viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

op art & fun

Last night I went to a fantastic event at the Würth Museum with some friends, it was an open night with music, food trucks and a special exhibition of op art and kinetic art, which we loved!. All the pictures were taken by my friend Marian,(and they were taken before we had any drink, believe it or not!)
I'm not a huge fan of this kind of posh events, but we had fun and enjoyed some 30's art pieces, really interesting!. The music was not my cup of tea, nor my friend's. We hope that the music would be better next time!

La pasada noche me fuí al Museo Wurth con unas amigas, para ver la noche abierta con música, furgonetillas gastronómicas y una exposición muy chula de op art y arte cinético, que nos encantó. Las fotos las sacó mi amiga Marian (y eso fue antes de que bebiésemos nada, lo creáis o no!)
Este tipo de eventos me parecen a veces un poco pretenciosos, pero lo pasamos bien y disfrutamos de algunas obras de arte de los años 30, y cosas muy interesantes. La música no nos gustó mucho, espero que la próxima vez sea mejor.

4 comentarios:

  1. Seems like you had a lot of fun! I love that amazing orange tunic/dress you're wearing, offset by that amazing work of art. It's a pity the music was not to your taste ... Have a lovely weekend! Besos xxx

  2. Marian took some great photos, I love your red dress!
    Music is such a mood changer, isn't it? We have to put up with some dreadful music at vintage fairs! xxx

  3. I adore events like this where art is included.

    Your outfit is fun, especially next to the art.

    Too bad the music wasn't great.


  4. Art-related events are really the only things I will go to anymore. The art looks cool, as is your lovely red tunic.