martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

khaki & neutrals

So-called neutral colors are not my first choice, nor my favorite ones. I dislike beige or brown, and earthy tones are not my cup of tea. However I like khaki and some other shades of green, because of their versatility to mix with red, orange or purple. That's my kind of neutral color, a color which enhances a bold color!. So when my mom gave me this bag as a present for my birthday, I liked its shape and size, but I had to think about how to wear a so neutral color. Then, I say to myself 'let's pretend it's a khaki-bronze bag and let's play with it'. I think that it's working!
Do you play with colors this way too?

Los llamados colores neutros no son mi primera elección nunca, ni están entre mis favoritos. No me gusta el beige ni el marrón, y no me van los tonos tierra. Pero sí que me gusta el caqui y otros tonos de verde, porque son versátiles y mezclan bien con rojos, naranjas y morados. Son mi tipo de color neutro, un color que realza los colores vivos. Así que cuando mi madre me regaló este bolso por mi cumple, me gustó el tamaño y la forma, pero tuve que ponerme a pensar en cómo combinar un color tan neutro. Luego me dije: 'voy a hacer como que el color es caqui o bronce, y a jugar con ello'. Creo que es algo que funciona!
¿También jugáis con los colores de esta manera?

This is a part of the old walls and fortifications of the city (link in spanish) , which are on my way to the public library and to some cafés too!
Joining fab parties at Visible Monday and IWillWearWhatILike

Posando junto a las antiguas murallas y fortificaciones de la ciudad ((aquí más info), que quedan de camino a la biblioteca y también a los cafés!
Y acudiendo a las fabulosas fiestas de Visible Monday y de IWillWearWhatILike

- khaki pants, La Redoute (old) / pantalón caqui
- sleeveless top, Festa (old) / blusa sin mangas
- floral linen dress, thrifted / vestido floral de lino, de segunda mano
- sandals, Hush Puppies (old) / sandalias

8 comentarios:

  1. That's not a bad bag at all, Monica. The colour may not be your thing, but it's got an interesting texture. You styled it well, too. I love how you combined the khaki with the wine coloured top and the floral dress used as a jacket. I'm not a fan of beige myself, but I do like brown, though not on its own obviously ;-) The old walls and fortifications are an interesting setting. Is this the town where you live? Besos xxx

    1. thank you for your comment!, and yes, this is the city where I'm living nowadays, Logroño (it's well known by wine and food!)

  2. You did a great job integrating the neutral purse with some fabulous color! Looks like a completely lovely day too. xox


  3. I love a neutral purse (my own is a gold metallic snakeskin - that's totally neutral, right??) because it goes with everything - I rarely change purses so it's got to be something that goes with all my clothes. What a lovely gift - you look gorgeous!

  4. I like this mix. It's always good to expand our colour options. I like how you renamed it to allow you to play. I do that too sometimes!
    I think earthy colours would go well with your hair. xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Nothing neutral about you, Monica! Always fabulous and colourful! I'd love to join you for a beer one day. xxx

  6. I love this bag, it looks fun, and I think you played it really well - it does go with everything! The berry colors of your top and dress are fantastic on you!! But I understand that you are not a fan of neutral colors, neither am I really. We can mix them though! That fortification looks awesome, a piece of history. <3

  7. I'm the same about neutral colours most of the time. I always believe they need some added punch which you've done brilliantly here.

    You live in a very interesting place.