domingo, 22 de julio de 2018

orange trench & storms

Weather has been particularly unpredictable this week, changing from heat to major storms. My outfits are not supposed to keep me dry in any heavy rainfall, because my orange trench is not really waterproof, but it's the most sensible summer jacket I own (this said a lot about how sensible I am). I'm glad that I was at home when it started to hail some days ago, so I could save most of my balcony pots. It was a disaster for some local producers who were ready to pick their peaches and apricots, but at least it was limited to a small area. From a selfish point of view I'm glad there are still peaches to be harvested!
I'll be a little disconnected from the blog next days, as we'll have visitors at home, and probably share some special meals and fun for my birthday. See you on the other side!

Hemos tenido un tiempo impredecible del todo esta semana, cambiando del calor enorme a tormentas enormes también. Y, aunque me puse una gabardina, no se suponía que fuese a servirme de nada en medio de una tormenta, porque no es resistente al agua, pero sí que es lo más práctico en chaquetas de verano que tengo en el armario. Dice mucho de lo práctica que es una!. Por lo menos estaba en casa cuando se puso a granizar hace unos días, así que pude salvar mis cuatro macetas del balcón. Fue un desastre para algunos productores locales que estaban a punto de recoger melocotones y otras frutas, pero al menos fue sólo en una zona limitada. Siendo totalmente egoísta, menos mal que aún quedan melocotones!
Voy a estar un tanto desconectada del blog los próximos días, tendremos visitas en casa y probablemente saldremos a comer y haremos alguna cosa especial por mi cumpleaños. Nos vemos al otro lado!

- trench, La Redoute (old) / gabardina naranja
- pants, charity shop, revamped (added an orange strip on the side) previously / pantalón, segunda mano con una franja anaranjada añadida al costado (en anterior ocasión)
- beach bag embellished with some crochet starfishes / bolso de playa con unas estrellas de mar de ganchillo
- black blouse, C&A (old) / camisa negra
- sandals, Art (last summer sales) / sandalias, rebajas del verano pasado
- pants, sewed by me (previously) / pantalón, costura propia (anteriormente)
- old t-shirt, shortened and fitted / camiseta antigüita, acortada y ajustada
- necklace, a present (years ago) / collar, un regalo, de hace años
- straw bag, Etsy / bolso

I'm used to take notes on what I want to wear, in the form of this sketches.
Do you plan your outfits in advance?

A veces tomo notas de lo que quiero ponerme, dibujando estos bocetos.
¿os gusta hacer planes?

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  1. Your sketches are great!

    Shame about the storms. Hopefully they have passed for the summer now. Summer peaches are one of my favourites too.

    Have a wonderful birthday week : )


  2. I love peaches when they are at that perfect point of ripeness that they give off that deliciously fragrant peachy smell! We have had a lot of rain over the past few days, which we desperately needed, but if it's not raining, it's been very hot. I love the colour of your coat - I think coats should all be brightly coloured so that when it's cold or raining we feel better about having to wear them.

  3. The weather's certainly been acting strangely. No storms here, but we could do with some rain! Your orange trench is such a great colour, even if it's not very waterproof. I especially love your second outfit, with the handmade trousers and olive top. The necklace is spectacular, and I love the ring with the green stones. I love your sketches too. As I can't draw at all, I'm a little bit jealous as it's a fantastic way to plan outfits ahead. I often plan ahead, but by hanging outfits ready on a rail! Have fun with your visitors! Besos xxx

  4. Your sketches are amazing! I physically group my planned outfits in advance, usually just clothes + shoes, then I pick the outfit I want to wear the night before and add the accessories.

    I love that orange trench - the colour is amazing. Who cares if it's waterproof when it looks this good!? I adore the aqua/orange colour palette in the first outfit - the stripe on those pants really looks awesome. Your colours are always so good.

    Glad the hail didn't destroy ALL the peaches/apricots - those are some of my favourite fruit!

  5. Mmm Summer peaches! When they are juicy how delicious eaten over the sink. Your coat reminds me of them.
    Glad you saved your pots. Enjoy your guests.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Is there no end to your talents? Such excellent sketches!

    Loved your outfits with the wonderful bijouterie and who can resist an orange mac? Not you and not me!

    Hope the weather is behaving itself.

  7. Wow! I love your sketches. You are talented. You own the most fabulous trousers.
    Sorry to hear about that hail, we've got some threatened for tomorrow - just when we're building our festival shop - I hope it comes to nothing! xxx

  8. What a vivid color combination.
    I love the trench coat so much. It's ideal for the windy and sometimes even rainy summer days.
    Lovely one.

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