jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

black & white week

Spring is not my favorite season, but every year I try to get over my asthenia and have fun with whatever the season offers to me. I like long walks through the city parks, watching some blooming trees and amazing flowers, and pollen floating around you like a snowfall (that's not funny at all!). And I like to wear lighter layers, as weather is becoming warm.
I'm wearing a lot of black and white this week, all around my striped coat, and my bicolor maryjanes. Actually, I'm just resorting to a favorite combo, a real workhorse, as it's difficult to dress up when weather is f*ck*n' unpredictable!

La primavera no es mi época favorita del año, pero cada vez que llega intento sobreponerme a la astenia y divertirme con lo que la estación me ofrezca. Me gustan los paseos por los parques de la ciudad, observando los árboles florecidos y un montón de plantas y flores, y el polen flotándote alrededor como una nevada (bueno, esto no es tan divertido). Y me gusta que cada vez nos vestimos con ropa más ligera, según el tiempo va templando.
Esta semana me estoy poniendo mucho blanco&negro, todo alrededor de este abrigo de rayas y mis zapatos bicolores. En realidad, estoy recurriendo a una combinación que me encanta, y que me da resultado, porque es difícil vestirse cuando el tiempo está tan impredecible.

- shirt and necklace, presents by lovely Sacramento / camisa y collar, regalo de Sacramento
- pants, very old / pantalón, antigüito
- kinda cardi, La Redoute (old) / especie de chaqueta
- coat, from a friend's lumber room (90's?) / abrigo, del trastero de una amiga (de los 90?)
- sarong as a shawl / pareo a modo de chal
- maryjanes, Tuk / merceditas
- belt, Locaderremate / cinturón, de Locaderremate
- bracelets, Sfera (old) / pulseras
- bag, retail / bolso, detall

8 comentarios:

  1. I don't see much black and white - I just see energy here. You are spilling colour into everything! That striped coat is a dream. I'm glad you're trying to make the best of the season. Your asthenia sounds incredibly vexing! And you are so right about the unpredictability. Do I put my warm coat away or not...? My closet is so squished.

  2. I like how Melanie said - "I see energy"... It rings true to me, very dynamic look! Love the shades of gray with orange, and pattern mix is great as always! Hope the pollen snow will melt soon! xxx

  3. I love how Melanie says she sees energy. Pinstripes can be safe and conventional and yours look anything but! xxx

  4. You look amazing, love this look, so gorgeous. Usually I love spring, but this spring has been terrible, up and down and wet. Am ready for summer, sick of rain and cold now!! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. Orange and black and white...yes please!
    Loooove your coat, and all your black and white bling.
    Hope things settle for you soon. Rest assured, you still look gorgeous! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Black and white, mixing prints, fabulous jewellery and a big splash of orange - perfect!
    Have a great weekend! xxx

  7. Black and white with orange accents is wonderful! I usually like Spring, because it often gets hot and humid here so quickly that I enjoy wearing a light jacket and not sweating. Our Spring this year was really cold, and then suddenly got very hot the last few days. Lots of Pollen floating around here too, allergies have been terrible for everyone.

  8. How lovely to see that orange with the black and white! Your shoes are so stylish, and brilliant with the orange socks :-) I apologise for being so late - I'm working too hard :-D