martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

travels and fun

As you can see I'm not in my usual environment!. We've been travelling last days, visiting Brussels, and then to Brugge and Ghent and walking a lot.

Como podéis ver, estoy fuera de mi entorno habitual! Hemos estado de viaje los últimos días, visitando Bruselas, y luego Brujas y Gante y viendo un montón de cosas!

9 comentarios:

  1. Seeing your style in these magnificent settings is a real treat. Happy travels!

  2. Wow! That second shot is stunning. Enjoy your travels!

  3. What a stunning arcade! Have a fabulous trip! xxx

  4. Nada como viajar y qué bonito todo.
    Mil besos siempre

  5. You look like you're enjoying your travels - I love the TinTin characters in their orange robot space suits!

  6. I see you are in a good company there! ;) Enjoy yourself! The architecture is stunning! xxxx

  7. Fantastic places you're visiting - but quite adventurous going North at this time of year! Hope you don't get too cold :-)

    P.S. Do try the Belgian beer!



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