lunes, 17 de octubre de 2022

Summery Autumn

Even if the calendar tells us it's Autumn, it looks like a neverending Summer here in the sunny Spain (irony/). Our weather is unseasonably warm and the drought is becoming a serious problem, but I have to recognise (frivolously) that it feels good. And the heating is still not needed. We can call it a silver lining (even a golden one!)
Actually, the large thermal oscillation between day and night (8ºC in the early morning and then 29ºC in the evening) means that most people have to change their clothes from coats to sandals. But the balmy evenings are perfect for a walk and also for some social life, so I've been meeting friends and spending time at terraces. We had a holiday bank in the middle of last week, and made the most of it too!.

Aunque el calendario diga que estamos en otoño, parece un eterno verano por estos lares. Este clima tan impropio de la época del año se añade a la sequía que se está volviendo un problema grave. Pero hay que reconocer (un tanto frívolamente) que sienta bien. Y también que no hay que poner la calefacción. Podemos considerarlo como el lado bueno, de hecho buenísimo.
En realidad, con la oscilación térmica que hay, de los 8ºC temprano por la mañana a los 29ºC a media tarde, hay que cambiarse del abrigo a las sandalias. Pero estas tardes cálidas son perfectas para pasear y también para la vida social, así que he estado quedando en las terrazas. Y además tuvimos un festivo en medio de la semana, que aprovechamos también.
These trousers were recently purchased second hand and you can see they're massive, strangely shaped, bold colour and pockets, so they tick all the right boxes (in my book!). 2€ well expended.
I wore them with a striped t-shirt from a clearance sale and my twenty-something years old jacket. Maryjanes by Clarks (old) and my new cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal.

Estos pantalones han sido una compra reciente, de segunda mano, y podéis ver que son enormes, con un corte peculiar, un color fuerte y bolsillos, así que cumplen todos los requisitos (para mi gusto, claro!). 2€ bien gastados.
La camiseta de rayas es de una liquidación y llevo una chaqueta que tiene más de veinte años. Las merceditas son de Clarks (antigüitas) y el bolso nuevo de corcho de Fine Cork Portugal.
Matchy-matchiness and some layers on Tuesday. Trousers revamped by me (added stripes of fabric to make them wider), jacket from eBay (second hand), short sleeved cardi by La Redoute (old) and a second hand shirt. Usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal, that I wear almost everyday in the autumn-winter season.

Muy conjuntada y con muchas capas el martes. Pantalón reformado añadiendo unas tiras de tela a los lados, chaqueta de eBay (segunda mano), chaquetita de manga corta de La Redoute (vieja) y una camisa de segunda mano. El mismo bolso de siempre, de Fine Cork Portugal, que llevo casi cada día en otoño-invierno.
I wore this same outfit previously, but couldn't photograph it properly. Wearing for the first time some fishnets by Snag with sandals (Yokono) and my 80's skirt that nobody understand why I like so much. Second hand black shirt and a kimono-jacket by Eme. Bag by Emily The Strange (ages ago).

Ya había llevado esto mismo anteriormente, pero no pude sacarle fotos en condiciones. Y estrenaba estas medias de rejilla de Snag con unas sandalias de Yokono y mi falda ochentera que nadie entiende porqué me gusta. Camisa negra de segunda mano y una chaqueta-kimono de Eme, y bolso de Emily The Strange de hace siglos.
This is an old favourite outfit of mine, perfect for those days when feeling uninspired. The fake-dress is actually two pieces, but it started as a dress that I dismantled and revamped. Basic black tee. Pink sneakers by Adidas outlet (old). Some bijouterie by Ciclón. And my polka dots winter coat (retail) as it was a chilly morning. I changed into sandals after work!

Este es un conjunto que está entre mis favoritos, perfecto para días en que no estás muy inspirada. Lo que parece un vestido son dos piezas, pero empezó como vestido de segunda mano que reformé. Una camiseta básica negra. Zapatillas de Adidas outlet. Bisutería de Ciclón. Y el abrigo de lunares de invierno que compré el año pasado en una tienda local, ya que la mañana estaba fresquita. Luego me cambié a sandalias!
Another favourite of mine, my joyful tunic!. Some colours were added to cheer up my day at work!. A coat was needed in the morning again, but it was a sunny day and totally sandals weather in the evening!. Coat by Seasalt (years ago). Tunic by Antica Sartoria (retail, years ago). Trousers from a clearance sale (old). Sneakers by Reebok outlet, as usual. Scarf was a present by Mom.

Otro favorito, mi túnica 'alegría'. Y además le añadí más colores, para animar el día de oficina. Me hizo falta un abrigo por la mañana, de nuevo, pero estaba muy soleado y otra vez me cambié a sandalias por la tarde. Abrigo de Seasalt (hace años). Túnica de Antica Sartoria (de tienda local, hace años). Pantalón de una liquidación (antiguo). Zapatillas de Reebok outlet, como de costumbre. Pañuelo, un regalo de mamá.
Have a fabulous week, whatever the weather!

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  1. What a spectacular vista! That's a beautiful photo.
    We've had a couple of lovely days that have felt like Spring but it's 1°C this morning and I can see a glimmer of frost on the van window.
    I can understand why you love the 80s midi skirt so much. The print is so much fun. The harems look great and your folksy tunic with the red trousers and co-ord are all so colourful and inspiring. It's good to see that incredible giant spot coat again! xxx

  2. We too have had a couple of Summery days, but no way near 29°C. From 8 to 29°C is a huge difference in temperature, though, so shedding layers and changing one's footwear to sandals is the way forward!
    As always, I'm loving your wonderfully put together and colourful outfits, but my particularly favourites must be the massive trousers one, the two-piece which used to be a dress and the joyful tunic with the red trousers. Oh and I do love your 80s skirt too! I can totally understand why you fell for it! Besos xxx

  3. Fabulous sunset!

    I know it's due to global warming that your weather continues to be hot but you might as well make the most of it. Some lovely outfits here. The new trousers are amazing - what sort of material are they made of; I love the colour. That is best tunic and my favourite of all your tunics and tops. How perfectly does the scarf from your mum go with it? Loving the new cork bag and of course the wonderful spotted coat. I also really liked your one time two piece with the pink accessories. We've had a couple of unseasonably warm days the last few days, too.

    Have a great week,

    1. Glad you like these new trousers, they're made of cotton, a stiff cotton fabric. I'll show some details next time!
      The weather is so strange these days!

  4. Wow, look at that amazing sunset! We are having the same thing here on Canada's west coast - it's now the longest drought on record in Canada and is starting to impact communities up and down the coast, as they have to start conserving water for drinking. I know I should be wishing for rain, but I just can't say no to the summery sun! It's quite chilling in the morning, but up in the mid-20s by the time I leave work.

    Awesome outfits, Monica - those new blue trousers are total genie pants (a good thing in my book!). I love all your colourful ensembles. Your Emily bag always makes me smile!

  5. stunning sunset!
    totally love the bright blue trousers - a real statement piece. and the look with the fishnets - i do understand why you love the 80s skirt: it has a great lenght and gorgeous pattern.
    its 22° in the afternoon and 3° in the early morning here - but thankfull we had a lot of rain in september. it was not enough though, but it helped.......