martes, 29 de diciembre de 2020

traditions & sundresses

It's been cold and windy last days, really season-appropriate weather, so I'm wearing my winter coats and scarves and hats (nothing less than the same old stuff!, so interesting!). But I've also worn some of my 'winter sundresses'. And lots of pink, whatever the reason!
Ha hecho bastante frío y viento estos últimos días, un clima totalmente propio de la época del año, así que me he puesto los habituales abrigos, bufandas y gorros, nada más y nada menos que ¡las mismas cosas de siempre¡. Pero también han vuelto a la acción estos vestidos teóricamente de verano que me pongo siempre en invierno. Y estoy poniéndome mucho rosa, porque sí.
- maxi dress, second hand (eBay) some years ago / vestido largo, de segunda mano en eBay, hace años
- turtleneck, retail (old) / cuello vuelto, de tienda local
- cardigan, 4x4 (old) / chaqueta
- scarf, street market (old) / pañuelo, del mercadillo
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar, de un mercadillo solidario
- boots, DrMartens (old) / botas
- coat, La Redoute (old) / abrigo
- crochet beret (old) / boina de ganchillo
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal / bolso de corcho
- cotton sundress, charity shop (old) / vestidito de algodón, de Cáritas (hace años)
- tights, Snag / medias
- sneakers, Chiruca outlet (old) / zapatillas
- shearling coat, second hand, Asos Marketplace boutique Bich / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano en Asos Marketplace boutique Bich
- scarf, retail (old) / bufanda, de tienda local
As a note for my no spanish readers, we're just beginning Christmas celebrations here in Spain, as they last until the 6th of January! (even if we've incorporated the Santa Claus stuff, which is not traditional here, but it's totally accepted)
Traditionally, Christmas celebrations start on 22th December, when the Christmas lottery draw is aired in tv and radio and it is usually the first day of holidays for children. Nowadays most people hang ornaments and decorate their trees early this month, and they also set the typical Nativity scene or Belén. This is something that most children love as it involves creating a landscape, placing the figures and sometimes even building some scale model houses, a grotto and a castle. There are some professionally made scenes in city halls (and others institutions), which even have running water rivers, massive castles made of cork, windmills moved by a small engine and recreations of an old village with every trade represented. Some of them can have hundreds of figures and be quite impressive.
Obviously not everybody is so skilled nor have the time and money that this requires. But most people have just a few figures, and make something that is more diorama like, create a river using foil paper, dust some flour to create a snowy effect, and make a grotto using cardboard and cork. Traditionally, children move the Three Wise Men figurines a little bit everyday, until they arrive to the grotto on 6th January (Epyphany), when the presents are delivered to every (good) child by these Three Magicians. Children overnight their shoes (not their socks!) to be filled with presents, and leave some biscuits and milk for the Magicians, and some hay for their camels. And obviously, there is still the special lunch on 6th January and some King Cake which has a figurine or coin inside for the lucky one who find it!
Actually, I'm not interested in consumerism and dislike usual shopping frenzy that starts before christmas and keeps going on trough sales. I'm totally in the Grinch team. But I've always admired model making and craftmanship, and I love the turrón and the King Cake!.

This is a massive salad I made for dinner on 26th December, using some leftovers, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot and avocado. Something simple but colourful!

Esta es una ensalada enorme que hice para cenar la noche del 26, con algunas sobras, tomates, zanahorias, remolacha y un aguacate. Bien sencilla y colorida.

Hope you're enjoying a fabulous time and keeping yourselves safe!

Espero que estéis pasando un rato estupendo y que sigáis teniendo cuidado.

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  1. I loved reading about the traditional Spanish Xmas. I love that festivities continue until 6th January, they always used to here as well but in recent years people put their trees up after Halloween and get fed up with them by Boxing Day. Crazy people.
    Those crated nativity scenes are big in the Christian villages of Goa, too with most houses having the most intricately crafted models in their front gardens.
    Love the pink and blue of your outfits, clever layering,too!
    As always I'm salivating over your food! xxx

    1. Glad you liked it!. I prefer to have a long long holiday! and can understand why so many people put their trees so early!
      No wonder Goa has kept some portuguese traditions!, I think this makes every place different and charming!

  2. My sister was obsessed with those elaborate Nativity figurines and every year it would take over her living room and dining room. I'm sure her children didn't bother keeping any of it, but it was impressive.
    Traditionally in the US we take down the tree and decorations on the 6th. King cakes are a thing here, but more in the French style, and made with rice flour.

    I loved your outfits and they seem perfect for chasing away the gloom of winter weather. You have the best colour sense.
    I will enjoy admiring your vegetables knowing I won't be seeing ripe tomatoes for months now.
    Take care and stay well. Happy New Year!

    1. Some people create amazing collections of figurines and massive scenes, but younger generations are not keeping anything, I suspect. I throw away some old things when teenager and have lived to regret!. Damn!
      I think that spanish King Cake is similar to the gâteau des rois that is made in the south of France (french patisserie is a Big Influence!).
      Thanks for your words on my colour sense, I feel over the moon!
      We still have some tomatoes from local glasshouses, but not anymore. No real tomatoes until june, just those tasteless things coming from the south of Spain, grown in plastic bags.
      Happy New Year!

  3. Love both of those bright, happy dresses! I have Doc Martens in that color too. Happy New Year!


    1. Glad you liked them, thanks!. So lovely that you have this same color boots!
      Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely to read about your Christmas. I wish you a fabulous New Years Eve and a wonderful 2021!

  5. That maxi dress is super!

    I love the Belen scenes. The way they are so detailed, and people can build their set up over years... it's lovely. I hope you have a wonderful festive season.

    1. I love them too, they can be a real hobby, involving lots of scale models and stuff.
      Wish you a fabulous and happy New Year!

  6. thank you for the introducing to spanish x-mas celebrations! very interesting for me as i´m in general interested in ethnographic themes.....
    your colorful outfits are a wonderful sight! especially love the pattern on the maxi - looks like painted with a thick brush.
    and thank you very much for all your lovely comments @moi!!
    felices fiestas!! xxxx

    1. So lovely that you found this interesting!. I think that cultural differences are such an engaging issue.
      Glad you liked this 'artistic print', is something I enjoy too!
      Happy New Year, dear Beate!

  7. Even the "same old stuff" can be interesting if the colours, prints and textures are joyful! And your outfits certainly are. I love how you are layering sundresses, which is a skill I do not possess. Yay for lots of pink! It was interesting to read about Spanish Christmas traditions. In Belgium, most villages have nativity scenes too, although not as elaborate as in Spain, it seems. And we do have the Three Kings cake on Jan. 6th, although I'm not sure it is still as popular as when I was growing up. The cake has a "bean" in it, and the one who's got the piece with the bean is "King". I am in the Grinch team too, we're not usually over-indulge or do presents. Your massive leftover salad does look delicious! Wishing you a great and safe New Year festivities! Besos xxx

    1. My winter sundresses are particularly easy to layer, as they're made of knit polyester or thick viscose. It still amazes me that they make sundresses in such warm fabrics, totally unappropriate for summer!.
      I think that nativity scenes are related to catholic traditions, they appeared in Italy for the first time.
      There are different traditions around the figurines and beans into the cakes, sometimes the people who found the figurine is the king (and there's a cardboard crown to make it official) but sometimes there is also a bean into our cakes. If you found it you have to buy another cake!. Both things are joyful, in my opinion!
      Love to read that I'm in good company in the Grinch team ;DD
      Best Wishes, dear Ann!

  8. It's so interesting learning about other countries Christmas traditions. I love the idea of huge Nativity scenes and the idea of moving the Three Magicians each day...

    Loved your colourful sundresses - you were well layered up and looked very warm, cosy and stylish.

    Happy New Year!

    1. The Scenes and the figurines of the Three Magicians in their camels are favourite things for most children! (and for me too!)
      Thanks for your kind words, love some comfortable style myself!
      Besos & Feliz Año

  9. Such lovely bursts of colour in your outfits, Monica!

    I also loved hearing about the traditions in Spain. I think it's fine to just do what works for you - I loathe the commercialism of it too.

    1. Totally agree that it's fine to do what works for you. And commercialism is killing almost any festivity (and probably our planet too!). We're right in loathing it!
      Besos & Felicidad

  10. Thank you for sharing the Spanish Christmas traditions. I like the idea of celebrating from the 22nd to January 6th, as one of the few things I enjoy about Christmas is the decorations, so to be able to enjoy them for a longer time would be lovely. Most people take them down on New Year's day here.

    I love the colours in that maxi dress! Your winter outfits are just as bold and cheerful as those in the summer.