lunes, 1 de marzo de 2021

winter is for colours

In my book, black is just another colour (only deeper) and it's a colour that I still have a weakness for. Same for dark florals or any print on a black background. Actually, I wear a lot of black and a lot of other strong colours, as I think they are not mutually exclusive and I like to wear all of them the whole year long!. I'm not going to wear any dull colour that I dislike only because it's winter. Winter is for colours!.
I've worn trousers this week and a puffy jacket which has been really sensible for our chilly mornings (5ºC / 41ºF). Obviously, I'm still wearing tights under these summery trousers. But I've ventured to go out 'barelegged' on Thursday evening, as it was sunny and I went for a brisk walk. Probably there are some storms to come, but I'm making the most of every sunny day!

En mi opinión, el negro es un color más, uno muy intenso, y además es un color que aún es de mis favoritos. Incluyendo los estampados sobre un fondo negro. En realidad, llevo un montón de color negro y un montón de otros colores fuertes, porque creo que no son mutuamente excluyentes y porque me gustan siempre, verano o invierno. No me voy a poner colores lacios y aburridos sólo porque sea invierno, el invierno también es para llevar color.
Me he puesto algunos pantalones esta semana, con esta chaqueta acolchada que ha resultado muy útil en las mañanas fresquitas (5ºC). Claro está que sigo poniéndome medias debajo, pero algún día ya me he atrevido a llevar las piernas al aire, como el Jueves pasado, que hacía sol y salí a caminar, así que me pareció buena idea. Puede que aún quede invierno por delante, pero hay que sacarle partido a los días buenos.
- trousers, self sewed, some time ago / pantalón, costura casera, hace tiempo.
- blouse, second hand, Sunday street market (old) / blusa, del mercadillo del domingo
- cardigan, La Redoute / chaquetita
- puffy jacket, retail (years ago) / chaqueta acolchada, de hace años
- sneakers, Adidas outlet / zapatillas
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- scarf, retail (old) / bufanda
- trousers, 4x4 (old) / pantalón
- pullover/t-shirt, second hand, Sunday street market / camiseta punto fino, segunda mano, del mercadillo
- necklace, charity market / collar, de un mercadillo solidario
- boots, treksta outlet (old) / botas
- mask and bag, by Nonapapallona / mascarilla y bolso, de Nonapapallona

Hope you're keeping yourselves safe and as fabulous as possible!

Espero que sigáis todo lo estupendamente que se pueda.

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  1. Looking back at my Wear:Sleep:Repeat challenge I'm surprised by the amount of black I'm wearing lately, I think it's because my hair is no longer black. I love how a little adds depth, drama and an edge to outfits and makes brighter clothes more seasonally appropriate.
    I always love those jungle pants and African-looking trousers on you, such a riot of colour.
    That blossom is lovely, Spring is a-coming! xxx

    1. You make black colour rock!, and totally agree that it adds some depth and drama which is something I love!
      Lots of colour to keep my mood high!

  2. Lovely colourful trousers and tops. I like black too, it is a dramatic colour and I love it paired with other vibrant colours or even just with white as I know you do, too!

    We had some very warm days too but I wasn't brave enough to go bare legged though!

    I know you will stay fabulous whatever the weather...

    1. Great Minds, dear Veronica!, we love the drama of black paired with vibrant colours! and black&white is a fabulous colour combo!
      Usually I go barelegged or wear my sandals too early (every year!)
      Thank you!

  3. wonderful colours! looking at your photos makes me happy!
    as much as i love wearing colours and see others in colourful attire - i´m a fan of black too. in my teens and tweens i wore it a lot. around 2000 i made a point of not wearing black, not buying black - not even in shoes. this lastet until lately - found me some cool black pieces and 2 years ago i sewed myself a "little black dress"......... even bought some black ballerina shoes :-D
    so black is back!

    1. I think I wore too much black colour back in my teens and tweens too, head to toe black!. Then I changed my mind and embraced a more colourful palette, but still love black and wear it more frequently lately. I'm amazed that we've shared this kind of 'evolution'!.
      A little black dress!, looking forward to see it!

    2. LBD is here:

    3. It's a lovely dress, and you styled it so glamourously!. Gorgeous!

  4. I used to wear a lot of black, and even if I hardly ever wear solid black anymore, I do have quite the collection of black floral garments! I'm loving both pairs of trousers, and how you're winterizing them by wearing tights underneath. And I totally agree with you that Winter is for colours! Your pinks, greens and purples are perfect worn with black. Oh, and looks at those blossoming trees! Spring is definitely on its way! Besos xxx

    1. mwahaha, as I commented previously, it's amazing that we share this kind of evolution, from wearing a lot of black to embracing a colourful style!. And I also love black florals and admire your collection!
      Spring is on its way!

  5. I love your colorful, happy outfits!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Michelle!
      You're welcome!