jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

polka dots & sunshine

Once more, I've got a cold and felt quite miserable for some days, particularly because I stayed in bed for a whole day, just coughing and using a ton of tissues.
But I'm sharing last week's pics, when weather was warmer and I was wearing my polka dot dress with some sunny colors!. I would like to return to my usual activities, whatever the weather, and recover my voice (I still sound hoarse like a toad!)

De nuevo, he cogido un catarro y he estado derrotada unos cuantos días, en especial porque me he tenido que quedar en la cama un día entero, ahí, tosiendo y usando como una tonelada de pañuelos de papel. Nada divertido!
Pero estas son fotos de la semana pasada, cuando el tiempo estaba mucho más templado, y me puse este vestido de lunares y unos colores muy soleados. Me gustaría volver a mi vida habitual, con cualquier tiempo que haga, y recobrar mi voz (estoy todavía más ronca que un sapo!)

- old second hand coat / abrigo antigüito de segunda mano
- dress, C&A (old) / vestido
- turtleneck, Locaderremate / cuello vuelto
- cardigan, ebay / chaquetita punto
- tights, El Corte Inglés / medias
- maryjanes, El Naturalista (old) / merceditas
- necklace, Aïta (old) / collar
- scarf, DayADay (old) / pañuelo
- bracelets, flea markets, Dayaday / pulseras, de mercadillo y Dayaday
- beret and bag, retail / boina y bolso, detall

11 comentarios:

  1. You look gorgeous, I love the blue with these orange tights, they both compliment each other so well. I am sorry to hear you are unwell...I really dislike being unwell, so I hope you get better soon & send you lots of get-well wishes & hugs xx

  2. Sorry you've been under the weather, you look gorgeous in your polka dots and funky knitwear. Feel better soon. x

  3. Navy looks so good with orange and yellow - and polka dots! What a shame that you have been ill, I hope you feel much better soon. xxx

  4. Ah lunares, me encanta el vestido!!! los lunares me gustan muchísimo

  5. As usual, what an inspired color combination! I love the long necklace too. Get well soon!!

  6. How dare those germs invade your fabulous personal space!! Give them the finger with your FABULOUS Le Chat Noir ring. Today is lovely and rainy here at last, I'm hoping for a cold winter this year and your beautiful coat and GLORIOUS tights are calling me! xoxoxoxo

  7. Oh my kitten, you need more rest and love for a quick recovery! But you looked so fabulous last week. The city cries out for you to dance through her streets in your colours again. Hugs.

  8. I love your outfit and the colours! Navy is one of my favourites paired with bright colours-more so than black-and I love navy with mustard like your cardigan. The orange of your tights is my favourite shade of orange too, deep and rich. Get better soon!

  9. espero que te recuperes pronto

  10. I am so sorry you have another cold - believe me, I understand what you're going through. It took almost two and a half months before I finally feel back to normal, and I still cough occasionally. I love the combination of the blue with orange and yellow. Your outfits are always so cheerful and bright!

  11. Argh... now it's my turn to get another cold. I hope yours is gone by now...
    I love this outfit, the colours navy and orange and all the other in between are just beautiful!