sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014

share-in-style: music

There's some music inspiration all around blogosphere these days, some classics at The Secondhand Years, and some African Royals at The Citizen Rosebud. And, of course, it's time to Fabulous Share-In-Style:Music at Mis Papelicos
I was thinking about sharing some rock&roll inspiration, and The Clash is one of my favorite bands, but it's too difficult to create a homage to their style. So I've picked another style as inspiration, black&white, which has been used as a signature by many bands. The Hives meet Janelle Monae!!

Hay un montón de inspiración musical rodando por la blogosfera actualmente, algo más clásica en The Secondhand Years y también en The Citizen Rosebud. Y, por supuesto, es el momento del fabuloso Share in Style: Music en Mis Papelicos
Estaba pensando en compartir algo inspirado en el rock&roll, y The Clash es uno de mis grupos favoritos, pero es difícil crear algo actual para homenajear su estilo. Así que he preferido inspirarme en algo distinto, el blanco&negro, que muchas bandas han usado como seña de identidad. The Hives se mezclan con Janelle Monae!!

- old puffy coat, Anne Weyburn (La Redoute) / el habitual abrigo acolchado
- jacket, October (very old) / chaqueta, antigüita
- white jeans, La Redoute (old) / vaqueros blancos
- booties, Clarks (old) / botines
- striped t-shirt, C&A (old) / camiseta rayas
- bag, Emily The Strange (old) / bolso
- umbrella, Casa / paraguas

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  1. It's so unusual to see you without your trademark colour combinations, but goodness, you do look stunning in black and white! Fabulously cool, and the shot of red from your hair makes it even better, love it! xxx

  2. You look so good, I love this look, very different to your usual but extremely stylish! Love The Clash. xxx

  3. You are a symphony in black and white. How unusual not to see color on you, but this looks very stylish.

  4. Seeing The Clash was one on the best concerts ever. 1978(maybe)

    1. you watched The Clash!!!!! wouuuu, you're my master now!!!!!

  5. I just love your look!!! Very artistic and inspired!

  6. I recently posted about wanting to purge my closet to all black and white so I could DRESS LIKE THIS!!!!! Fabulous! I still might have to do it, even if it's just for a week. You have inspired me and you look totally fabulous. XXOO

  7. I love your hair with the red! Looking lovely in black and white. The Clash was big here in Minneapolis too during the '80's. I think my husband went to watch them. I remember the music all over art school in those days.

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Oh Yeah! I'm totally getting the rock and roll vibe here! I have to tell ya, I love your umbrella. I used to have one jsut like it, many, many years ago!

  9. These photos turned out perfectly! The white skinny jeans are stunning!