miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2020

christmas sweater & foggy days

This is my (Nightmare Before) Christmas sweater, probably the only sweater I own. Even if not a huge fan of sweaters, I enjoy wearing this one when going for a walk, as it's not sporty and still makes me feel dressed up (and it's season appropriate!)
Este es my jersey de (Pesadilla Antes de) Navidad, puede que sea la única sudadera que tengo. Aunque no soy nada aficionada a las sudaderas, ésta me la pongo a veces para salir, porque no se ve demasiado deportiva y me hace sentir que estoy decentemente vestida, incluso arreglada. Y además es muy adecuada para esta época del año.
- sweater, by Nonapapallona, previously worn on Nov2018 / jersey de Nonapapallona, anteriormente en Nov2018
- trousers, CandA (old) / pantalón
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- raincoat, Seasalt / abrigo
- crochet beret (old) / boina de ganchillo
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- scarf, retail (old) / pañuelo
- brooch, charity shop (old) / broche, de Cáritas, segunda mano
As you can see, the weather has been foggy for some days, but not particularly cold. It's not a pleasant weather for walks, so we've been at home almost all the time, keeping ourselves away from the shopping frenzy (as we don't play this game).
Como podéis ver, hemos tenido nieblas días y días, pero no ha hecho especialmente frío. Tampoco es un tiempo que incite a salir, así que hemos estado en casa casi todo el rato, y bien lejos del frenesí de compras de estos días (ya que no participamos en este juego).
- dress, Asos (ages ago) / vestido, antigüito
- crochet cardi (old) / chaqueta ganchillo
- crochet scarf / bufandita de ganchillo
- turtleneck, la Redoute (old) / cuello vuelto
- sneakers, Nike outlet (old) / zapatillas
- tights, Snag / medias
- boots, DrMartens (old) / botas

Wish you enjoy a fabulous time whatever you do!. See you next week!

¡Os deseo que disfrutéis de estos días!. Nos vemos la semana que viene.

10 comentarios:

  1. Wishing you a happy Christmas and New Year.

  2. Happy to meet you and your blog! Merry Christmas.

  3. I'm not a jumper fan either but I'll make an exception for that fabulous Nightmare Before Xmas one! Loving the pink cardi too, just what you need on a miserable and foggy day, a splash of pink.
    Love your tree!
    Wishing you both a wonderful Xmas! xxx

  4. I haven't worn any jumpers for the longest of time, but I've been making the odd exception lately. Haven't got anything as fun and funky as yours, though! And it's perfect for a walk if the weather permits. We've had a whole string of damp, foggy and miserable days here, including today. Love the cheerful pops of pink colour in your second outfit, which is a joy to behold. As are those pansies and cyclamen. And what a marvellous tree! Wishing you and Mr. Allnut a Merry Christmas! Enjoy! Besos xxx

  5. Love the sweater! The dress and crochet cardigan outfit was fabulous - especially with the Doc Martin boots.

    Loved your Christmas tree and decorations; and the cyclamens are beautiful, too. They're the only flowers still blooming in my garden...

    I hope you and Mr.ETB have had a peaceful and happy Christmas!

  6. Beautiful cardigan, it's delicious on that blue floral skirt .. I like the whole thing! Merry Christmas!

  7. Your tree is lovely - an excellent tree for people who don't have the space or desire for a full-size one. I am a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas so that sweater gets a thumbs up from me. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year.

  8. What a lovely jumper! I like its The Nightmare Before Christmas pattern, very pretty. I also really like your blue and pink outfit with dr. Martens boots.
    Your Christmas tree is lovely. I have to say that I haven't seen a similar Christmas tree before, looks really unique. All the best in 2021!

  9. pink and turquoise and turquoise and pink.... lovely!
    the sweater is great fun - one of my favorite movies. i´m a "sweater girl" - love them in all forms but most in nice wool :-D
    that cardboard tree is cool and very sustainable!!!

  10. Oh, your tree is AMAZING! I love it! Your ornaments are so pretty!

    I love your Nightmare Before Christmas jumper! Ha, that's my kind of Christmas.