lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

real life & turquoise pants

Real Life, once more, and pictures taken with a mobile, because I'm a bad blogger and didn't want to put my camera into my overloaded bag when I went out in the morning. But my back was not harmed in the making of this post.
I'm wearing my new floral pants a lot, and washing them a lot (obviously), but the colors are not fading as I was afraid of!. Sometimes beautiful prints are not so resistant as I would like. So these pants are becoming a favorite of mine!
Green, turquoise, denim, yellow and purple were involved into this outfit for no particular reason.

De nuevo, un poco de Vida Real, y unas fotos tomadas con el móvil, porque soy una mala blogger y no quise llevar la cámara en el bolso, que ya pesaba lo suyo. Pero mi espalda no resultó dañada en la realización de este post.
Estoy poniéndome estos pantalones un montón, y lavándolos también un montón (evidentemente), pero los colores no se están apagando, como temía, porque muy a menudo los estampados chulos no son todo lo resistentes que a una le gustaría.
Así que estos pantalones ya son de mis favoritos!
He mezclado verde, turquesa, vaquero, amarillo y morado, sin darme ni cuenta!

- pants, Los Telares / pantalón
- old sleeveless denim shirt / camisa sin mangas antigüita
- yellow cardi, ebay / chaquetita amarilla
- green leather jacket, ebay / chaqueta cuero verde
- shawl, Punto Roma (old) / chal
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas

7 comentarios:

  1. Estas guapísima e ¡ideales los pantalones ¡

  2. Hola! You always have the coolest jewelry and I'm glad you didn't hurt your back in the process of this post! I always forget to carry my camera and since my cell phone is a cheapy one I don't have that as an option.

  3. Estás guapísima y hoy en día la calidad de las fotos de móvil son increibles, como las tuyas.
    Besos siempre reina

  4. I'm glad those incredible trousers are holding up! I don't mind how often you wear them, they look different every time with your amazing accessorising skills! xxx

  5. It's very disappointing when you have an item of clothing you love and wear often, but then it fades in the wash, so it's good to hear the pants are retaining their colour. They do go with everything!

  6. You look marvellous...I always dislike when things fade in the wash, even when I follow the directions. xx

  7. Yes, isn't it great when a piece of clothing surprises in a good way? Hurrah for colour-fast pants, and such wonderful colours and patterns they have too. Your cellphone takes great photos, but look what you're wearing - you can't go wrong!