viernes, 5 de marzo de 2021

kinda athleisure

My sport gear is not really different from usual outfits. Actually, I wear trainers/sneakers almost everyday because of my orthotics and fussy feet. I've always worn comfy shoes or boots, but I've got used to sneakers really quickly and enthusiastically bought some pairs in different colours (my feet are happy with them!). And I think that a pair of comfy shoes is all you need for a good walk through urban paths or easy hiking trails. Some comfy clothes are also welcome. But I don't need a professional equipment nor looking like going to hike the Himalayas. I'm just walking on an urban path!
Mi ropa para actividades deportivas es prácticamente igual que mi ropa diaria. En realidad, llevo zapatillas deportivas casi a diario, por causa de mis plantillas ortopédicas y problemas varios. Siempre he sido partidaria del calzado cómodo, pero me he acostumbrado a las zapatillas rápidamente y enseguida me he entusiasmado comprándolas en varios colores (y mis pies están contentos!). Creo que lo único que necesitas para salir a caminar por parques urbanos o senderos fáciles es calzado cómodo. También viene bien ropa cómoda. Pero no necesito un atuendo profesional ni llevar equipamiento como para subir al Himalaya, cuando voy simplemente por un paseo en la ciudad.
- massive flower skirt, second hand, Sunday street market / falda de la flor enorme, de segunda mano del mercadillo
- yellow cardi, eBay (old) / chaquetita amarilla
- teal fleece jacket, CandA (old) / chaqueta polar, del CandA
- orange sarong as a scarf / pareo naranja a modo de pañuelo
- sneakers, Reebok outlet / zapatillas
- bag, a present (old) / bolsito, un regalo

Some flowers outside my office, bringing some joy!

Las flores que ponen a la entrada de mi oficina, un toque de alegría.

I've tried a chicken shawarma recipe by Nigella and loved it, particularly because (for the first time in my life) I had all the ingredients on hand in my kitchen cupboards. Isn't it incredible?
I roasted some chicken in bulk to have leftovers to use through the whole week, and Mr.A. agreed that it's a delicious dish that can be served with assorted veggies, sauces and side dishes (not only over some pita bread). We had it for dinner with some french beans and a yogourth and tahine sauce. You can see we had some strawberries for dessert too.
I had never cooked a Middle Eastern recipe at home, but it feels quite similar to some traditional spanish recipes (lots of garlic and spices, so it's not everybody's cup of tea!).

He probado una receta de pollo shawarma (aquí) y nos ha gustado mucho, sobre todo porque (por primera vez en mi vida) tenía todos los ingredientes a mano en el armario de la cocina. Algo increíble. Hice una buena cantidad en el horno, para que quedasen sobras con las que cocinar variantes durante la semana y hemos descubierto que va bien con verduras variadas, salsas y acompañamientos, no sólo con el pan de pita. Esta vez el pollo va servido con judías verdes y una salsa de yogur y tahine. Y había fresas de postre!.
Nunca había intentado una receta de oriente medio en casa (me gusta mucho su cocina), pero utiliza algunos ingredientes familiares a la cocina española. No es para todos los gustos, lleva ajo y especias en cantidad!.
Hope you keep yourselves safe and as fabulous as possible.
Por favor, seguid sanos y todo lo estupendamente que podáis.

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  1. love your walking the city outfit!!!
    especially the massive flower skirt!
    the worst i´ve ever seen was a (german!) tourist couple - in heavy hiking boots, khaki shorts and utility polyester shirts - doing sightseeing IN VENICE!!
    the chicken shawarma looks and sounds delicious - love middle eastern food, back in berlin we did eat it regularly from little street kitchens. will try it myself with the help of that recipe......
    we have a coldsnap again with subzero temps and icy winds - so even the snowdrops closed - my pansies are still in hibernation.

    1. mwhaha, I've seen many tourists dressing in ridiculous (even offensive) ways, so I always try to behave and dress myself appropriately when I'm visiting another country. I dislike particularly people who wear swimwear in the middle of the cities (Cities far away from sea, lakes or whatever!).
      Totally recommend this recipe, it tastes good (particularly with the sauce on top) and it's easy to prepare. Totally my kind of fast food (made at home with local products!)
      Hope spring arrive soon so your flowers bloom!

  2. You've certainly inspired me to re-think my footwear. I just love how trainers look with your outfits. I have clothes for running, but I wouldn't wear them casually.
    A good chicken recipe is always welcome. Anything that can be stretched more than one meal is good. We are a long way off from strawberries in my part of the US-at least June before my plants bear fruit, but yours look delicious. Good to know spring is somewhere!

    1. If I had been told that I was going to wear trainers with my dresses and skirts, I would never have believed it!. I've disliked trainers for most of my life, only recently had to resort to them and discovered that they make them in some beautiful colours (glad they're trendy now!).
      Totally agree that it's good to cook once and have two or three meals in the fridge, ready to enjoy!. I'm a lazy cook anyway.
      We have some strawberries in the market, but they come from the south of Spain, and they're still expensive. Mr.A. spoiled me with a handful of them!

  3. I love your stylish version of athleisure, and indeed, there is no need to go all "sporty" if you're going for a walk. Often, trainers will do, and I've got a pair of flat ankle boots I'm keeping especially for hikes. In Winter, it's either a pair of flat-heeled tall boots or my snow boots. I've got a pair of walking boots, but I haven't worn them in ages. People are always giving me the side-eye because I'm wearing skirts when doing a nature walk. Never, ever, will I be seen wearing ugly khaki and beige athleisure wear!
    Your first outfit, featuring the massive flower skirt, put a huge smile on my face, as did the box of pansies just outside your office. Nigella's chicken shawarma dish looks truly scrumptious, and how delightful are those blossoming trees! xxx

    1. Mwhaha, I know you were going to agree!, love your outfits to go for a walk!. When I wear skirts people also give me the side-eye, but this is a small city and people tend to stare at anybody who looks (minimally) different from usual beigeness!.
      Lovely that my colourful photos put a smile on your face!. I'm a little obsessed with blooming trees these days!, they last such a short time!

  4. It's always good to see your massive flower skirt! The only sporty things I own are my yoga leggings, I'd never leave the house in them. Your trainers are a quirky fun touch and sit perfectly with your fabulously colourful style.
    Dinner looks delicious and I don't even eat meat! xxx

    1. Glad that you enjoy to see the massive flower skirt once more!
      I dislike any sport gear, so I've worn some pyjama-like trousers to my pilates classes and received compliments from ladies in usual sporty clothes. It was a happy moment!
      Thanks for your kindness!

  5. You've hit the nail on the head, Monica. If the feet are comfortable everything else doesn't matter. It's so good to see trainers (they call them runners in Ireland) come in all sorts of colours and go so well with your beautifully colourful outfits. I have a sarong I wear as a scarf, too.

    I loved the pansies outside your office; they are so joyful. The meal looks delicious and I hear you on having all the ingredients to hand. That is a rare occurence I find. It's usually a last minute dash to the shop to buy those few ingredients that aren't in the cupboard! I had a similar experience to you with making Nigella's 'Fish finger Bhorta' - I had everything in the cupboard to make it. It was very tasty by the way!

    1. Totally agree with you!, comfort is first! (but I'm grateful that trainers come in fab colours too).
      Isn't it amazing when you have all the ingredients?, I've watched some food shows that use all kind of 'impossible' ingredients, which annoys me!
      Thanks for your comments!