martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

why I've stopped dying my hair

I've stopped dying my hair for the moment (didn't do it since June!), as it's a waste of time (and money) to do it in the summer, when my hair color fades quickly due to sun and chlorine (and sea water, if I'm lucky enough!). I'm used to go to the swimming pool several times a week, so taking care of my (colored) hair seems like too much effort. There's still a touch of reddish color on my bangs, but it will not last forever!. I'm thinking about quitting dying my hair, even if I would miss my red fringe. I'll decide on this in October!
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He dejado de teñirme el pelo por el momento (desde Junio ya!), ya que me parece una pérdida de tiempo (y de dinero) hacerlo en verano, cuando el color se degrada rápidamente por culpa del sol, del cloro (y del mar si tengo suerte). Suelo ir a la piscina varias veces por semana, así que estar teniendo cuidado del pelo me parece demasiado esfuerzo. Aún tengo un toque rojizo en el flequillo, pero ya no me durará mucho más. Creo que voy a plantearme abandonar el tinte, incluso aunque eche de menos mi flequillo rojo. Ya lo decidiré en Octubre.
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Not my usual back alley to take pictures, but another & more cool alley, which is in the older part of the city and it contains some taverns/bars (they could not look very promising, but they're nice places!)

Este no es mi callejón de siempre, es otro más chulo que está en la parte más antigua de la ciudad, y hay varias tabernas, que, aunque no parezcan muy prometedoras, están bastante bien.

- pants, C&A (old) / pantalón
- old t-shirt, dyed by me / vieja camiseta, teñida en casa
- sandals, Inter-Bios (old) / sandalias
- 70's bag, from my mom's wardrobe / bolso setentero, del armario de mi madre
- plastic necklace (old) / collar de plástico

Some pics I took at home, because my usual photographer (aka Mr.A.) was away for work. This recently painted wall of my 'studio' served as the background!. Yes, I painted it. So proud.

Unas fotos que tuve que tomar en casa, porque mi habitual ayudante (Mr.A.) estaba fuera. Como fondo, la pared recién pintada de mi 'estudio' (cuarto de trastos más bien). Sí, la pinté yo. Y bien orgullosa que estoy.

- custom made tunic (old) / túnica hecha a medida
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- sandals, Clarks (old) / sandalias
- sharong as a scarf / pareo a modo de pañuelo
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar
- bracelets, Dayaday and flea markets / pulseras de Dayaday y mercadillos

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  1. I love that custom made tunic, it's so colourful and happy! You did a great job with the self photos!!
    I experimented and didn't dye my hair for a couple of months, curious to see what colour it was but it's still blonde (not grey) and it's just not me. Back to the dye! xxx

  2. I'm thinking of doing the same !
    Dying my hair is tedious and the root show up so quickly when it's short.
    This is great inspiration.
    Please link this post to my new link up...I would love that!
    Loads of women are probably thinking the same about their hair.
    Fake Fabulous | Fake it until you make it! Style Tips & Fun with Fashion, over 40

  3. That tunic is fabulous and very cheerful, especially agains the turquoise wall. Well done on both the painting job and the photos. I would be lost without my usual photographer ;-) Colouring your hair can be quite a chore, but I hate my own hair colour, especially now that it's sprinkled with grey. Since about a year, I'm having it coloured by my hairdresser. In fact I'm due for a colour tomorrow. While I'm waiting for the colour to develop, I'm catching up with my blog reading on my phone, using my hairdresser's free wifi! xxx

  4. You're refreshed studio looks fantastic, Señora. And I love that bright tunic too. Thanks so much for linking up, XO


  5. Excellent blizzard of colours and pattern. The tunic is a real piece.
    Yes, hair colouring can be tiring and expensive and sometimes disappointing. I hope you enjoy your natural hair. It looks good. I'm happy to see your alley - it's so clean! Not at all like the ones here, unless a movie crew has just steam-cleaned it, which happens sometimes. Sigh.
    And great job on the wall! The colour is wonderful.

  6. I found your wonderful blog after seeing you on Samantha's blog. A truly joyful discovery! I've been enjoying your outfits so much, for months now, that I had to let you know. Your artistic, beautiful and inspirational ensembles are a joy to behold. You always look so fabulous, down to the last detail. I am now officially addicted. Thank goodness I stopped working years ago so I have the time to enjoy ladies like you. Love the colorful tunic in this post. Greetings from New Jersey. Kathleen P.S. I think your hair looks lovely in your natural color.

    1. welcome and thanks for your lovely comment!
      So nice to meet you!

  7. I love the colorful tunic and scarf, and your freshly painted wall is beautiful!! I sincerely wish you luck with your new decision, and I fully support natural hair. I know that some day I will go my natural color, but I am not ready yet. I tried to go without coloring for a few months last Summer, and tried again this Spring/Summer. I colored my hair brown a few months ago (closer to my natural darkish blond) instead of red. But like Vix, I don't feel it is totally me. :( I'm just a redhead (was born that way, but then the color changed to blond and then dark blond). I've noticed that I even started wearing hats more often, to make my head/face look more interesting, hehe! :) So I am back to copper red for now. But some day, I also want to grow my natural color. Maybe when I am gray?

    You look awesome both ways! And so proud of you going to a pool a few times a week! I try to go more regularly lately, love swimming. Lots of love!

  8. Love your blog, love your tunic ( is there a pattern) and hve found not colouring my hair liberating.

  9. I'll keep dying my hair dark red (I think it's red velvet) because it annoys people. But I'm too lazy to do it every month. It's wide headband time right now. And, yes, the roots are grayish.

  10. I love the blue colour you chose to paint your walls!

    I'm also drooling over that big colourful necklace.

    I totally understand about the whole hair colouring issue. I was a blond for 98% of my life and only went red in the last 6 years or so. It is my main maintenance now. I'm in there every 4 weeks. It takes up time and money for sure. I've become very attached to my red hair now though. It'll be hard when I have to go back to blond. Maybe by then it'll be white. My family doesn't turn grey, it's all platinum.