja neón, pero es difícil fotografiarlo. Así que son un montón de colores.

- skirt, made of a second hand sundress / falda, hecha de un vestido de verano de segunda mano
- t-shirt, by Ramonak Workshop local business / camiseta, de Ramonak Workshop comercio local!
- cardi, second hand, Sunday street market / chaquetita del mercadillo del domingo, segunda mano
- sneakers, Reebok outlet / zapatillas
- dinosaurs mask by Nonapapallona, local business too / mascarilla de dinosaurios Nonapapallona, comercio local también.
- jacket, eBay (second hand) old / chaqueta de segunda mano, de eBay
- orange scarf, charity market (old) / pañuelo naranja, de un mercadillo solidario
- necklace, Ciclón / collar
- bag, Fine Cork (Portugal) / bolso de corcho, marca Fine Cork Portugal
Butternut squash cake:
I used this recipe (in spanish) but changed some ingredients.
-350 gr. of grated butternut squash (raw). I have an electric grater/slicer, but you can use a metal grater too.
Actually, I've made this cake using 325 to 400 gr. Just consider increasing baking time if you put a lot of butternut squash.
-125 gr. yogurt
-3 large eggs or 4 medium eggs
-100 gr. brown sugar (175 gr. if you prefer it sweet)
-80 gr. olive oil (it was 125 gr. butter in the original recipe)
-200 gr. flour: 100 gr. whole rye flour and 100 gr. wheat flour
-1 sachet of baking powder
-(freshly grated) nutmeg
-a pinch of salt
-2 spoons of ground almonds/almond flour (not an essential ingredient but it really makes a difference)

Grate the butternut squash and add the yogurt, then reserve it. Put the flour, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and almond flour in a bowl and mix everything. Use a bigger bowl to whisk eggs and sugar until well blended, then add the oil and whisk again. Add the butternut squash and yogurt and mix. Finally, incorporate the dry ingredients. Put the creamy mixture in a mould and bake it 180ºC(fan) 1/2 hour and then 175ºC 30 min or until a toothpick comes out (almost) clean. It's a juicy cake so expect some humidity.
I use a silicone mould and barely oil it, but other moulds require to be well greased.

Bizcocho de calabaza, a mi modo
(receta original de aquí, pero he modificado algo los ingredientes)
-350 gr. de calabaza cruda rallada. Puedes usar un rallador/picador eléctrico, pero también un rallador manual.
En realidad, he hecho esta receta usando desde 325gr hasta 400gr, sólo hay que aumentar el tiempo de horneado si le pones mucha calabaza.
-125 gr. yogur
-3 huevos grandes o 4 medianos
-100 gr. azúcar moreno (175 gr. si te gusta dulce)
-80 gr. aceite oliva
-200 gr. harina (100 de harina integral de centeno y 100 de harina de trigo)
-1 sobrecito de levadura
-nuez moscada recién rallada
-pizca de sal
-2 cucharadas de almendra molida (no es esencial, pero queda mejor)

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  1. I admire your ability to let things go and I'm finding it hard to focus on my own business, as ultimately it's other people's irresponsible behaviour which has brought us into another semi-lockdown and, worse, hospitals which are full of desperately sick and dying people and the virus spreading as never before. Dressing up is my ultimate mood booster, though! And your matrioskas print skirt paired with lots of colour definitely brought a huge smile on my face! What a delightful mask, by the way. And I'm loving the sound of that butternut squash cake! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Besos xxx

    1. It's impossible not to feel rage sometimes (I do, frequently!). But I'm trying my best on not letting this feeling affect me (all the time).
      Dressing up is also my mood booster, and visiting your blogs too!
      Totally recommend this récipe, easy and tasty!

  2. I love your attitude, Monica. I'm also trying just to own and mind my own business, although I do have to be the "rules police" at my job. Wearing colour and dressing up is such a big mental health thing for me.

    Your cake looks amazing!

    1. I admire your 'rules police' job, dear Sheila, so important and usually not valued enough!.
      Totally agree that dressing up makes a difference!

  3. Wise words, Monica! There's no point in wasting precious energy by obsessing about things we can't control. Let the covidiots do their thing, keep a safe distance from them and keep wearing that mask. Let's hope for some natural selection!
    Love that skirt, such a cheerful look for this time of year, the trainers are a fab colour regardless.
    That butternut squash cake looks incredible, i wish i could join you for a slice! xxx

    1. Love to read your comment!. Some people's behaviour is a total nonsense, but it's not my business to educate them. My advice would not be welcomed anyway!. Let them do their thing, as you said, and keep yourself safe!.
      Glad that you like my skirt and trainers!, not the most glamourous shoes, but at least they're colourful!.
      I'd love to invite you home and indulge ourselves with cake!

  4. Love your attitude!

    I love this outfit. The new red t shirt is very rock and roll and I love the turquoise cardigan - what a fab pattern. The skirt is lovely; I do love Russian Nesting dolls and have quite a collection but not on a skirt like you!

    I usually make soup with my butternut squash but the cake looks yummy so I may give it a try - thank you!

    Take care

    1. I also love Russian Nesting Dolls, they're so cute!. Glad you like my outfit and also glad that my récipes could inspire you!

  5. I am having a hard time being as generous as you with the actions of others, but you are setting a good example. I never thought to use squash in a cake. I have several at the moment, so perhaps that will be on the menu next week when I get out of isolation (so far, good!)

    1. I totally understand that it's hard to keep a 'generous' attitude, particularly because it's not in my nature. But I'm working on this.
      It's squash season here, so I'm putting them in creams and casseroles too. Lots of orange food!

  6. Your cake sounds quite delicious! I find myself feeling quite angry whenever I go out because there are always people getting on public transit with no masks. When I do go into my office one day a week, I am also "mask police" for the students who use the public spaces in our building to study. They are becoming very lax about mask wearing so I have to keep reminding them, which is tiresome. It's not like any of us enjoy wearing them, but cases are on the rise here too.