viernes, 13 de mayo de 2022

Springtime As Usual

Usual hectic season at work has started earlier this year, so I've been busy, even if not particularly stressed. Anyway, it's Spring!, which means lots of outdoor activities and excursions (good), but also means pollen allergies, asthenia, unpredictable weather and lots of noisy people everywhere (not so good). Sometimes I feel that my quiet lifestyle is not quiet enough!.
Every year I plan trips and excursions for springtime and most of them never happen (because of the weather, our timetables, commitments, or general laziness). Anyway, I want to make the most of the weather before it becomes too hot, so we're going out for some walks and cultural excursions (and food tasting too!).

Este año parece que la temporada alta en mi trabajo se ha adelantado, así que he estado muy ocupada (aunque tampoco es que esté estresada). De todos modos, es primavera y eso significa más actividades al aire libre y excursiones (bien), pero también alergia al polen, astenia, clima impredecible y montones de gente ruidosa (no tan bien). A veces me parece que mi vida no es todo lo tranquila que me gustaría.
Cada año hago planes de viajes y excursiones para la primavera y la mayoría nunca se realizan (por el clima, falta de tiempo, compromisos, o pereza en general). Sea como sea, quiero aprovechar este corto período de buen tiempo antes del calor, así que haremos alguna caminata y excursión cultural (la comida también es cultura!).
This is one of my classic spring ensembles, only that I usually wear my fuchsia trousers (as I did last year. These turquoise-acqua ones worked too, I think, even if they're not exactly matchy (but go!). And these are some fabulously comfy trousers and they have pockets!

Este es uno de mis conjuntos de primavera más clásicos, sólo que normalmente llevo mis pantalones fucsia (podéis verlo el año pasado). Estos otros pantalones turquesa funcionan también, aunque no sean exactamente conjuntados, pero pegan bien. Y además son comodísimos ¡y tienen bolsillos!
- yellow cardi, La Redoute (old) / chaqueta punto amarilla
- beach dress worn open, 4x4 (years old) / vestido de playa llevado abierto (de hace años)
- striped t-shirt, CandA (old) / camiseta rayas
- scarf, a present by mom (retail) / pañuelo, un regalo de mamá, de una tienda local
- sneakers, Adidas outlet (old) / zapatillas
- cork bag, Fine Cork Portugal (old) / bolso de corcho
Last week I visited a fav charity shop with my friend M. and I was lucky to find this linen jacket in an amazing colour. Too tight, but I'm keeping it (for a while) as it goes with most of my summer wardrobe and it can be worn unfasten. It will eventually be redonated, as I don't keep clothes which don't fit for a long time. Priorities!

Hace unas semanas fuí a una de mis tiendas solidarias favoritas con mi amiga M. y tuve suerte de encontrar esta chaqueta de lino de color increíble. Me queda estrecha, pero me la quedaré (un rato) porque me va genial con mi ropa de verano y se puede llevar desabrochada. Finalmente la donaré de nuevo, porque no conservo mucho rato la ropa que no me vale. ¡Tengo prioridades!
- old skirt by La Redoute / falda antigüita de La Redoute
- green t-shirt, retail (old) / camiseta verde, de una tiendecita
- sporty maryjanes, Allrounders outlet (old) / merceditas deportivas

Have a fabulous weekend!
¡Que paséis un estupendo fin de semana!

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  1. Beautiful spring outfits. I hope you get some quiet times before everything is too hectic.

  2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one making plans for trips and excursion which come to nothing ... I too have been craving a quiet time lately ...
    Gorgeous outfits, as always! I'm loving the pattern and colour mixing in the first one and I'm particularly swooning over the skirt in the second one. I totally get why you bought that gorgeous linen jacket even if you can only wear it open. Those Mary-Janes are fabulous too. These are the kind of shoes I've been looking for lately. My feet seem to have more and more problems with anything even a little bit higher heeled! xxx

  3. Lovely Spring outfits and I hear you on comfortable trousers with pockets! I love the new jacket - what a great find. I rarely wear jackets closed either and I'll re-donate then if too tight across the arms or shoulders; otherwise I wear them whatever the size!

  4. The joy of visiting your blog is that you're always inventive with your combinations and colourways. I do love the new linen jacket and agree that it doesn't always have to fit across the bust with this kind of jacket. The long yellow cardigan/jacket is another fab piece and one that I'd have snapped up too x

  5. Steilmann is good quality - I've seen it in the thrifts over here. I love the jacket, and am sad that it's not quite fitting for you (it looks amazing!). Love your pretty, happy outfits. It all goes!

  6. fabulous layering in outfit #1 - exact matches are totally overrated :-D
    the pink linen jacket is gorgeous!! steilmann is an expensive german label - could´t you do some frankensteining to add a bit of wide to it???