lunes, 25 de diciembre de 2023

Festive Season?

Last time I was sick with a viral gastroenteritis it happened a few days before a non refundable and highly expected travel (we finally enjoyed our travel, even if I was still not feeling my best). People my age usually have learnt not to take anything for granted (particularly their health!). So I didn't feel surprised when I've got sick just before the Festive Season (in my opinion, there's not any good season to be sick, but holidays is the worst one). I can take it as a chance for a non alcoholic and non overfed celebration (something I try every year, ending with uneven results), even if my parents have arrived to my home and probably Mr.A.'s parents will come for New Years Eve too (fully booked!).

La última vez que tuve gastroenteritis vírica me pasó justo unos días antes de un viaje que tenía planeado con mucha ilusión (y que no era reembolsable). Al final pudimos disfrutar del viaje, aunque tampoco estaba yo en mi mejor momento. En realidad, la gente de mi edad ya suele estar acostumbrada a que la salud sea algo que no está garantizado. Así que tampoco es sorprendente ponerse enferma y justo antes de esta Bonita Época Festiva (/ironía). Aunque ninguna época es buena para ponerse malo, las vacaciones son la peor. Me lo puedo tomar como una oportunidad para tener unas celebraciones bajas en alcohol y sin cebarse, algo que intento cada año con desiguales resultados, aunque tenga en casa a mis padres.
This is something I wore last week, some usual winter pieces as it was a chilly day. Vintage wool skirt by Escada (found it in a street market), massive shirt was another second hand find, tights by Snag, Adidas sneakers, coat was acquired retail (label Sophiacurvy).
I'm thinking of fitting that massive shirt to create a tunic-dress style, instead of that oversized-boxy shape. It's not difficult but probably it's going to take me ages to find the time to do it!

Esto me lo puse la semana pasada, prendas de invierno habituales, ya que estaba fresquete. La falda es vintage de Escada, encontrada en un mercadillo, la camisa enorme también es de segunda mano, medias Snag, zapatillas Adidas, abrigo de una tienda local (marca Sophiacurvy)
Creo que voy a darle una vuelta a esta camisa, la ajustaré para crear una túnica-vestido en vez de este corte cuadrado que tiene. No es difícil, pero seguro que me lleva siglos encontrar el momento de ponerme a hacerlo.
I wore again that puffer jacket!, totally into an 'orange is the new orange' mood. And I'm making the most of some unseasonable sunny days!. That green pullover was my last crochet creation (pattern here), I like to try new patterns!. That Skirt was shopped decades ago (René Derhy for LaRedoute) and I wore it to attend four different weddings (my investment was amortised in a pair of years!). Then it was welcomed into my 'weekday wardrobe' and I still wear it frequently. Tights by Snag. Adidas sneakers. Wool scarf acquired at an artisan market. Usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal.

De nuevo la chaqueta acolchada, estoy en modo 'el naranja es el nuevo naranja'. Y además aprovechando unos días soleados!. Este jersey verde es mi última creación en ganchillo (el patrón aquí, me gusta probar nuevos patrones. La falda la compré hace décadas (René Derhy para LaRedoute) y me la puse para cuatro bodas distintas, con lo que la amorticé en menos de dos años. Luego ya pasó a ropa de diario y aún me la pongo frecuentemente, ha sido una buena inversión!. Las medias son de Snag, zapatillas Adidas, y pañuelo de lana de un mercadillo artesano. El habitual bolso de corcho de Fine Cork Portugal.
Another repeat offender is that colourful skirt (I made it of a dress, a decade ago), that I've worn in a similar colour combo a lot of times. Red cardi by LaRedoute, striped t-shirt CandA, tights by Snag, Adidas sneakers.

Otro reincidente es esta falda colorida (hecha de un vestido, la tengo hace diez años lo menos), que me he puesto en combinación de color muy parecida un montón de veces. Chaqueta de punto roja de LaRedoute, camiseta de rayas CandA, medias Snag, Zapatillas Adidas.
Wish you a Fabulous Festive Season, whatever you decide to do!

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  1. I'm sorry you got sick just before the Festive Season, Monica! I am coming to you in sympathy, though, as I got a nasty head cold which decided to rear its head on Christmas Day! I am already feeling much better today though.
    I am much cheered up by seeing all your fabulous and colourful outfits, my favourite here being the colourful skirt made from a dress with that gorgeous green striped jumper.
    I do hope you'll feel better in time to enjoy your family get-together, my friend!
    Wishing you and Mr. A. Happy Holidays and a healthy and happy New Year! Mil besos xxx

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick!
    I'm still under the weather.
    I worked too hard.
    Happy holidays.

  3. I'm so sorry that you were struck down by the lurgy over Xmas. You're right, whatever age we are we need to make the most of every opportunity when we can, you never know when sickness might strike. Jon's been struggling with a cold since 22nd December and kindly passed it on to me, luckily mine only lasted for 24 hours!
    You certainly look well in those gloriously colourful outfits and the photo of you and Mr A enjoying wine and tapas is fabulous! Feliz Navidad! xxx

  4. Oh dear, sorry to hear you weren't very well and hope you're recovering well. You have a full house for the festive season. Loving the outfits; the new crochet sweater is gorgeous. I love the shirt but if you do decided to turn it into a tunic good luck! Happy New Year to you and Mr A.

  5. Feliz Navidad to you, Monica! I hope you're feeling better and that you had a joyous New Year's! I'm sorry I haven't been around (I've bookmarked you so that I visit more regularly).

  6. The orange puffer jacket and green top look great together. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.