viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021

spring sunshine

I'm keeping my quiet lifestyle and trying to spend more time outdoors, as we've had some sunny evenings. I've even worn my own sun on my lapel!.

Sigo llevando una vida muy tranquila, tratando de pasar más tiempo fuera de casa, sobre todo en las tardes soleadas. Incluso me he puesto el sol en la solapa!.
- trousers, sewed by me recently
- striped t-shirt, CandA (old) / camiseta rayas
- jacket, October (years old) / chaqueta, de hace años
- block print scarf, retail (artisan) / pañuelo de estampado hecho a mano (artesano)
- bag, Emily The Strange (years old) / bolso antigüito
- earrings, retail / pendientes, tienda local
- brooch, 90's homegrown vintage / broche, de mi propia cosecha vintage de los 90
- mask, by Nonapapallona / mascarilla de Nonapapallona

Thanks to your comments I've realised that Spring Asthenia is not a well known condition, even if it's more widespread than expected. Spring Asthenia is a seasonal disorder, caused by changes in luminosity and temperature, and it usually produces sadness, anxiety, lack of energy, headaches and some other physical symptoms. Both allergies and Daylight Savings make it worse!. There are some simple things we can do to improve our mood, like keeping a healthy diet or enjoying outdoor activities, excursions, a short travel, something that resets yourself!

Gracias a los comentarios, he visto que la Astenia primaveral (y también aquí), no parece ser conocida, aunque afecta a mucha gente. Los cambios de estación pueden producir mucho malestar, que se agrava con las alergias y el cambio de hora, y es bueno saberlo.
Hope you're keeping yourselves (and others) safe, and as fabulous as possible.

Por favor, seguid sanos y todo lo estupendamente que podáis.

8 comentarios:

  1. I love the sunshine on your lapel and the mix of stripy teeshirt and super-massive swirly print on your trousers is just lovely.
    Look at those pansies! Spring is a-coming! xxx

  2. I love the black, yellow and white combination; especially the contrasting stripes of the yellow and white top and the black and white scarf. I love your paisley trousers; well done you and the lovely sun brooch. You can carry your own sunshine around with you! Re the Spring Asthenia I know that as SAD; Seasonal Affective Disorder....

  3. Loved this when you posted on Instagram and love it even more in the expanded post here. Just can't beat the yellow/black look.

  4. Love the pattern mixing of your funky trousers and stripy top, and that you are wearing your own sunshine in brooch form! We're trying to make the most of the Springlike weather whenever we can. Sadly, we had a string of grey and rainy days, but today was just gorgeous, so we went for a walk.
    Thank you for the explanation of Spring Asthenia. I'm not sure it is the same as SAD as mentioned by Vronni. I thought SAD was a Winter thing, not a Spring one.
    Those cheerful pansies are truly a sight for sore eyes! Besos xxx

  5. very chic outfit!
    and the brooch is very cool. and is´t nice to go for a walk in actually warming sunshine?! did it yesterday - i felt like brandnew afterwards :-D
    hope your "frühjahrsmüdigkeit" gets better with the rising sun!

  6. Hooray for sunshine! I hope your asthenia is starting to ease up, it sounds rotten.

  7. I am in love with your outfit! Black and white and a bit of sunshine, in stripes and flowers, and of course the brooch! Very chic! We've been trying to walk more regularly, but it still isn't as warm over here. But nice after a long gray Winter!
    Much love!

  8. I love the patterns and textures in this outfit, Monica! It's so very chic!