viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

shoes & tights

I've been at home for two long days, because of a shoulder and neck pain, which has let me unable to make anything. I'm feeling better now, but still lying on the sofa. So there's not any new outfit to show, but I've found something interesting from the cutting room floor. So, I'm sharing these pictures of my wardrobe, just a picture of my maryjanes (which I would like to have in many other colors!), a picture of my bold color tights in their drawer, and a picture of my (principal) wardrobe. It's like a Doors Open Day!

He tenido que quedarme en casa durante dos (largos) días, por un dolor de hombro y cuello, que me ha dejado incapaz de hacer nada. Estoy mejor ahora, pero todavía sin moverme del sofá. Así que no hay ninguna foto nueva que mostrar, pero he repescado alguna cosa interesante. Voy a compartir estas fotos de mi guardarropa, una foto de mis merceditas (que me encantaría tener en muchos otros colores), una foto de mis medias de colores en su cajón, y una foto de mi armario (una parte sólo). Es como un día de puertas abiertas!

(I think it looks like lovely Polyester Princess's heading, which I like so much!)
(And thanks to Veronica for the idea of showing my maryjanes!)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your shoulder and neck pain, Monica. Hope you'll feel better soon. Maybe a careful virtual hug from Belgium will help ;-) I loved looking at your cutting room floor pictures. Here I was, catching up with my blog reading on the tram home, when I saw your wardrobe photo. I thought it looked a bit like mine! Only then did I read what you'd written at the end. I had a big grin on my face all the way home! Mil besos xxx

  2. One of my friends is suffering from the same affliction, she says that the chiropractor is really helping her (although the cost is eye watering!) I love your collection of shoes and your fabulously zingy wardrobe, it's enough to cheer anybody up.
    Feel better soon! xxx

  3. Gosh, you need a blue pair of Mary Janes, Monika! What a fab collection you have.

    I love how you've organised your tights; mine is similar but the drawers are smaller and I roll mine; perhaps I should try folding them?

    Such a colourful wardrobe but then I would expect nothing less!

    I do hope your sore shoulder and neck improve and that you have a lovely weekend.


  4. que bonitos zapatos y que ordenada¡¡¡¡

  5. Mejórate tesoro, pero como no hay mal que por bien no venga, aquí tenemos todos tus tesoros.
    Un abrazo de los grandes

  6. Shoes.
    Probably my two favourite things!
    Add colour and I am happy.
    I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.
    Lots of warm wishes heading your way Monica. XXX

  7. I'm so sorry to hear of the shoulder and neck pain - I am having similar problems right now. You have an impressive collection of mary janes and colourful tights. I enjoy getting a glimpse of other people's closets ;)

  8. I hope you continue to feel much better, take care. This is wonderful. Love all the shoes x

  9. I hope you are better, my dear!! It was such a great fun to have a look into your wardrobe - love the colors! And you give me an idea how to store my tights in a more effective way. Love the MaryJanes collection!