jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2020

joyful tunic & winter

This is another outfit for an everyday occasion, my 'joyful tunic' (sometimes I name my clothes, as I've learned from Sheila). This tunic is really special for me, so sometimes I've been reluctant to wear it too frequently, but not anymore. I wore it to the office and it worked its magic, keeping my mood high even in a chilly wintery day. Colour Therapy!.
Esta es otra ocasión de diario para ponerse la ropa buena, esta vez la alegre túnica que me compré hace ya dos años y que me he estado poniendo menos de lo que se merece. A veces me resisto un poquito a ponérmela muy a menudo, por no estropearla y todas esas tontadas. Pero ni hablar. Me la puse para ir a trabajar y mantener el ánimo arriba en un día frío de invierno. ¡El Color es Terapéutico!

I'm wearing an orthopaedic wristband to keep my wrist and thumb immovilised, but finally I have not arthritis (at least not in my wrist). I have a tendinosis and I'll need some fisiotherapy (once more). Good news, but can't crochet, nor write on a keyboard. So this is going to be a short texts blog for a while.

Llevo una muñequera que me mantiene inmovilizada tanto la muñeca como el pulgar, pero finalmente no tengo artrosis (al menos en la mano). Tengo una tendinosis e iré a fisioterapia (otra vez). Buenas noticias, pero no puedo ni hacer manualidades ni ganchillo, ni escribir en el teclado. Así que este va a ser un blog de textos cortos durante un rato (largo)

- tunic, retail (label Antica Sartoria) bought on Aug2018 / túnica, tienda local, marca Antica Sartoria, comprada en Ag2018
- trousers and striped t-shirt, CandA (old) / pantalón y camiseta de rayas
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- shearling coat, second hand at AsosMarketplace boutique Bich / abrigo de piel vuelta, segunda mano en AsosMarketplace boutique Bich
- scarf, retail (ages ago) / bufanda, tiendecita local
- crochet hat, old / gorro de ganchillo
- necklace, charity market (old) / collar de un mercadillo solidario

Sometimes I make pizza from scratch, only that I don't make the traditional dough. My pizza have no yeast, so it looks more like a crusty flatbread and it tastes like bread crust. And my ingredientes are usually leftovers: boiled broccoli, a few of the artichokes Mr.A. had cooked and some turkey breast. I added two spoons of (canned) crushed tomatoes and my favourite cheese. Not really difficult and you have something special for dinner.

A veces hago pizza en casa, incluyendo la masa, sólo que no es el estilo tradicional. No lleva levadura, así que parece más una regañá muy grande, es como una corteza de pan. Y suelo usar sobras, esta vez brócoli cocido, unas pocas alcachofas que había cocinado Mr.A., y unos filetes de pavo troceaditos. Sólo hay que añadirle unas cucharadas de tomate triturado de lata y el queso que más te guste. No es muy difícil y es una cena bien buena.
This is something we usually have for lunch on Saturdays, a seafood casserole, spanish style fideuá. Obviously, we like shellfish!.
Esta es habitualmente nuestra comida del sábado, fideuá de mariscos. Evidentemente, nos gusta el marisco. Y la fideuá.

Hope you're keeping yourselves safe and as fabulous as possible.
Espero que estéis bien y todo lo estupendamente que sea posible.

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  1. That is indeed a joyful tunic.
    Hope your wrist heals quickly.

    1. Thanks, Goody!, it actually makes me feel joyful!
      My wrist will take some time to recover, but I'm doing the right things!

  2. That is a fabulous tunic! Speedy recovery for your wrist.


  3. What a fun outfit! I love your tunic.

  4. I just love that tunic. I love the style, the colours and the pattern - it's very feminine. Sorry to hear about your tendonitis; I hope it improves soon. Loving the food and the pictures made me salivate!

    Take care

    1. Glad you like it too!, It's one of my fav pieces ever!
      Both my wrist and shoulder are going to require physiotherapy until they improve!
      I'm happy that my food looks appealing!

  5. Joyful tunic is a very apt name for this fabulous garment. Sheila is very wise to name her clothes. I often have trouble finding things back in my blog, so perhaps I should take a leaf out of her book as well! I'm not surprised that outfit worked its magic, as wearing colour is such a mood booster!
    Sorry to hear about your wrist, but never mind about the short texts on your blog. Your pictures do say it all!
    I can imagine you're not thrilled about not being able to crochet, though :-(
    Your bread crust pizza looks delicious - I used to make similar ones, but Jos doesn't like pizza! - and I believe using leftover is the original way to make them. I'm also drooling over that seafood casserole ...
    Sending healing vibes and wishing you a wonderful weekend! Besos xxx

    1. Totally agree that colour is such a mood booster and that we need to name our clothes as Sheila does, to find them back in our blogs! ;DD
      I'm amazed that Jos doesn't like pizza. But you can put the leftovers on a baking pan and gratin them (it's my famous 'pizza without the dough' recipe!) or add smashed potatoes on top and gratin!
      Thanks for those healing vibes!

  6. You look lovely in this. Such a fabulous tunics top. I believe in colour theraphy too. Bold colours and patterns usually lift my mood. Sometimes I feel like wearing an all black outfit but not too often.

    1. Thank you, Ivana!
      Totally agree about bold colors. I was dressed in black for decades and still is strong in me, so I like to wear black too!

  7. That is the perfect name for that top! I have had issues with my wrists in the past from all the time I spend at work using the keyboard, and have a pair of "wrist supports" that I should be wearing more often than I do. Glad it's not arthritis though.

    1. My wrist and shoulder problems are related to having to spend so much time at the keyboard at work (and some inadequate desk and chair). I'm glad to say that my wrist support is making me feel better. And obviously, being on a sick leave, so no keyboard nor stupid desk!

  8. hope your wrist is healing fast!!
    you are a rainbow on legs in this outfit!! wonderful! love the folky tunic - great piece.
    yummy food - i wish i could get fresh seafood here........
    stay safe! xxxx

  9. I'm sorry about your wrist, that must be so frustrating not being able to create or spend time on the internet.
    The joyful tunic is most aptly named, it's so pretty and makes me happy just looking at it. That pizza looks incredible! xxx

  10. Oh my gosh, your food looks amazing! Hey, and thank you so much for the shout-out, my fellow Blogger Who Names Her Clothes! Love it! We should all have "joyful tunics", don't you think?

    I hope your wrist gets better soon - I've been having shoulder issues from being on the computer too much.

  11. That is a joyful tunic!

    I hope your wrist feels better soon and the physio helps; my husband gets tendonitis in his elbow and it can be agony.