domingo, 12 de marzo de 2017

spring-like weekend

An incredibly warm weather has amazed us for some days, with lots of sun and spring-like temperatures. My allergies have been quite moderate, so I've kept on moving and enjoying some outdoors activities. And I've worn a new-for-me sundress, which I bought at a charity shop for 3€ some weeks ago. I think that it was doned because of some lining malfunction, which it was easily repaired; it's a typical cotton sundress, no iron needed, so it will be perfect for summertime. I've been very lucky!
Linking Visible Monday and wishing you a nice visible week!

Un tiempo buenísimo, totalmente increíble, nos ha dejado sorprendidos durante unos cuantos días, con montones de sol y temperaturas primaverales. Como mi alergia se ha mantenido muy moderada, he seguido con mis actividades de exterior. Y he estrenado un vestidito de verano que compré en una tienda de caridad, por 3 eurazos!, hace unas semanas. Creo que alguien lo donó porque tenía un problema en el forro, que venía cosido a la tela, pero es algo muy fácil de arreglar!. Es el típico vestido de algodón, que no necesita plancha, así que será prácticamente perfecto para el verano. Creo que estoy teniendo mucha suerte!
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- cardigan, La Redoute / chaqueta punto
- tights, Philippe Matignon (old) / medias
- mary janes, Hotter (old) / merceditas
- bag, by Eme (old) / bolso, Eme

We took the opportunity of having so warm weather to go on a excursion. We visited a famous monastery and some nearby little villages, enjoying some winter landscapes (they're more beautiful when everything is green, but then there are so many people!)

Hemos aprovechado la oportunidad de este tiempo tan bueno para salir de excursión y visitar un famoso monasterio y algunos pueblecitos de los alrededores, disfrutando de los paisajes invernales. Es todo mucho más bonito cuando está verde, pero entonces también hay mucha gente!

It's really difficult to take any picture in this lighting, sorry!
You can see how sparse snow was!. Usually there's a thick white coat on the mountains (it's March!), even over the monastery, and it could be difficult to arrive at it.

Es difícil sacar fotos con esta luz de contrastes tan duros, lo siento!
Se puede ver la poca nieve que hay. Normalmente, los montes están totalmente cubiertos de blanco en marzo, incluso el monasterio, y puede ser difícil llegar.

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  1. Beautiful travel pictures at the Monastery! And I love your new sun dress and how you styled it - with such a cute striped tee. Thanks for linking, xo


  2. So wonderful. What a beautiful place :)) Happy new week to you xxx

  3. That monastery and the surrounding scenery are absolutely spectacular. You both look wonderful.
    That yellow cardi is wonderfully Spring-like. xxx

  4. What a lovely place that monastery is and I absolutely love its spectacular location. I love the colourful pattern of your new-to-you sun dress, and you styled it absolutely brilliantly with that yellow cardie and blue opaques. It is very you: colourful and fun. Have a lovely week! Besos xxx

  5. What a fabulous bargain that dress was! I love both the pattern and the shape of it and can see how perfect it will be for the summer. It does remind me of a maxi skirt that I too found in a charity shop last year which was equally exciting for me.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely shots of the scenery - so breath taking.

    Have a fab week x

  6. Do you know, I've been looking for a warm yellow cardigan for months now - yours is perfect! I love your sundress; what a wonderful pattern and such lovely colours. You look very spring like in your outfit.

    The monastery with the mountains in the background looks wonderful. I hope you have more warm, sunny days to enjoy.


  7. I love a bargain Monica!
    This is a fabulously colourful look and I am sure you can guess that I LOVE your mustard/yellow cardigan.... cleverly made to suit you with your pink scarf (love these tricks).
    Bold and delightful as always....that is why I love your style so much!! :o*
    Fake Fabulous | Fashion & Style, over 40

  8. Is it possible for an American to purchase any of the clothes you wear? I just love your style!!

    1. thank you for your lovely comment!
      As a huge fan of purchasing online (eBay!!), I think that Everything Is Possible!!