lunes, 2 de marzo de 2020

walks & visible

I haven't taken the best quality pics these days, but tried to make them interesting creating some collages. Haven't carried my camera in my bag last week, as its (minimum) weight annoys me. Because I'm still recovering from my shoulder issue, even if feeling better every *#&@% day. So now I'm really conscious of every move I make and it makes me feel like a million bucks just being able to put on a pair of tights or fasten my buttons!. All I can do is walk, read and craft that don't involve my sewing machine (ouch!), really simple things. So, enjoying simple life!.
Linking The Last Visible Monday and hoping that we keep the Visibility rocking!. Lots of love and gratitude for these years of inspiration and friendship!.

No he podido sacar fotos aceptables estos días, pero he intentado hacer unos collages para que sean un poco más interesantes. Llevar la cámara en el bolso, aunque sea un peso mínimo, me molesta. Porque sigo recuperándome de mis problemas de hombro, aunque estoy mejorando cada *#&@% día. Así que ahora mismo soy muy consciente de la maravilla que es cada movimiento que hago, incluso ser capaz de ponerme un par de medias o abrocharme los botones me parece prodigioso y me hace sentir genial.
Todo lo que puedo hacer es pasearme, leer y hacer alguna manualidad menuda, que no tenga que usar la máquina de coser. ¡Vida sencilla!
Enlazo al último Visible Monday y espero que se mantenga la Visibilidad Alta. ¡Agradecida por todos estos años de inspiración!

I shortened and embellished this old denim jacket some time ago (see it before), but haven't had a chance to wear it until last week. Anyway, I think it could look better over maxi dresses. Will give it another try!.

Le hice un arreglo a esta chaqueta hace tiempo, acortándola y añadiéndole unas tiras de colores (véase el antes), pero no tuve oportunidad de estrenarla. De todos modos, creo que quedará mejor con vestidos largos. ¡Ya le daré otra vuelta!.

- dress, Asos (years old) / vestido, de hace años
- brooch, made by me / broche, hecho por mí
- scarf, flea market (old) / chal, de mercadillo

- shearling coat, second hand, Asos Marketplace boutique Bich / abrigo de piel vuelta, de segunda mano, de Asos Marketplace boutique Bich
- floral jacket, vintage, a present by Sacramento / chaqueta con flores, regalo de Sacramento
- blouse, old / blusa, antigüita
- skirt, La Redoute (ten years old?) / falda, de hace unos diez años
- pink tights, Snag / medias rosas
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- scarf, street market / pañuelo, de mercadillo

Even if landscapes are still wintery, cranes storks are building and arranging their nests and looking really busy these days. It looks like if spring is coming!

Aunque el paisaje siga siendo invernal, ya están las cigüeñas arreglando sus nidos, así que se nota más cerca la primavera.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear your shoulder is still bothering you, which must be very frustrating! You're lucky that the weather seemed to be behaving so that at least you can go for walks and be visible. And visible you certainly were, in both of your outfits. That embellished denim jacket is a delight and I loved seeing your collages! And oh my, aren't those cranes nesting early? Besos xxx

    1. Thanks! I've been needing more visibility these days!
      Sorry, I made a mistake and wrote cranes, but they are actually storks!. And yes, it's really early!

  2. Glad to hear the shoulder is continuing to improve - they do take time. (Mine took months, but I'd properly wrecked them.) Not being able to use your sewing machine must be so frustrating.

    1. You wrecked them!, it sounds painful!, argh!.
      And yes, I'm feeling frustrated frequently these days, but I try to keep myself busy!

  3. So glad to hear your shoulder is improving and that you are able to do more things now. My daughter has been experiencing the same things and found it so frustrating.

    You are looking gorgeous and the denim jacket is fab. I think it will look even more gorgeous with maxi dresses and skirts. That is such a wonderful scarf you're wearing. Loved the pink and green outfit, too, especially the lovely floral jacket. The Frida brooch is magnificent!

    Hope you make a full recovery as soon as possible.

    1. Glad that you like the denim jacket!, I'm planning to wear it more frequently as weather improves.
      Thanks for your comment and your kindness!

  4. Happy to hear your shoulder is improving!! I love this floral jacket, it is so gorgeous!!! I hope you keep getting better and have a great week. besos x

  5. Me encanta tu broche de Frida!!! Y la cazadora te ha quedado súper original!!!, por cierto, que lees?

    1. Estoy leyendo 'Sapiens' de Yuval Noah Harari, y he acabado 'Colapso' de Jared Diamond (bastante largo). También leo algún libro sobre moda, vintage!
      Gracias por comentar!

  6. It does seem a bit early for storks to be nesting, but I don't pretend to know anything about their nesting habits ;) I'm sorry your shoulder is still giving you grief - it takes longer to heal at our age, which just sucks! Hopefully you will be able to get back to your sewing machine soon.

  7. Oh, it must be annoying to have your shoulders not following your whims. I hope you recover well after all health is essential of all. Keep engaging the blog with the awesome pictures!! I must say that all your flowery patterns in the dresses are way too cute. Keep up the good work, dear!!



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