martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

blooming pants

Actually, I've not been a huge fan of prints, particularly floral prints, for most of my life. I really hated anything floral, so much as I hated pink. But style is evolution, hot pink is now another color in my palette, and these days I'm very fond of big colorful floral motives. So these summery printed pants looked so appealing to me than a shiny trinket to a raven!. I was hypnotized by the shiny turquoise and all the colors, obviously, and then, I was even more attracted by their price!. Second time I bought something new this month, amazing and very unusual!
Linking to Visible Monday ready to a fabulous party!

En realidad, no he sido muy aficionada a los estampados la mayor parte de mi vida, en especial las flores. De verdad, odiaba cualquier cosa con flores, tanto como odiaba el rosa. Pero el estilo es evolución, el rosa fuerte es ahora otro color más incluído en mis opciones, y últimamente me encantan los estampados florales grandes y coloridos. Así que estos pantalones tan veraniegos me atrajeron al momento, como una baratija brillante a un cuervo!. Quedé hipnotizada por el turquesa satinado y todos los colores, evidentemente, y todavía más cuando ví el precio!.
Y es la segunda vez que me compro algo nuevo este mes, algo sorprendente y fuera de lo normal!
Enlazando a Visible Monday lista para otra fabulosa fiesta compartiendo estilo!

- new pants, Los Telares / pantalón nuevo
- chambray shirt, retail (old) / camisa chambray
- bracelets, Dayaday (old)/ pulseras
- socks, Calzedonia Kids / calcetines
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas
- cardigan, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto

11 comentarios:

  1. Brilliant trousers! I love your whole summer look. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, xo.

  2. I've been trying to find pants like those. No luck. What I've tired on so far look like ill fitted pajama bottoms. Yikes!

  3. I'd be all over those pants too! They are awesome. I'm in love with patterned pants recently for some reason. As you said, who knows why? We just accept these things and have a party. Your choice of cardigan looks fantastic with this. Brilliantly visible.

  4. Those trousers are fantastic. I'm not a fan of teeny, ditsy florals but I adore your kind. bold, bright and tropical! xxx

  5. es fabuloso para este entretiempo loco

  6. You look wonderful, I love these trousers :)) Growing up I didn't like florals and I hated pink...I have grown at my own pace to like both now. I hope you have a marvellous day besos xx

  7. Great outfit again! The trousers are stars here, but I didn't miss the bracelets, they're gorgeous too :-) The contrasting cardigan is brilliant although I thought you wouldn't need one in Spain by now? I still have a problem with florals. Only a few of my dresses have flower pattern, and I'm always very self conscious when I wear them... It's only this minute I remember that there was a time when I hated pink - until about 10 years ago... I don't know what happened, I love it now!

    1. Dear Tine, we still have some spring months in front of us, with usual unpredictable weather, here in the north of Spain!. But we enjoy a really warm weather in La Rioja (where I live), three months of summer for sure!

  8. Pretty colours in the pants! I was never a fan of pants with prints of any kind until the last few years when I've found a few pairs of summer pants in bold patterns. I'm still not that fond of florals, but I bought a pencil skirt with a flower print and a floral print jumpsuit when I was in Portland, so I'm trying.

  9. It's no secret that I adore floral prints, all colours, all sizes! So of course I love your turquoise floral trousers, what a great print. xxx