lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2022

November Week

It's a cliché (but true) that time flies, so another week has gone and November is almost over!. I've been feeling a little bit perplexed because of the sudden cold and rainy weather, as we had been living in a neverending summer until last week. But finally I've stored the last bunch of summery clothes and welcomed Autumn in the form of coats and tights. Isn't it shocking?!

Es un topicazo (pero también es verdad) que el tiempo vuela, así que se ha ido otra semana y el mes casi ha acabado. Por mi parte, el cambio de tiempo me ha dejado muy desconcertada, este frío de repente después de vivir en lo que parecía un verano interminable. Pero todo llega a su final, así que ya he guardado toda la ropa veraniega y dado la bienvenida al otoño, los abrigos y las medias. ¿No es chocante?.
I've kept this beach tunic in my wardrobe, as it layers nicely over a black turtleneck. And obviously I have matchy tights (by Snag), and a black skirt too. That beach tunic was acquired (second hand) at Sunday street market in July. Old boots by Treksta (outlet). Coat was shopped retail last year, label Sophiacurvy. Pendant by Ciclón. Usual bag by Emily The Strange (old). Block printed scarf, retail (old)

Esta túnica playera sigue en mi armario todo el año, ya que puedo llevarla sobre un cuello vuelto negro. Y evidentemente tengo unas medias que combinan (Snag) y una faldita negra también. La túnica la compré en el mercadillo, de segunda mano, en Julio. Botas negras de Treksta (hace años). Abrigo de una tienda local, marca Sophiacurvy. Colgante de Ciclón. El bolso de siempre de Emily The Strange. Pañuelo estampado, tienda local (antiguo también).
This is a really comfy outfit I wore to go to work in a rainy day (don't be fooled by sunnies!), then I went home and stayed there for the whole day (which is really unusual!). This dress was acquired at CandA last year when on vacation. Shoes-sneakers by Chiruca (old). Puff Coat by La Redoute (ages ago). Orange sarong as a scarf. Necklace was a present. Usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal.

Esto es lo que me puse para ir a trabajar un día lluvioso (no os dejéis engañar por las gafas de sol!), algo muy cómodo, y luego me metí en casa y no salí en todo el día (algo raro!). El vestido es del CandA comprado el año pasado cuando estaba de vacaciones. Zapatillas de Chiruca. Acolchado de La Redoute (hace siglos). Pareo naranja a modo de chal. Collar fue un regalo. Y el habitual bolso de corcho de Fine Cork Portugal.
As I've been organising my wardrobe and making room for the winter clothes, I've realized that I own many skirts and that most of them are in the summery side. So it's time to make the most of them before Winter Rears Its Ugly Head. This skirt was sewed by me years ago (I sewed same pattern multiple times, as I'm not very skilled!). Both cardi-jacket and black shirt came from Sunday street market (second hand) in different occasions, and shirt was shortened and fitted by me. Fake amber beads by Aïta (ages ago) and bird brooch by a local artisan. Camper shoes and Coat by Seasalt.

He estado organizando mi armario y haciendo sitio para la ropa de invierno, y me he dado cuanta de que tengo muchas faldas y que muchas de ellas son más bien de verano. Así que tengo que aprovechar a ponérmelas antes de que el invierno llegue del todo. Esta falda es una de las que me cosí yo misma hace unos años (repetí el mismo patrón con telas diferentes, ya que no soy muy hábil como costurera). La chaqueta y la camisa son ambas del mercadillo, aunque compradas en diferentes ocasiones, y luego reformé un poco la camisa, recortándola y ajustándola. El collar de ámbar falso es de Aïta de hace siglos, y el broche de pájaro es de una creadora local. Zapatos Camper y abrigo de Seasalt.
I was totally in a 'Fancy Friday' mood so wore my skull dress and new shoes by Camper. Totally a Jammy Dress (as Sheila uses to say) only it has no pockets!. It's a second hand dress that I took to a local designer to be jazzed up. I always wear this dress with striped tights, it's difficult to find a better plan!. Tights by Snag. Scarf was shopped retail ages ago. Once more, don't be fooled by sunnies, it was a cold and rainy day. I put on my sunnies the moment a ray of sun appears, not only because my eyes are sensitive, but also because Sunnies Are The Best Concealer Ever. ;D

El viernes me dió por ponerme algo más animado así que me puse este vestido tan vistoso y mis zapatos nuevos de Camper. Este tipo de vestidos fáciles de combinar que te arreglan el día, son los que Sheila llama Jammy Dress, gran idea!. ¡Sólo le faltan los bolsillos!. Es un vestido de segunda mano que llevé a Ramonak Workshop para añadirle algo de vidilla. Siempre me lo pongo con medias de rayas, pero es que es difícil encontrar una idea mejor!. Las medias son de Snag. El pañuelo es de una tienda local y tiene años. De nuevo, no os dejéis engañar por las gafas de sol, hacía fresquete y llovía. Pero yo me pongo gafas de sol en el momento en que sale un rayito de sol, no sólo porque tengo ojos sensibles, también porque las gafas de sol son mejor que ningún corrector que exista.;D
Have a fabulous week!

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  1. The weather has turned wet and cold here as well, and I too have finally finished my wardrobe changeover last weekend!
    I love how you Winterized that gorgeous beach tunic. It looks stunning with the black polo neck and skirt and that delightful shade of tights. Your "dotty" coat is always a sight for sore eyes!
    The C&A dress worn with orange is gorgeous too, and how fabulous is the third outfit built around the made-by-you Summer skirt. Such a lovely symphony of blues!
    The skull dress is indeed the perfect jammy dress - although sadly no pockets - and how cute are those striped tights!
    Wishing you a great week ahead, Monica! Besos xxx

  2. What lovely outfits! I loved the pink beach dress with the black skirt and matching tights; the orange outfit was superb and I loved the skirt and top and the amazing skull and crossbones dress with the red and black accessories. The local artisan made brooch is just beautiful. If you ever get fed up of the spotty coat remember me - I love it!

    The colder weather does come as a bit of a shock but at least you have the wardrobe to meet it.

    Have a great week,

  3. Fantastic Autumnal outfits! I'm always delighted to see the waxed cotton skirt and the Emily the Strange bag, they are old favourites and the pink beach top is an absolute joy!
    I've had enough of this wet, dismal weather already! xxx

  4. Aw, you are a dear - thank you for the shout-out! I love how you're winterizing your summery pieces by layering them. I use the old "black tights and black turtleneck" formula as well - I'm wearing a red turtleneck today under a black thin silk tunic, as a matter of fact! I love that pink cover-up with its "wings" - so fun! Hooray for Jammy Dresses!