lunes, 24 de octubre de 2022

Repeat, please

I wore these massive trousers again, repeat offender as I am. I don't know why people are so afraid of wearing same clothes twice or three times in a row. If I like an item, love to wear it as many times as possible, weather permitting. I have a small window of opportunity to wear these trousers, because they don't layer nicely (stiff cotton!) so it's now or never (actually, now or next year).

Como soy una reincidente, me puse otra vez los mismos pantalones enormes. Tampoco sé de dónde viene la obsesión de nunca repetir ropa y llevar cada día algo nuevo. Personalmente, si me gusta algo, me lo pongo tantas veces como pueda, si el tiempo lo permite. En este caso, tengo un corto espacio de tiempo que aprovechar, porque este pantalón no va a ser fácil de superponer en cuanto haga frío. Así que es ahora o nunca (más concretamente, es ahora o el año que viene!)
Both trousers and jacket are second hand and they came from Sunday street market (but a few months distance). Striped t-shirt, CandA (old). New sneakers by Camper!. Usual bag by Emily The Strange. Earrings: retail at Eme. Necklace, a present (80's vintage)

Ambos pantalón y chaqueta son de segunda mano del mercadillo del domingo (pero a meses de distancia). Camiseta de rayas, CandA (antigua). ¡Zapatillas NueVas de Camper!. El bolso de costumbre de Emily The Strange. Pendientes, de la tienda de Eme. Collar, un regalo (vintage ochentero)
Plaid jacket from a clearance sale (old). Shirt revamped by me. Second hand scarf from a charity market.

Chaquetón de cuadros de un outlet-liquidación. Camisa destruída por mí. Pañuelo de segunda mano de un mercadillo solidario.
We're still having some unseasonably warm weather, which leaves me with mixed feelings. I can't complain because it's lovely to go for a walk or sit on a terrace. But this is not actually 'good weather' and feels strange.
This is what I wore to go to work and then run errands in the evening. The lightweight trench by La Redoute is an old piece. Floral trousers came from Sunday street market (another recent find!). Maryjanes/sneakers by Allrounder (old). Usual cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal (old).

Todavía seguimos con este clima tan fuera de lo normal para esta época del año, mucho calor. Lo que me produce sensaciones contradictorias, porque es raro quejarse de lo bueno que hace para salir por ahí a caminar o sentarse en las terrazas. Pero en realidad ésto no es 'buen tiempo' y se hace rarísimo.
La semana pasada salí a hacer recados varios días por la tarde y llevé ropa cómoda. La gabardinita ligera es de La Redoute, de hace años. Pantalón de flores del mercadillo del domingo (otro reciente hallazgo). Merceditas-zapatillas, de Allrounder (hace años). El bolso de corcho de Fine Cork Portugal, de hace años.
This is my Sunday morning outfit, that I usually don't take photographs of. Something comfy I wore for a walk and a visit to the street market, where I bought a newspaper and some bread. I'm definitely old fashioned and buy some newspapers on weekends.
Both trousers and t-shirt are new-to-me (from a street market). Sneakers by Reebok (old). Self-sewed bag, made from some tablecloth fabric.

Esto es lo que llevaba el domingo por la mañana, el tipo de ropa cómoda que normalmente no fotografío, y que me pongo para caminar y luego visitar el mercadillo, donde compro la prensa y el pan. Soy así de anticuada, sigo comprando los periódicos el fin de semana.
Tanto el pantalón como la camiseta son de segunda mano. Zapatillas Reebok de hace años. Bolsito de costura casera, hecho de un sobrante de tela de mantel.
Have a fabulous week!

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  1. I'm a repeat offender too, particularly during the working week. Even if I'm wearing a dress I might change accessories and cardigan and wear it again the next day. You've got every reason to wear those magnificent massive trousers again, and I love the first outfit you created with them especially. That necklace is an absolute stunner!
    I'm also loving the floral trousers and your Sunday morning outfit, so thank you for sharing it.
    We buy a newspaper from a shop on weekdays, but have a weekend edition complete with extra supplements delivered to us. It comes out on Saturday and there isn't a newspaper on Sunday as a rule here in Belgium. Oh, and our weather is unseasonably warm as well and you're right, it does feel strange! xxx

  2. Those trousers need to be seen over and over again, their sculptural shape is fabulous.
    I blame IG for people feeling the need to change their look daily. If you feel good - and it's clean - why not repeat garments? All three of your outfits are fabulous and brighten up those already beautiful streets you roam.
    We keep being told that it's unseasonable mild here, too - at 16°C it's not sitting outside weather but it's lovely not to have to put the heating or or light a fire! xxx

  3. The trousers are fabulous. They remind of Moyru trousers; are you familiar with Moyru? Very expensive.....

    Wonderful colourful outfits. I love the new sneakers and all your colourful footwear. Loved the home made table cloth bag, too - it reminded me of Orla Kiely designs. Enjoy your good weather while you can.

  4. the bright blue trousers look fabulous in all of the outfits and suit you so well!
    i remember that wearing an evening dress more then once in a row was a "no go"...... but it seems an even more strange conception for day wear.
    love the combination of short trousers with a trenchcoat - its unexpected and fresh!
    i hear you with the always overheated buildings, i hate it and would be more then happy if this would end.... and mother nature too i guess.

  5. Those blue trousers might be my favourite item in your wardrobe of all time-they're wonderful.

  6. I love, love, love those trousers! OMG, they are so fun!