martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

mixing prints & office

This is what I worn to go to work on Friday, when it was really hot (37ºC/100ºF) , but a shirt/jacket was required due to the air conditioning. Dressing up to go to the office could be tricky when temperatures rise!. I'm a huge fan of comfort, so light fabrics and pyjama-like pants are some of my favorites. I even shortened this pants, to make them more summery, and it's shocking how this little change has made them more cooling. When layering clothes are not suitable, I like to add layers of accessories: necklaces and pendants, bangles, big earrings!. These earrings were a present by Mr.A. twenty four years ago, so they've become vintage!.
I know that my office attire could not be considered 'appropriate', but there's nothing like a dress code in my environment, and most of the people dress in a very relaxed style, clamdiggers or shorts and sandals, 'weather appropriate'!!. I'm glad that I could wear whatever I like!

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Esto es lo que me puse para ir a trabajar el viernes, cuando hacía mucho calor (37ºC), aunque, como podéis ver, también llevaba esta camisa/chaqueta por el aire acondicionado. Vestirse para ir a la oficina puede resultar complicado cuando la temperatura sube. Siempre prefiero el confort, así que las telas ligeras y los pantalones pijama son de mis favoritos. Y además, acorté estos pantalones, para hacerlos más veraniegos, y es sorprendente cómo quitándoles ese poco de tela ya resultan más frescos.
Cuando las superposiciones de ropa no convienen, me gusta añadir capas de accesorios: collares y colgantes, pulseras, pendientes grandes!. Estos pendientes me los regaló Mr.A. hace unos veinticuatro años, así que ya son vintage!
Ya sé que lo que llevo puede que no sea lo que considera apropiado para la oficina, pero no hay nada ni parecido a normas de vestuario en mis alrededores, y la mayoría de la gente se viste muy relajadamente, en pantalón corto o bermudas y sandalias, más bien 'apropiado al clima'. Me alegra poder llevar lo que me guste!
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- gauze shirt, retail (old) / camisa de gasa
- pants, clearance sale / pantalón, de liquidación
- sandals, Clarks (old) / sandalias
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar
- silver and stone pendant, old / antiguo colgante de plata y piedra
- bracelets, Sfera, charities / pulseras, de Sfera y mercadillos
- earrings, a present by Mr.A. / pendientes, un regalo de Mr.A.

Same pants before been shortened in May2017
Los pantalones antes de acortarlos, en May2017

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  1. Isn't it great not to have a dress code at work? I don't have one either, and I think it's wonderful to be able to wear what you like, and what you feel comfortable in. Imagine having to wear a suit on such a hot day. I actually prefer the shorter version of the trousers. I love how you piled on layers of accessories, and your "vintage" earrings are absolutely divine! Besos xxx

  2. Pretty and charming outfit, as usual. I love red, white and blue, and the print-matching is so nicely done. Love how the vertical design in the center of the top echoes the vertical "stripe" of the pants. Your jewelry is beautiful, as always, and accents the outfit perfectly, even prickly up the subtle green in the pants. The red cardigan is the perfect topper, and really changes the look of the outfit from "casual pretty" to "smart pretty". And a red shoe is always good.

  3. You're look so cool in this despite the 37!!! weather. And your idea of layering accessories instead of clothes is excellent. I'd never thought of it that way. Too bad office buildings can't seem to get the "just right" temperature. Anyway, I love your outfits here. It's weird when our stuff becomes vintage behind our backs. Hahaha!

  4. That is quite warm. We often get that kind of weather here in the summer and I don't care for it one bit.

    I adore all of your accessories.

    I hate it when they turn the AC so high that it is cold inside.


  5. You've got it all! Rich contrasting hues, pattern mixing and layers of gorgeous accessories! That's a winner combination! I really like this green/blue/black necklace, and your vintage earrings looks awesomely whimsical! And you look amazing in red! <3

  6. I'd love to work in the same office as you, you must brighten everyone's day! I love your Indian print blouse, I want to steal it and how fab to have had Mr A's earrings so long that they've become vintage - he's got great taste! xxx

  7. This would be a very dressy outfit in my office - I think you look smashing (that's a good thing)! I like the pants at the shorter length.

  8. You look glorious! The whole outfit is lovely, and each detail perfect.