lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

before the heat

We're under a heat wave and temperatures are increasing up to 95ºF, which is oficially yellow alert (not so bad than orange or red alert!). As you can imagine because of long sleeves, I'm showing you something I worn before the heat!, but not so different of what I'm wearing these days.
When there's so much hot than layering is uncomfortable, I like to use bijouterie as a layered element, to add interest. I always pick floating fabrics, cotton gauze or linen are my best options, and I like to wear at least a short sleeve, to feel protected, because sun really burns!. I know that many people from northern countries embrace sun with happiness everytime it appears, but here sun really hurts! (we're used to say that 'best part of sunshine is a good shade')

Tenemos ola de calor y la temperatura está subiendo de los 35ºc, lo que es oficialmente alerta amarilla (no tan mala como una alerta naranja o roja!). Como podéis imaginar viéndome en manga larga, estas fotos son de antes del calorón, aunque en general no es tan distinto de lo que llevo estos días.
Cuando hace tanto calor que se vuelve incómodo llevar superposiciones, me gusta usar la bisutería como si fuera un elemento superpuesto más, para añadirle interés. Siempre escojo tejidos sueltos, sobre todo gasa de algodón y lino, que son lo más fresco, y me gusta llevar al menos una manguita corta, para sentirme protegida porque el sol me quema muchísimo. Ya sé que hay mucha gente que adora el verano y celebra cada rayo de sol, pero recordad que el sol hace mucho daño, según se dice 'lo mejor del sol, es la sombra'

- tunic shirt, 4x4 / camisa túnica
- pants, old and dyed / pantalón viejo, teñido
- new sandals, shoes factory's warehouse / sandalias nuevas, almacén de una fábrica de zapatos
- crochet starfishes / estrellas de mar de ganchillo
- necklace, Dayaday (old) / collar

Have a nice & cool week!
Que tengáis una semana fresquita y chula!

9 comentarios:

  1. Such glorious shades of blue, turquoise and purple, and your jewelry collection is spectacular! These sandals look so fun and really comfy too. I just bought me a new pair of sandals - more options, not only Crocs any more for hot days. :) You'll probably like them too.

    I lived in such climates for most of my life where Winter is too cold, and Summer is too hot, that I do appreciate living in the mild climate now. (90 F here is considered VERY hot, imagine that? :)

  2. Preciosa la blusa y las estrellas de mar. Por A Coruña también estamos cerca de los 30º y no es muy habitual aquí. Ánimo con el calor.

    Besos, Jasmine

  3. Andar por esas calle contigo en flor, ummmmmmmmmmmmm , un sueño.
    quizás algun día
    Si vienes por Málaga, ya sabes que te espero.

  4. Yay! We've got the same weather. I've just come inside for another litre of water, this sunbathing is hard work!
    Looking cool and delightful in those wonderful shades of blue. xxx

  5. It's been really hot here too (too much for me!) I love the colours and splashy, painterly print of your shirt, you look cool and oh so stylish. xxx

  6. Those of you across the ocean seem to be getting all the heat these days, where we are getting rain, rain, and more rain. I love the colours in your shirt and the accessories you're wearing, especially the starfish! I've been looking all summer for sandals that are stylish AND comfortable - the ones you're wearing are so cool, what brand are they??

    1. they're Inter-Bios, a spanish brand, they've got a website, but it's quite unuseful!. I didn't find out if they're selling in Usa or Canada.
      besos & suerte

  7. I always love seeing the starfish on your head, and for me that gives the whole outfit a tropical, underwater feeling. Gorgeous. We have heat here too, Vancouver, and I do my best to cover up top to toe - that sun is deadly. Good luck staying cool!

  8. Love these colours and your starfish are perfect!! I hope you can keep cool under the strong heat!! Happy weekend x