sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

blues & colorful

This is what I wore last week, when wheather was not so hot and I was not so exhausted!. This gingham blouse, that I wore for the first time, was recently made. I worked on a well known pattern which I revamped to make it shorter (you can see some tunics I sewed using this same pattern here and here). I have some leftovers which I'm working with to make a top (if possible), so there's more gingham to come!
This week I have been really busy (lots of work and lots of fun too!) and heat has collaborated to make me feel exhausted, but next week will be more relaxed and business as usual!

Esto es lo que llevaba la semana pasada, cuando no hacía tanto calor y no estaba tan cansada!. Esta blusa de cuadritos es de estreno, casi recién hecha!. La cosí usando un patrón que ya había usado antes varias veces, pero modificado para hacerlo más corto (podéis ver las túnicas que hice con este patrón aquí y aquí). Y todavía me queda tela de cuadritos, con la que estoy trabajando para hacer un top (si llega!). Montones de vichy!
Esta semana he estado muy liada, montones de trabajo y también mucha diversión!, y el calor también ha hecho lo suyo para dejarme agotada, pero la próxima semana se presenta más relajada y me pondré al día!

- pants, Festa (old) / pantalón
- sandals, art (last summer) / sandalias, del verano pasado
- straw bag, etsy / bolso de paja, etsy
- necklace, DayaDay (old) / collar

- striped t-shirt, clearance sale (old) / camiseta de rayas, de liquidación
- skirt, sewed by me (Ikea fabric) ages ago / falda, costura casera de hace años, tela de Ikea
- sandals, Chiruca (outlet) / sandalias
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar
- bracelets, a present / pulseras, un regalo
- beach bag, embellished with crochet starfishes / bolso de playa, adornado con estrellas de mar de ganchillo

7 comentarios:

  1. Your gingham blouse combined with the cropped trousers looks very cool in the hot weather. I have just bought a mini version of your round straw bag! The skirt of your second outfit is delightful! It's not easy dressing well in such hot weather, is it? I always get very tired and lethargic too. Hope it'll cool down a bit very soon! Besos xxx

  2. The gingham top is cute but I'm really in love with that bold floral circle skirt and the striped top.


  3. Love these outfits! Lise

  4. Hopefully you will have again cooler days! The blouse turned out perfect and I love how you mixed the pattern. Such a beautiful summer look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. It's a challenge to look stylish in the heat! You look terrific, and I adore that vibrant print skirt you made. xox


  6. I love that top it goes with everything brilliantly!
    I love this weather, nearly all my clothes are flimsy and summery, it's the cold weather I have a problem dressing for! xxx

  7. You look refreshingly cool! I love your gingham top and your colorful skirt! And the round bag looks cool with everything! Lots of love!