miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2021

Midwinter Bloom

I've been in a lazy blogger mood last weeks, but I've kept myself busy sewing and revamping some clothes. I'm giving my wardrobe a merciless overhaul, as I've realised that some of my winter clothes, particularly dresses, have not been worn for years and look a little tired and dated. Some of them are made of heavyweight thick fabrics, only suitable for Real Winter Weather. As this kind of weather has become increasingly rare through the last years, these clothes have not been worn. But I think that keeping some 'extreme weather' clothes can be a sensible option. I also keep some specially selected items only for heatwaves, and my 'beach capsule'.
But some other clothes are not that special, they're just plain winter clothes. These are been given an overhaul, as plainness is not a quality I appreciate anymore. Fortunately, charities and street markets are open since Monday, which means that fresh opportunities to upgrade my winter wardrobe are now provided (at a safe distance!). Probably I'll ignore these good intentions and gravitate towards viscose dresses and summery prints, but I'm happy with this!.

He estado muy perezosa con el blog en las últimas semanas, pero me he mantenido ocupada cosiendo y reformando ropa. Estoy haciendo una revisión sin piedad de mi armario, porque me he dado cuenta de que hay mucha ropa de invierno, sobre todo vestidos, que no he llevado desde hace años y me parecen algo desgastados y pasados de moda. Puede que muchos sean de tejidos muy abrigados, sólo para un clima de Auténtico Invierno, que se está volviendo tan raro estos años, así que es normal que me los ponga poco. Pero quiero conservar algo de ropa para 'condiciones extremas', me parece prudente, igual que tengo unas cuantas prendas sólo para olas de calor o sólo para ir a la playa.
Pero también hay ropa de invierno que es totalmente normal. Y es aquí donde estoy haciendo mi revisión, porque normal no es una cualidad que aprecie en absoluto. Afortunadamente, las tiendas solidarias y mercadillos han abierto, así que hay oportunidades de adquirir mejores piezas (siempre manteniendo las medidas de seguridad!). Aunque casi seguro que ignoro estas buenas intenciones y me lanzo a por los vestidos de viscosa y estampados veraniegos, que me hacen feliz!.
- puffy jacket, retail (some years ago) / chaqueta acolchada, tienda local
- trousers, festa (old) / pantalón
- teal shirt, PuntRoma (old) / camisa azulada
- pullover, La Redoute (old) / jersey punto
- sneakers, Reebok outlet / zapatillas
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- scarf, retail (old) / pañuelo
- mask, Nonapapallona / mascarilla
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, de un mercadillo solidario
This is something we had for dinner, some sautéed vegetables (with codfish). This is a 'free version' of a traditional spanish dish, pisto, similar to ratatouille. This dish can be complicated by cooking every ingredient separately but most people prefer the 'easy' way and cook everything in a pan, but add the ingredients in the right order. Obviously, it's not exactly the same, but good enough for an everyday dinner.

Esta fue una cena sencilla, un pisto pero sin huevo y con bacalao, una versión libre!. Tradicionalmente cada ingrediente se cocinaría por separado, pero mucha gente toma el camino fácil y lo hace todo en una sartén, sólo teniendo cuidado de ir añadiendo cada cosa en su momento. No es exactamente lo mismo, pero facilita la vida y sale un plato bien bueno para cenar.

I sewed this tunic some time ago May2017 and I've worn it with this same necklace a lot of times, I can resist matchiness!

Esta túnica la cosí hace algún tiempo May2017 y la he llevado con este mismo collar un montón de veces. No puedo resistirme cuando conjuntan tan bien.
Hope you're keeping yourselves as safe and fabulous as possible.

¡Espero que sigáis lo mejor posible!

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  1. What fabulous floral trousers! Your purple and blue tunic is lovely as well. I always enjoy seeing your coo king as that looks like something we'd enjoy as well.
    Here's hoping spring arrives and stays without anymore terrible snow.
    Stay well.

    1. Glad you enjoy seeing my cooking, I'm a food lover!
      Hope spring arrives and stays with you!. The weather is unseasonably warm here. So we'll have some snow next month, because this is what happens in spring!

  2. trees already flowering down south!!
    and trousers too ;-D love this tropical print.
    everytime i try "plain" or the so called "basics" i end up donating or upcycling them.... life is to short for boring clothes. even my "outdoor" aka hiking/ski attire has to be fabulous!
    the pan looks delicious - i´m always cook in one pot/pan if possible - safes a lot of time, energy and dishwashing - but timing is key, thats right.

    1. mwhaha, lovely that you like my tropical trousers!, blooming madly!
      totally agree about 'basics', everytime I try them, they bore me to death. Love your outdoor attire actually, keeping it fabulous with lots of attitude!
      And I'm also a huge fan of the 'all in one pan' recipes!.

  3. Those fabulous trousers are completing with that glorious blossom!
    I love the sound of your wardrobe overhaul and to do it properly it's much better to concentrate all your efforts on that and not be distracted by the internet!
    I wish i could come over and join you for dinner, it looks amazing. xxx

    1. I'm becoming very conscious of the arriving of spring this year. Enjoying it actually, even if not my favourite season!
      My overhaul is taking me some time and lots of concentration and honesty. It's a great exercise!.
      I'd love to invite you and Jon for dinner at my home!.

  4. We all need a wardrobe overhaul from time to time, although curating my clothes is not something I'm very good at. I'm always thinking what if, or doesn't this deserve a second chance? In other words, I am completely hopeless :-)
    Earlier this month I was so glad I'd kept the warm Winter clothes I hadn't needed for years, and the same happened with my heatwave clothes last Summer! So glad to hear your street markets and charities have re-opened!
    Love the floral trousers and the matchy-matchy-ness of your tunic and necklace.
    Your codfish dish looks delicious and it's heartwarming to see those blossoming trees! Besos xxx

    1. This time I'm determined to be merciless!, no regrets and no guilt!. As I've told, it's taking me time and effort!
      I'm over the moon because of the street market opening. I'm keeping myself away from terraces, and still not going out the city, but Sunday street market is a favourite event I can't miss!
      Happy to share some blossoming trees!

  5. Oh, look at all those lovely blossoms! That makes me feel so happy. :)

    I last gave my wardrobe a real overhaul about 5 years ago - it wasn't reflecting who I was and how I wanted to present myself. I'm much fussier now about what I buy and keep. If I'm not wearing it, and it's not really special, I'd rather downgrade it to house-clothes or give it away.

    I love these bright trousers on you, and if I had a necklace/top combination that good, I'd wear it all the time too!

    Happy weekend, Monica!

    1. I'm also becoming more fussy about what I buy. Some of my clothes were fast fashion purchases and they're coming to an end, with no replacements on sight. Nowadays, I'm more focused on quality, and buying only second hand. I've learnt a lot from you, fellow bloggers!
      Glad you like my trousers and favourite combo!

  6. Wow - I love the purple and blue matchiness! Fabulous! You are very wise to keep some clothes for a really cold winter with global warming who knows what we'll face in the future. I do love your floral trousers- they are so cheerful and I'm so looking forward to wearing mine again as the weather warms up. The food looks delicious...

    Hope you enjoy a browse at your street markets and charities soon.

    1. Glad you love the purple and blue, one of my favourite colour combos!.
      My winter clothes were not frequently worn last years, but who knows!. The climate is becoming unpredictable!.
      I'm enthusiastic about the Sunday street market opening!