lunes, 23 de marzo de 2020

weekend & velvet

It's been quite difficult to deal with (indoor) lighting to take my photos, probably because I'm not a skilled photographer. To add insult to injury, I've picked the hardest subject to photograph: these devoré velvet trousers. I'm a huge fan of devoré velvet which was the reason to buy them, but they had an annoying lining which was removed (so they're almost transparent now!). I've also added a side panel to make them wider and floatier, so they swoosh in a nice way when I walk (see them before). Actually I like these comfy trousers but they don't photograph well, so I'd like to make a video of them in movement, asap!.
As a note, I wore another 'revamped' piece. This short sleeved cardi was a wrap cardigan that I barely wore, so I removed the ribbons and let it open. You can see it before here.

Está siendo bastante difícil manejarse con la luz al tomarse fotos en interiores, sobre todo porque no soy muy hábil. Para ponerlo un poquito peor, he tenido que elegir la ropa más difícil de fotografiar que tengo, estos pantalones de terciopelo devoré. Me encanta este tipo de tejido, y es la razón por la que los compré, pero tuve que quitarles el forro tan horrible que tenían, con lo que ahora son casi transparentes. También les añadí unos paneles laterales en una tela de seda, para hacerlos más sueltos y con más movimiento (podéis ver el antes). En realidad me gustan mucho, pero es que no salen bien en foto. Me gustaría hacer un vídeo de cómo se mueve la tela, ¡tan pronto como sea posible!.
Como nota, también llevé otra prenda que lleva obra. Esta chaquetita de manga corta fue en principio una chaqueta cruzada atada con cintas, que no me ponía apenas, así que le quité las ataduras y la dejé suelta (véase el 'antes').

We had our usual aperitive on Saturday and also prepared a favourite lunch, roasted cauliflower with chickpeas (we inspired in this recipe by Nigella, but skipped the parsley salad, and made our own harissa).

El sábado no perdonamos el vermú y luego preparamos uno de nuestros platos favoritos, coliflor al horno con garbanzos, según esta receta pero saltándonos la ensalada de perejil, y haciendo nuestra propia harisa. ¡Muy recomendable!

- trousers, clearance sale (old). Previously Dic2019 / pantalón, de una liquidación. Anteriormente Dic2019.
- short sleeved cardi, La Redoute, revamped / chaqueta de manga corta, reformada
- shirt, C&A, shortened / camisa, C&A (acortada)
- both necklaces from charity markets / collares, ambos de mercadillos solidarios
- bracelets, presents and charities / pulseras, regalos o compradas en tiendas solidarias.

10 comentarios:

  1. Those trousers are amazing! and you have introduced me to devore, a term I did not know - I've just called that "burned out velvet" for years. Love the colours in this. And mmmm....that cauliflower/chickpea meal looks amazing!

    1. I'm guilty of using french words when it comes to fabrics!, ;DDD so sophisticated!

  2. I'm salivating over your dinner - I'm going to have to get a cauliflower in the next week or so (unless we're on lockdown!) and make that dish. thanks so much for sharing it.
    I love your trousers, devore is the best. Why do they line clothes so badly? I'm often ripping the lining out. Fantastic idea with the jacket, too - you're so good with your remakes, a constant source of inspiration! xxx

    1. I totally recommend this recipe, it's easy and tasty!. You'll enjoy it for sure!
      Glad you like my revamped clothes!, it's the best compliment!

  3. Those trousers are wonderful. So many clothes have rubbish linings nowadays; it's so annoying.

    I hope you're doing well and staying safe!

    1. Glad you like it!.
      And I totally agree about the linings!, really annoying!

  4. Indoor photography is not my forte either, the pictures always ending up too light or too dark! I'm loving how you revamped your devoré trousers by adding that panel to make them swooshier. A definite improvement, as is removing the ribbons from that wrap cardigan. I might give that a try with one I haven't been wearing too! And oh, doesn't your cauliflower and chickpea lunch look delicious! Keep safe and sane, my dear! Besos xxx

    1. I'm missing my usual backgrounds, even the garage alley!. Indoor photos are driving me crazy!
      Lovely to read that my revamps have inspired you!

  5. Beautiful devore trousers, Monica. I have several devore scarves but haven't worn them in a while...The colours in the trousers are lovely and you've echoed them so well with your shirt, cardigan, trainers and jewellery - fabulous!

    Your Sunday lunch looked delicious.

    I hope you and Mr. Allnut are keeping well and haven't been finding lockdown too onerous.

    1. woww, I love devoré scarves!, looking forward to see you styling them!
      Thank you for worrying about us!, the lockdown have not caused us any financial damage, but time will tell what's going to happen after it!



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