martes, 9 de junio de 2015

walking as usual

As part of my usual routines, one of the things I'm starting over is walking. And this is how I look when going for a walk, including some bijouterie (and a hat)!. I've realized some people stares at me, but I'm not going to stop wearing colors, bracelets or hats, because of random people.

Como parte de mi rutina, una de las cosas que estoy retomando es salir a caminar. Y esta es la pinta que tengo cuando salgo a dar un paseo, incluyendo la bisutería (y el sombrero). Me he dado cuenta de que alguna gente se me queda mirando, pero no voy a dejar de llevar colores, pulseras o sombreros, por causa de la gente.

The town was getting ready for a local celebration, and it was a pre-festive atmosphere!

La ciudad se prepara para celebrar una fiesta local, así que había un ambiente pre-festivo!

5 comentarios:

  1. I do enjoy when you share your walks! Such gorgeous town streets, and parks, and your amazing colorful outfits! You are one of my strong inspirations with bright colors, and I'm so happy you won't stop being the colorful you because of some random people who stare. Let them, if they have nothing better to do. :) On the other hand, maybe someone stares because they feel inspired by you! xxxxx

  2. People stare because you look as beautiful as the view. Seeing you adds to a wonderful day out! xxx

  3. Love your purple tennies! I think walks are the perfect exercise. People go to gyms and pay so much for monthly memberships at fancy places but I think walking is the best way to go, and it's free for goodness sakes!

  4. You look fantastic, love those shoes and your walk area looks splendid, I need a walk here :)) xx

  5. Love those narrow paths, and your fabulous colourful outfit. Let them stare - they wish they were as bold and beautiful as you! xxx