jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

sudden summer

These days we've had summery temperatures (even record temperatures!), and I've taken my lumber room by assault, looking for my summer clothes and sandals, which were still stored.
I bought this blouse at one of my favorite retailers, thinking it would wait some weeks to be worn properly, as weather was not hot enough. Mwahaha. It's a mixed cotton and silk gauze, and it was delightful to wear it on our quite moderate 90ºF, to go for a walk and have a beer on a terrace. You can also see how much pollen is settling near the river where there are many poplars and other trees, it looks like a light snow on the grass!

Estos días hemos tenido temperaturas de verano, incluso de récord, y he tenido que asaltar el armario donde guardo toda mi ropa de verano y las sandalias, porque todo estaba todavía guardado.
Me compré esta blusa en una de mis tiendas locales favoritas, pensando que todavía tendría que esperar semanas para poder llevarla, ya que el tiempo no estaba siendo nada caluroso. Jájá. Es una gasa mezcla de algodón y seda, y daba una sensación ligerísima, estupenda para nuestros muy moderados 33ºC, para ir a dar una vuelta y tomar una cerveza en una terraza. Podéis ver también que había un montón de polen depositándose cerca del río, donde hay chopos y otros árboles, parece como una nevada sobre la hierba!

- blouse, retail / blusa, Desmán (tienda local)
- pants, Festa? (old) / pantalón
- sandals, El Naturalista (old) / sandalias
- necklace, Sfera (old) / collar
- bag, retail (old) / bolso, tienda local

11 comentarios:

  1. El verano ha llegado por sorpresa, en Murcia hemos llegado a 40C. Me encanta la ropa de verano. Un beso.

  2. Hooray for hot weather and being able to wear that pretty blouse without having to hide it beneath a coat. You and your surroundings are gorgeous. xxx

  3. Very cute! A nice refined hippy style fabric. I think you've lost some weight? You look great!

  4. beautiful roses. I broke down and turned the A/C on last week. It's hard to sleep when the house is 86degress at 11pm! Pretty blouse

  5. We have a lot of poplar fluff here too in November/December. We have a saying at the University. "If you haven't started studying by the time the poplar fluff flies, it's too late to start now!"
    I also wrote a poem about it at : http://naturalmedley.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/beautyscope-189-springtime-spindrift.html
    You look lovely in your light blouse. xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Qué alegría tener amigas como tú, tan maravillosa y única.
    Gracias por estar ahí.
    Ya sabes que te ABRAZO

  7. The colours on your blouse are so pretty. It looks great with the cropped pants, which suit you very well. Silk and cotton sounds very nice - and it looks great with your fantastic necklace. Thank you for the close up :-) The roses are absolutely breath taking!

  8. You look so marvellous, I love this top very much. The colours and design are wonderful to look at. I will come and visit, I could do with more sunshine and warmth. It's a bit cold here, but trying at least to brighten up :) Have a wonderful weekend. Besos.

  9. What a beautiful blouse, you look as gorgeous as those fabulous roses! xxx

  10. Beautiful blouse! Cotton and silk mix must be delightful to wear. I only see polyester as an alternative at my fave retailers... will keep my eyes open!

    90 F is already too hot for me. :) I'm thankful that we rarely have such hot temps over here. Though it's fun once in a while, especially near the water. We also have poplar snow. :)