martes, 25 de febrero de 2020

sunshine & red dress

I'm feeling better (no pain!) even if not totally recovered, but this is good news.
Obviously, I can do whatever I want, walk or run errands, if it doesn't involve to move my right arm very quickly. This means that I have to restrain myself from waving at friends and acquaintances (spanish effusiveness!). Anyway I'm still pretty visible and very inspired by Polyester Princess to wear my vintage.
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week too!

Ya estoy mejorando de mi lesión de hombro, aunque no esté recuperada del todo, pero son buenas noticias.
Evidentemente, puedo hacer lo que quiera, caminar, hacer recados, siempre que no tenga que mover el brazo derecho bruscamente. Así que tengo que acordarme cada vez que veo a un conocido de no saludar con la mano, lo que es difícil conociéndome. De todos modos, se me ve perfectamente bien, muy visible e inspirada por Polyester Princess para lucir mi vestido vintage.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una fabulosa semana.

Mr.A. took my pictures some days ago, when it was still chilly so I wore a winter coat. But now we're having some unseasonably warm days, like 3º-23ºC (37º- 73ºF), really springlike!. I don't miss usual snow and sleet, but this feels really strange, the pollution levels are increasingly high and drought can be a problem too. Weather talk ended!

Mr. A. me sacó estas fotos hace unos días, cuando todavía hacía fresquete y llevaba abrigo de invierno. Pero ahora estamos teniendo unos días de calor totalmente fuera de lo normal, 3-23ºC, ¡primaveral!. No es que eche de menos la nieve y el hielo, pero esto es muy raro, los niveles de contaminación crecen y además está el peligro de la sequía. Y aquí acaban las noticias del tiempo.

- polyester dress, vintage 80's, a present by Sacramento / vestido vintage ochentero, regalo de Sacramento
- short sleeved cardi, bought second hand at ebay and then overdyed (old) / chaquetita de punto, comprada de segunda mano en ebay y luego teñida (antigüita)
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- scarf, flea market / pañuelo, del mercadillo
- orange/amber beads, Aïta (old) / collar color naranja/ámbar, Aïta
- leaves earrings, retail / pendientes de hojas, tienda local
- bracelet, my own homegrown vintage (early 80's) / brazalete, tan viejo que ya es vintage, de los ochenta.

5 comentarios:

  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better, even if your arm movements are still somewhat restricted. I'm also very pleased to have inspired you to wear your vintage. Thank you for the shout out: you are such a sweetie :-) 23°C and Springlike: do send some of that over to Belgium please. We did have a couple of hours of sunshine in between all the rain here today. Talking of sunshine, that is provided in abundance by your colourful outfit. Reds, oranges and yellows, and even a splash of turquoise: what's not to love? I'd wear it all in a heartbeat! Besos xxx

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better!
    I can totally understand how Ann inspired you to wear that lovely dress, it looks fabulous and the accessories and clashing colours are just brilliant. You've brightened up this horrible snowy day! xxx

  3. I'm happy you're feeling better, that is great news, I hope it continues!! You look amazing x

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better and how fab are those temperatures? You are looking so cool in your reds and oranges and the yelllow cardigan; I love the dress and the scarf has the most beautiful print on it. Brilliant earrings and the amber beads are lovely. We had snow this morning but it didn't settle and then it was bright, windy and very cold.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Your vintage is stupendous! All those colours really brighten up a dull day.