martes, 24 de mayo de 2022

spring & heatwave

The spring weather keeps being a conversation theme, as it's not only unpredictable, but also incredibly hot, totally Summer in Spring the whole week. And I'm talking about Real Summer, spanish style, so the temperatures rise up to 35ºC here in the north (and even higher in the south). We've had those (dusty and hot) southern winds again, which makes allergic symptoms more annoying. Not a huge fan of it, if you haven't noticed!
I've been wearing clothes from my 'heatwave capsule', road tested items that help to deal with hot weather. This self-sewed black&white dress is one of my favourites, lightweight and floaty!. I've added my 80's summer duster in the early morning (13ºC) but I have to carry it in my bag for most of my day. A friend commented that it looks a little bit Downton Abbey, which I loved. Actually, I've watched some episodes and loved the 20's costumes. So I kept this idea as an inspiration and wore a kimono over my dress the next day.

El clima primaveral sigue siendo tema de conversación, porque no sólo es impredecible, es que además ha hecho un calor totalmente fuera de lo normal, totalmente de verano. Verano como julio, me refiero, así que la temperatura ha subido de los 35ºC aquí en el norte, e incluso peor en el sur. Hemos tenido de nuevo viento sur, muy polvoriento, que hace empeorar las alergias. Por si no se nota, ¡no me gusta nada este tiempo!
He tenido que sacar la ropa de Ola De Calor, que son prendas que tengo reservadas para estas ocasiones. Este vestido blanco&negro es de costura casera, y me gusta mucho porque es ligerísimo y vaporoso. Le he añadido mi guardapolvo de los ochenta, porque por la mañana hacía 13ºC, luego tuve que llevarlo en el bolso todo el día. Una amiga me comentó que tenía un toque Downton Abbey, y me gustó la idea. Algo tiene que haber, porque he estado viendo algunos episodios y el vestuario años 20 me encanta. Así que decidí seguir con la inspiración y me puse un kimono sobre el vestido al día siguiente.
- patchwork dress, self sewed (during lockdown) / vestido de trozos, costura casera (durante el confinamiento)
- 80's duster, homegrown vintage / guardapolvo ochentero, de mi propia cosecha
- sandals, Wonders (old) / sandalias
- bag, Nonapapallona (years ago) / bolso, de Nonapapallona de hace años
- gauze dress, eBay (second hand) / vestido gasa, eBay, segunda mano
- 'scarves couture' kimono, self sewed (see it here) / kimono hecho con pañuelos, de costura casera (podéis verlo aquí)
- sandals, Chiruca (old) / sandalias
- straw bag, Etsy (some years old) / bolso de paja, de hace años
Not feeling my best these days, so I dressed up in some favourite colour combos, to turn my bad mood around (it doesn't work a miracle, but makes me feel better). Orange and purple to the rescue.

No estoy de muy buen humor estos días, así que recurrí a vestirme de algunos de mis colores favoritos, para animar un poco. Tampoco es que obre milagros, pero te sientes algo mejor. Naranja y morado al rescate!
- skirt and shirt, both from Sunday street market (second hand) / camisa y falda, del mercadillo del domingo (segunda mano)
- orange scarf, charity market-fair (old) / pañuelo naranja, de un mercadillo solidario
- orange top, Sunday street market (second hand H&M) / camiseta naranja, del mercadillo (H&M de segunda mano)
- shirt, homegrown vintage (80's) / falda, de mi propia cosecha vintage, de los 80
- sandals, Chiruca outlet / sandalias
Have a fabulous week!
Que paséis una buena semana.

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  1. Wow that's hot! You are looking fabulous in the lovely summery outfits. I adore your duster - what a wonderful garment and the patchwork dress went so well with it. Loved this look. Loved the pink dress and kimono and the purple skirts and orange tops - and you always have matching sandals/trainers! I am so wanting a straw bag but am resisting as it would encourage me to carry lots of stuff around with me.

    I hope the weather cools down soon...

  2. We've had temperatures nudging the high twenties, which I thought was bad enough, but 35°C definitely wouldn't have been my cup of tea! Hurray for clothes from one's heatwave capsule! In spite of the hot weather and not feeling your best, you do look gorgeous in all of your outfits. The final two ones in particular are my favourites. Purples and oranges never fail to make one feel more cheerful in my book! I do hope the temperature drops soon!
    Your friend is right about that fabulous duster. Definite Downton Abbey/1920s vibes!
    Besos xxx P.S. Sorry about not being able to meet up :-(

  3. Your outfits are beautiful!!! I especially admire the gray duster. It has such a beautiful, fluttery visual texture to it, and it probably feels just as fluttery in real life.

    I've looked at your blog for a long time, but I don't believe I've ever commented before. Please know that your cheerful, optimistic outlook has been a real joy to me during the pandemic.

  4. That sounds like a Nebraska spring although we've gone from freezing to sweltering and then back again. You're dressed beautifully for it, even if it hasn't left you in the best mood. The duster is lovely.

  5. What a treat, two lovely posts to read. Your extreme weather made the headlines on the BBC (a nice change from BoJo and his parties!) I wish we could have some of that heat, I'm determined to wear summer clothes and am sitting here in shorts and a crop top looking out at the rain and shivering in 13°C!
    I don't know which outfit I like more, the black Monica-made dress , the red midi or the patchwork maxi skirt. I hope wearing them did cheer you up. xxx

  6. We have not even hit 20 degrees here yet! It's been just awful weather, cloudy, raining and cold. Sigh.

    Loving your wonderful outfits - that orange and purple combo makes my heart sing!

  7. Let's beat the heat together! I am loving these dresses. These are so perfect for summers.

  8. Let's beat the heat together! I am loving these dresses. They are perfect for summers.