jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2018

plaid dress

This dress was sewn some time ago, using a piece of leftover fabric, so I couldn't center the plaid nor match it across the seams. Probably a lot of the clothes currently hanging in the shops have not their prints matching across the seams and nobody cares (people are used to this!). But the look of an uncentered plaid design is really noticeable so I've tried to disguise it with other asymmetrical details, made of more plaid leftovers. This kind of petals are really easy to make, but it's important to stick them to some fusible interfacing before sewing them to the dress. (I'm giving sewing advice, isn't it amazing!?)

Este vestido lo acabé hace algún tiempo y está hecho usando tela sobrante, así que no me llegó ni para centrar los cuadros, ni para que coincidieran en las costuras. Probablemente hay montones de ropa de la que está ahora mismo en las tiendas que tampoco le coinciden los estampados en las costuras y no pasa nada, estamos acostumbrados. Pero se nota muchísimo cuando los cuadros escoceses están descentrados, así que decidí disimularlo añadiendo más detalles asimétricos, usando también restos de telas. Este tipo de pétalos que forman una flor son muy fáciles de hacer, sólo hay que ponerles entretela adhesiva antes de coserlos al vestido (y estoy dando consejos de costura, es increíble!)

- black turtleneck, La Redoute / cuello vuelto negro
- sneakers, Adidas outlet / zapatillas
- scarf, retail Eme / bufamanta, de Eme
- crochet beret / boina de ganchillo
- tartan bag, ages ago / bolsito escocés, de hace siglos
- necklace, a present / collar, un regalo

12 comentarios:

  1. Adoro el rojo en estas fechas. El vestido es precioso.

  2. What a stunning tartan dress, I love it!! You look amazing!! besos xx

  3. The floral appliqué really makes that dress!


  4. That's a brilliant idea - it looks wonderful and so do your legs in those red tights! x

  5. Hello,

    Lovely !

    Sarah, https://sarahmodeee.fr

  6. That is just a stunning look on you, Monica! You are going to laugh when you see today's outfit from me later tonight - it's a tartan dress! And I just checked - the fabric on the sides is lined up (it's made in Canada, I think). That is always a mark of quality to look for when I'm out thrifting, and it is such a shame that you don't see it anymore on clothing.

  7. I love how you solved the issue of the uncentered plaid design, and ended up with this fabulously playful dress. You're looking great in red, love those vibrant red tights! xxx

  8. Everything about the dress is perfect and when you add those tights it becomes even better! Unmatched patterns drive me mad as well.

  9. What an adorable dress, my dear! You did a marvellous job of diguising whatever you were trying to disguise - I'm not sure what. And thank-you for the sewing tips as I need to learn things like this. I love the accessories, in particular the red tights are awesome!

    Have a super week!
    Anna x

  10. I love your plaid dress! The addition of the flowers is brilliant; I didn't really understand the sewing jargon but I think the flowers look gorgeous and lift the dress on to another level. Love the red with the plaid - a lovely combination. I love the two necklaces, too.