viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015

blooming & coat

Do you remember last week's sudden summer?. We've had a sudden autumn last days, going down from 90º to 62ºF in one day. Spring is being really unpredictable, and I'm wearing a coat once more. You know I like layering, but not the bulky version, so I prefer to wear a coat over ligth clothes, instead of wearing cotton and knit pieces over top of one another, until you feel immobilized. This is not my idea of comfort!
I've get my hair cut and done, and I'm trying to make it last for some days. Then I would do my hair in usual (lack of) style, just shacking my head. My one attempt to create a hairstyle is when using some hair gel!

Supongo que recordáis que de repente llegó el verano la semana pasada. bueno, pues ahora ha llegado el otoño, y la temperatura cayó de 33ºC a 17ºC en un solo día. La primavera está siendo de verdad impredecible, y me he puesto otra vez el abrigo. Ya sabéis que me gustan las superposiciones, pero no en la versión abultada, así que prefiero llevar un abrigo sobre ropa ligera, en vez de mil capas de algodón y punto una sobre otra hasta quedarte inmovilizada!. Esa no es mi idea de la comodidad!
He ido a la peluquería y estoy intentando que me dure por lo menos unos días. Luego ya volveré a (no) peinarme como siempre, sacudiendo la cabeza. Mi único intento de hacerme un peinado es echarme gomina!

- pants, Los Telares / pantalón
- crochet cardi, 4x4 / chaqueta ganchillo
- shirt, Punto Roma (old) / camisa
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas
- socks, Calzedonia kids / calcetines
- very old coat, El Corte Inglés / abrigo antigüito

6 comentarios:

  1. las capas son la solución perfecta para el tiempo loco.
    Te quedan tannnnnnnnnnnnn bien
    Mil besos, amiga mía

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous - but it always does! I soo need a haircut too. Love your blooming pants, and how you combined aqua blue with purple tones - your red hair is a perfect accent for this combo! xxx

  3. I love your hair here. Nothing that a little product can't do. Heh.
    And I like your layering concept, heavy-ish over light.
    You are so gorgeous in your colours. I hope it goes back to spring/summer for you soon!

  4. I think we're sharing weather - it's so cold here, too.
    Yes, layering is no fun when their bulky winter clothes and not cool summer ones. but you've done a great job. You look funky, colourful and fab and your hair always looks good! x

  5. Oh I know - so hard to know what to wear at the moment!
    Looking lovely in those fab floral pants, such gorgeous colours. xxx

  6. Although it's depressing, at least your coat is gorgeous! I know all too well how it feels to wear layer upon layer, but you do it so well! This post is like a master class in adding layers :-) I'm going to try more long cardigan, maybe something crochet like yours.