lunes, 17 de febrero de 2020

not looking back

I've been suffering another ailment, a shoulder contracture which has let my right arm almost inmovilized (imagine the range of motion of a T-Rex's arm). I have had some T-Rex mood too, grrrrr.
This has been my third visit to the doctor this year. I know that minor health issues are part of business as usual (particularly when you're a matured woman), so I don't feel cursed. Just a little bit annoyed.
Anyway, I can barely write on a keyboard, so my posting is going to be brief (which is not bad at all!) and my commenting will be spaced for a while.
See you soon!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a visible week and a slow fashion season.

He tenido otro achaque, ahora una contractura del hombro que me ha dejado el brazo derecho casi inmovilizado. Con la amplitud de movimiento del bracito de un Tiranosaurio. Y con el mismo humor (grrr).
Esta ha sido mi tercera visita al médico este año. Ya sé que es totalmente normal tener achaques varios, sobre todo cuando eres una señora de mediana edad, así que tampoco es que piense que estoy maldita ni nada. Sólo es molesto.
De todos modos, apenas puedo escribir en un teclado, así que mis posts van a ser breves (lo que tampoco está mal) y seguramente comentaré poco durante un tiempo.
¡Volveré pronto!
Enlazo al Visible Monday y os deseo una semana muy visible y mucho estilo sin ropa de usar y tirar.

I've worn only comfortable clothes these days (no fuss!), some old favourites of mine, a pair of fucsia trousers and a colorful shirt. And repeated same trousers with a different top and shirt next day to go to the doctor. Easy peasy!

Me he puesto sólo ropa cómoda estos días (nada de molestias), algunos de mis clásicos favoritos, unos pantalones fuxia y una camisa colorida. Y repetí los mismos pantalones con un top y camisa diferente al día siguiente para ir al médico. Sencillísimo.

- fuchsia trousers, Punto Roma (years ago) / pantalón fuxia
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- beach dress as a shirt, 4x4 (years ago) / vestido de playa a modo de camisa
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- scarf, street market (old) / pañuelo, de mercadillo
- green pullover, second hand, Sunday street market / jersey verde, del mercadillo, segunda mano
- 80's shirt, second hand / camisa ochentera, de segunda mano
- purple coat, ebay (second hand), bought years ago / abrigo morado
- pink sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas rosa

7 comentarios:

  1. Reposo y calma. Seguro que todo irá a mejor.

  2. Despite your shoulder problem you still manage to look so colourful and stylish. Love your 80s shirt. Hope the shoulder improves - at least no sling is involved...

    Have a great week, Monica.

  3. Oh, poor you! I can totally imagine you having a T-Rex mood. I would too, I'm sure. But I'm glad you're not letting that pesky shoulder get in the way of colourful dressing, even if you've only been wearing comfortable clothes. I particularly love your second outfit. Your green jumper, fuchsia trousers, huge floral scarf and purple coat are a delight for the eyes! Hope your shoulder gets healed very soon. Besos xxx

  4. I hope it gets better lovely!! You look amazing as always, so love these colours :))) Besos xxx

  5. Gah! I had a spate of that a few years ago and it was agony. Sending lots of love and healing vibes your way.
    On a brighter note that's one heck of an outfit (or two), those zingy colours are just the tonic I need for returning to grey, post Brexit Britain. xxx

  6. So sorry about your shoulder! I've found that all kinds of little aches and pains appear out of nowhere now that I'm in my late 50's. It's hard to stay flexible and strong when exercising hurts. Love all the bright colours though.

  7. Ouch, that sounds awful! I have had shoulder issues too for the last several years (I've had to give up all my shoulder bags). I hate all the little aches and pains - "that's just how you are now" is what medical advice seems to boil down to!

    You look fabulous in all these brights. I love the stripes with the pattern - awesome look.