viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

summer & autumn

I've been inspired by fabulous Melanie (and by the overwhelming heat) to wear this dress which I own many years ago. It was damn hot when I took these pics, 37ºC (100ºF). I've been also inspired to use the garage alley to take my pics, as it's very shady (literally, no shady business out there!).
This dress has a fab print, but the background color is some kind of beige/almond which is pretty unflattering on me, it makes me look washed!, so I always pick colorful accessories to cheer up the ensemble. This time I also worn some red lipstick, big sunnies and a straw hat, to keep me cool!

Inspirada por la fabulosa Melanie (y por el inmenso calor) he llevado este vestido que tengo hace bastantes años. Hacía un calor de los demonios cuando me saqué las fotos (37ºC). También me ha inspirado para volver a sacar fotos en el callejón del garaje, que es un sitio sombrío (literalmente, nada de malos rollos!)
Este vestido tiene un estampado chulo, pero el color de fondo es una especie de beige/almendra, que me sienta bastante mal, me hace parecer (más) descolorida!, así que siempre escojo accesorios con colorido para animar un poco. Y esta vez también las gafas de sol, el rojo de labios y un sombrero de paja para guardarse del calor!

- dress, H&M (shortened) a present / vestido, del H&M (acortado) un regalo
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- sandals, Clarks (old) / sandalias
- bag, Parfois (old) / bolsito
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar, antigüito
- papier maché bracelets and a rhinestone bracelet that my mom has given to me (vintage?) / pulseras de papel maché y una pulsera de cristalitos que me ha dado mi madre (vintage?)

Weather has changed dramatically this week, from 37ºC to 22ºC, so some layering was needed once more. I picked my orange trench, but it was windy and some other warm jacket would be better. Anyway, I worn this necklace that Mr.A. bought me for my birthday!, a fabulous present!

Esta semana hemos tenido un cambio de tiempo brutal, de 37ºC a 22ºC, así que me hizo falta añadir alguna capa más de ropa. Elegí esta gabardina naranja, pero hacía viento y hubiera sido mejor otra chaqueta más abrigada. De todos modos, lo que mola es el collar que me compró Mr.A. por mi cumpleaños, regalazo!

4 comentarios:

  1. I love the butterfly sleeves on the first dress, which I don't think makes you washed out. The necklace you paired it with is fabulous, and your bracelets too, of course. The outfit looks cool enough to withstand 37°C. Oh my, I'm breaking out in a sweat even thinking of such a high temperature ... The orange trench is a great colour and I love the top you are wearing underneath. The necklace is a great piece, Mr. A. obviously has great taste! Besos xxx

  2. With all the other colours in the print of the blouse, I didn't even notice that the background was beige, which I can wear either as I would look like a bowl of oatmeal. I don't know what I would wear in 37 degree temperatures, fortunately it doesn't get that hot very often here, although we have had a few days of 35. I love your comic strip print tunic top.

  3. Oh for temperatures of 37 degrees, if only for a day or so. We're enjoying the same weather as we'd get in December today, 15 degrees, damp and breezy!
    I love the sleeves on the first tunic and the insane print on the other. As always, accesorised with true fabulousness! xxx

  4. me encanta el colorido del primer look!
    un besito,