martes, 17 de julio de 2018

light layers & bijouterie

Summer is here to stay so I've fully entered into a 'minimum effort' dressing. This means light layers, comfy sandals and a pretty relaxed attitude (actually, there's nothing new about the whole thing). But it also means that my 'bijouterie' (I know you like this word ;DD) is even more important than usual, as sometimes it's the one and only layer over a simple tunic or dress.
Joining Patti and the visibles for another fabulous Visible Monday and linking Fake It Until You Make It!

Ya ha llegado el verano en toda su plenitud, así que yo he pasado al mínimo esfuerzo a la hora de vestirme. Lo que significa tejidos ligeros, poca superposición, sandalias cómodas y una actitud muy relajada (en realidad, no tiene nada de distinto de lo habitual!). Pero también significa que la bisutería sale a relucir aún más que de costumbre, porque a veces es lo único que llevas sobre un vestido sencillo o una túnica.
Enlazo al Visible Monday y también al Fake It Until You Make It!

- linen dress as a summercoat, second hand (previously) / vestido de lino a modo de sobretodo, de segunda mano (previously)
- leggings, La Redoute (old)
- Straw bag, Etsy / bolso de paja
- sandals, Inter-Bios (old) / sandalias
- pendant, Silvereira (old) / colgante
- top, Festa (old)

- top, Festa (new)
- pants, old and shortened / pantalones viejos, recortados
- crochet cardi, by myself / chaqueta de ganchillo, hecha por mí
- sandals, Chiruca (outlet) / sandalias
- bag, Matties (old) / bolso
- earrings, Silvereira (old) / pendientes
- necklace, Sfera (years ago) / collar, de hace años

Concerning bijouterie, I would like to have a tidy collection but all I have is a messy mix of boxes and baskets and hangers which I have to organize. I like displays or racks, as these that Vronni posted, but I'm not dusting so much as it would require (lazy!), so drawers and boxes are my best option. Consider this as a 'before' picture, because I'm going to tidy up this mess.
Thanks to Suzanne for telling me to post about this!

A propósito de la bisutería, me gustaría tener una colección ordenada y pulcra, pero tengo esta mezcolanza de cajas y cestas y colgadores que tengo que organizar. Me gustan los expositores y rejillas, como estas del blog de Vronni, pero no soy muy de limpiar el polvo así que mejor me quedo con los cajones y cajas.
Y gracias a Suzanne por esta idea

14 comentarios:

  1. I was going to comment on the b word but you beat me to it! Love it.
    You jewellery collection looks rather like mine. I have earrings hanging in a frame and necklaces on a mug stand as well as assorted jewellery boxes. I suspect this is how most of us live.
    How can you stand a cardigan in Summer! I can barely wear a tshirt or a necklace!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. mwahaha, I was thinking on you!
      And I wore a cardi in a chilly evening (the one and only!) after some rain.

  2. You are looking fantastic, I hope you have a wonderful summertime. All your organised pieces look great, I really need to get mine organised like that!! Hope you have a lovely week x

  3. Of course I love bijouterie, both the word and the things ;-) How lovely to have a little peek into your collection. I am a tidy person by nature, but even I find it difficult to adequately store my "bijouterie", and consequently it's a bit all over the place, especially as I keep buying more. You are looking delightfully summery in both outfits. Love the necklaces and stack of bangles, which are so you! Besos xxx

    1. I love your sewing box collection and those cakes displays you have!

  4. Light layers and lots of vibrant colours are perfectly you, my dear! Your jewellery collection looks fabulous and not at all untidy - mine seems to sprawl over many surfaces and overspills out of its boxes too. I see it as a continuation of my flamboyant personality, and yours too!

    Anna x

    1. lovely that you think on me as a flamboyant personality too! I'm delighted!

  5. I used to wear lots of jewellery and the bolder my clothing choices got, the less jewellery I wear. Now it seems like I rarely wear any of it which is a shame because I have quite the collection.

    You always seem to manage to put together your outfits and jewellery with ease.

    I think your organizing system looks quite compact compared to mine. The idea of hanging the necklaces off the side of the dresser drawers is genius!


    1. mwhaha, I've never thought about my system as 'compact', I have to tell it to Mr.A. as he's always groaning about my things being spread all around several rooms!

  6. Monica I love your mix of pinks, purples and greens and your bijouterie is lovely!

    I rarely dust my jewellery collection and to be honest I've never noticed that it even gets dusty. I have 4 hooks for necklaces - now all too full and three necklace hangers - all full too! If I put things in boxes I forget about them so I have to have them on display. I'll need to add more hooks or something as the collection continues to grow...

    1. I totally agree on having things on display, I need to see all my options!

  7. I love your dress-as-duster and the long-length cardigan - that's an overall look I am really grooving on right now. Great colours, as always, Monica!

    I really like seeing your jewelry storage (bijouterie is a lovely word). The suction hooks on the glass and the side-hooks on the dresser are such a good idea. Is it always this neat? ;-P My favourite recent idea for storing bulking things like bangles and cuffs is a tiered cake tray! It works really well!

    1. I would like to find a tiered cake tray! I'll keep on visiting charities until I find one!

  8. Thanks for the peek at your jewellery collection. I have a jewellery display rack that I got from a store that went out of business that I hang my necklaces and bracelets on, and a ceramic hand for my rings. The only way things get worn regularly is if I can readily see them.