domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

black&white all the time

It has been a busy week, working, doing a massive laundry, running errands, walking, and we've got time even to go to the cinema!. I'm really making the most of my time.
Obviously, I'm not carrying my camera with me all the time, as my bag is heavy enough!. So I'm not a good blogger because I usually don't care about having my photos taken, because I'm in a hurry or having too much fun!. And sometimes I'm too lazy or light is awful or I'm wearing same old clothes!. So my last photos were taken in a coffee break and a visit to the doctor taking a short cut through a park!. Real life, once more!

He tenido una semana bastante ocupada, trabajando, poniendo un montón de lavadoras, haciendo recados, paseando, e incluso hemos tenido tiempo de ir al cine!. De verdad, le estoy sacando partido a mi tiempo!
Evidentemente, no llevo la cámara conmigo a todos lados, que ya me pesa bastante el bolso!. Así que no soy una buena blogger, porque normalmente me importa un pito sacarme fotos, porque tengo prisa o estoy pasándomelo muy bien!. Y a veces es simplemente que soy muy perezosa, o la luz es mala, o llevo una ropa ya muy vista!. Así que mis últimas fotos han tenido que tomarse en la hora del café, y en una visita al médico en que tomamos un atajo por un parque. Todo Vida Real!!

- t-shirt, Savage Culture, retail (old) / camiseta
- white jeans, La Redoute (old) / vaqueros blancos
- maryjanes, Tuk / merceditas
- striped coat, from a friend's lumber room / abrigo de rayas, del trastero de una amiga
- leopard scarf, Locaderremate (old) / pañuelo de leopardo
- leggings, ebay
- sandals, Hush Puppies (old) / sandalias
- black jacket, very old / chaqueta negra, antigüita

Sandals season is officially inaugurated, as I'm concerned!

En lo que a mí respecta, queda inaugurada la temporada de sandalias!
Update / Actualización:
Linking this week's theme at 52-Pick-Me-Up: Stripes!
Enlazando al tema de esta semana en 52-Pick-Me-Up: Stripes!

9 comentarios:

  1. I do love red, black and white, such a stylish combination.
    I'd far rather see you in your fabulous outfits, bursting with colour and personality and living a real life, than some artificial, posed photoshoot of a blog! xxx

  2. I love that you got a real life chance to snap these - again your style dazzles. Sandals! And nail polish! That's a great way to know warm weather is here at last. I love the real life shots too.

  3. I'm the same way. I get home from doing something and realize I didn't take photos. That's life! Yes, it's sandals and nail polish time!

  4. I'm the same, too busy living to take photos! Gorgeous in black and white, unique, fabulous and real! xxx

  5. Black, white and red is just such a powerful combo, and you do know how to mix them! Photos in the park are fabulous - and so are all of the photos in your blog. I admit I love both - posed and "real life" shots, if there is art, feeling in them.

    I tried on a very similar pair of sandals recently - sadly, too tight for me, though it was fab teal color. And I also made a pedicure for the first time in months. Spring! :)

  6. Estas estupenda con rojo!! Definitivamente es tu color.

  7. When I open your blog and look at you and your fabulous style I instantly smile and sigh happily and feel like I"ve just eaten a really good piece of cake. Love your green toes! It will take me another month to get outdoors in sandals. xoxo

  8. Your striped coat is a winner! And it's from a friend's lumber room? Perfect with the white jeans! Somehow your real life photos show much more vitality than those over-styled and slightly unreal fashion blog photos. They easily end up looking like a fashion magazine or the inspiration pages of a catalogue... Nothing like that here, only real life creativity and fun :-) which is so much more inspiring!