martes, 11 de octubre de 2022

October Week

Autumn is coming, which means no more sandals in the (chilly) mornings, even if I still wear them in the evenings. And it also means that jackets and cardigans are here to stay, some light layers are welcome!.
Last week I wore trousers almost all the time and also tried to create some ensembles around the jeans I acquired months ago (recently patched, as ragged knees are not my thing). Still considering if keeping them, as jeans are considerably difficult to style for me and they don't make me feel incredibly happy. I suspect that a friend of mine will benefit from these soon, and will style them better for sure!.

Llega el otoño, así que nada de sandalias, al menos por la mañana cuando hace más fresquito, pero sigo llevándolas por las tardes. También ha llegado el momento de sacar las chaquetas, y algunas capas y superposiciones.
La semana pasada me puse sobre todo pantalones y también intenté encontrar combinaciones con las que llevar estos jeans que compré hace ya meses. Les añadí parches para tapar las rodillas rotas, que me daban frío. Todavía no sé si me los voy a quedar, me da mucho trabajo integrarlos en mi estilo, y tampoco es que me entusiasmen muchísimo. Sospecho que alguna amiga mía se va a beneficiar, y seguramente los llevará más a gusto.
Jeans and red make a classic combo in my book, easy peasy!. But couldn't feel the fabulousness in this outfit. Jeans and jacket were second hand finds (jeans by H&M still with labels attached). Sneakers by Adidas outlet (retail shopped). Second hand blouse revamped by me. Necklace a present by my brilliant friend Sacramento. Brooches made by me.

En mi opinión, los jeans con color rojo son un clásico, y facilísimo de combinar, pero concretamente aquí no le veo la gracia como debería. Vaqueros y chaqueta son de segunda mano (los jeans de H&M todavía tenían la etiqueta puesta). Blusa de segunda mano también, reformada. Collar un regalo de la estelar Sacramento. Broches fabricación casera.
Feeling so much better in this pyjama-like trousers!, comfy, fab colour And pockets!, what else?. Not concerned about 'flattering' as much as I'm concerned about feeling happy and comfortable in my clothes.
Trackpants from a retail shop when in holidays in Lanzarote. Top sewed by me from a second hand blouse. Polka dots jacket, second hand. Yellow cardi, La Redoute (old). Sneakers, adidas outlet (old). Cork bag by Fine Cork Portugal (old). Necklace, a present by Veronica.

Mucho mejor con estos pantalones, que son cómodos como ir en pijama, en un color que me encanta y con Bolsillos, ¿qué más se puede pedir?. No me preocupa tanto si la ropa 'sienta bien' como que me haga sentir bien y cómoda, el factor comfort gana!.
Los pantalones son de una tiendecita en Lanzarote cuando estuve allí de vacaciones. Camiseta costura casera, hecha de una blusa de segunda mano. Chaqueta también segunda mano. Chaqueta amarilla, La Redoute (antigüita). Zapatillas, de adidas outlet. El bolso de corcho, de Fine Cork Portugal. El collar un regalo de Veronica.
These are also pyjama-like trousers, sporty but still interesting, that I like to wear on excursions and trips. I usually change into lighter layers and sandals after work as I've been going for a walk almost everyday. It feels great after a day at the computer, and I'm making the most of the warm days.

Estos pantalones también son como llevar un pijama, ropa deportiva y cómoda pero aún interesante, que me gusta mucho llevar en excursiones y viajes. Normalmente me quito capas y me pongo sandalias después del trabajo, para ir a caminar un rato cada tarde. Se siente una bien después de pasarse el día en el ordenador y se aprovechan los días de buen tiempo.
I gave jeans another try on Friday, and decided to wear some black and white, which is another classic colour combo. But these shoes almost killed my feet and made me remember why I had not wear them in the last years. Lots of band aids were used next days. Obviously, they have to go!. And I changed immediately into sandals for my evening urban walk to run errands.
Second hand black shirt. Second hand jacket (eBay), old. Shoes by Tuk. Bag by Emily The Strange (old). Second hand necklace.

Les dí otra oportunidad a los jeans el viernes, y me decidí por el blanco&negro, que es otra combinación de colores muy clásica. Pero los zapatos me destrozaron los pies y me hicieron acordarme de porqué no los había llevado en los últimos años. Montones de tiritas, y evidentemente, me voy a deshacer de ellos. Y por la tarde ya me cambié a sandalias para salir a dar un paseo por la ciudad y hacer recados.
Camisa negra de segunda mano. Chaqueta de segunda mano (eBay). Zapatos, Tuk. Bolso, Emily The Strange (antigüito). Collar de segunda mano.
Hope you're having a fabulous week!

6 comentarios:

  1. The jeans are cute, but if they don't feel like you, then all the accessories won't fix it. The red coral and shell necklace is incredible though!
    We're still warm, but as soon as the sun sets a coat is needed-well, I need it anyway. I hope your feet feel better.

  2. I echo the previous commentator, the jeans are great but if you're not feeling them and wearing them requires too much of an effort it's time to move them along, I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with them.
    The track pants and the printed ones are fabulous, styled to perfection - as ever. I'm sorry about those evil shoes rubbing your feet! xxx

  3. I haven't worn jeans in years and totally understand why you are not feeling them. Denim combined with red is indeed a classic combo, which I sometimes wear, but with a denim skirt instead of trousers. That track pants are such a gorgeous colour and look super comfortable, and I'm loving how you styled them with that gorgeous blouse and chunky knit yellow cardigan. The printed trousers are fabulous too, and very you! But no one needs shoes which are killing one's feet, surely. I've got rid of some offenders myself! Besos xxx

  4. I think you look fab in the jeans and I especially loved the jeans outfit with the black shirt and dark jacket - but if you don't like them they must go! What a shame about the shoes; I hate it when shoes do that it's so painful. I loved your patterned trousers and they look very comfortable to wear. I'm glad you're still having some warmth despite having to layer up in the mornings. I quite enjoy layering my clothes but you are most definitely the queen of layering!

  5. The jeans look great, especially if the red, but you look so much happier and more vibrant in your colourful trousers. Maybe the jeans need to find a new home with someone who loves them.

  6. I say give the jeans away! Whenever I give in and buy jeans (or a denim skirt, etc.) I always pass over 'em in favour of something more interesting. I just find jeans boring, and you look so much more "you" in your colourful trousers!